Special Agent's Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration

Chapter 5

Upstairs, Ye Shaohua was reading a book. She will take a college entrance exam in a month.

008 that she hadn’t seen in a long time finally appeared again. According to it, it was beeing upgraded. Seeing Ye Shaohua so carefree, the system felt a heartache. 【Host, do you still have the mood to read? Have you forgotten our oath to do the task? 】

Ye Shaohua was turning a page when she heard this, she paused. Sure enough, it was upgraded. “Don’t be like this, Daddy loves you.”

【I’m not listening, I’m not listening, you just don't care about completing the …”】

008 had not finished its sentence when Ye Shaohua's mobile phone, on the table, rang. It was showing information from the bank about a transfer. Ye Shaohua's reward of 5 million had finally arrived.

When it saw this message, 008's sentence came to an abrupt end. Then it quietly hid in Ye Shaohua's brain, feeling deeply ashamed of its behavior.

A few days later, Ye Shaohua was going to school to review, as usual. Before, she had doubts, Ye Ke did not seem to want to do something to her.

Finally, Ye Shaohua found what was amiss in this place. These few days, every time Ye Ke looked at her eyes, she was forbearing and happy. Her eyes showed she had gone through the vicissitude of life.

Ye Shaohua suddenly realized that she finally understood the point that she could never figure out. She did not know why Ye Ke had such hostility to the original owner in the original story.

Now it seems that Ye Ke was reborn in the original plot. So, she will not have even a little bit of affection for the original owner.

Ye Shaohua touched her chin. Just as she thought that Ye Ke was not interesting, Ye Ke had become interesting.

After her rebirth, Ye Ke did not go to school. She had gotten involved in Ye family’s company and made several investment cases that others were not optimistic about.

However, within a few days, these unsatisfactory investment cases were acquired by the state. The entire upper class of Ningcheng was shocked.

Ye Ke also gave a newly developed software to Ningcheng's Lab. It is said that Teacher Cheng called his higher-ups overnight. Ye Ke was also enrolled in advance at the capital's university and became a member of the capital's university's Laboratory.

One day, Ye Shaohua went to a college entrance examination, while Ye family’s people discussed things at home.

They know that Ye Shaohua was not tutored much after choosing the second class. What university can she enter with her score? Besides, Ye Ke is so outstanding now.

Ye father simply can’t remember that he has another daughter. He is now filled with thoughts about Ye Ke.

"What is Gu Jingyan’s backing, We have known Fu family for so many years, are they not good? ” Madam Ye is somewhat entangled. She is biased towards the Fu family.

“Gu family… you mean the Gu family in the capital?” Ye father suddenly asked

Ye Ke nodded misteriously, “Dad, do you want to stay an ordinary businessman all your life, or do you want to step up?”

Ye father hesitated, “But… there's Fu family.”

When you made the engagement, you didn’t say who was going to be engaged, and big sister wasn't back at that time, right ?” Ye Ke gave an exceptionally gentle smile.

“Shaohua, but……” Ye Father frowned. “Would she agree?”

"So be it,” said Madam Ye when she heard that Gu Jingyan was coming from the capital. “As for Shaohua, she can marry into Fu family, which is a blessing that she can’t repay in her life. She would be overjoyed.”

What’s more, she is living under their roof, would this Ye Shaohua still dare to argue?

“How would we explain it to Fu family?” Ye father was still not ready to agree.

Ye Ke quickly took out a paper bag, “Dad, I am going to tell you this, Jiachen, he is entangled with several female celebrities, even if there was no Gu family, I would still not marry into the Fu family.”

Seeing the file Ye Ke brought out, Ye father and Ye mother flew into a rage and agreed to let Ye Shaohua replace Ye Ke.

Ye father did not think much about it. Let Ye Shaohua, who did not receive proper etiquette, marry into the Fu family. Letting Ye Ke marry into Fu family is wronging her, but replacing her with Ye Shaohua is climbing socially.

Because in his heart, 10,000 Ye Shaohua cannot compare to one Ye Ke.

Ye father and Ye mother took the photos and went to find Fu family while Ye Ke waited for Ye Shaohua to return to her room after the college entrance examination.

Ye Shaohua was chatting with people in the hacker forum, and those people were begging her to join the capital's laboratory.

Ye Shaohua closed the laptop, she didn't go back to the forum and just started packing her things up.

“What are you doing?” seeing Ye Shaohua packing her things, Ye Ke staggered.

“Moving out, the college entrance examination is finished, I have grown up, I can move out and work to pay my tuition.” Ye Shaohua packed her computer.

“Moving out? Are you sure?” Ye Ke looked at her back, coldness flashed past her eyes, but it quickly disappeared.

She prefers for Ye Shaohua to move away rather than letting her marry in the Fu Family. After all, who knows if she will not learn Go when she marries into the Fu family. Then, she would still have to worry about dealing with her.

Now it's good, she wants to move out, so it will be even easier to deal with her. After all, so many people in the world have bad luck.

“Big sister, you have to think about it. Your grades are not good. When you leave Ye Family, how will you go to college? Dad can help you arrange a good university. And, don’t you like Go? You can choose to re-learn at that time. What do you say?” Ye Ke said while observing Ye Shaohua’s expression.

“Little sister, you are still so small, yet you make good investments, make money for Ye Family. I believe I can also fight for myself.” Ye Shaohua picked up her own bag and made sure she didn't forget anything.

When she heard Ye Shaohua say this, Ye Ke let go of her worries. It's no wonder that the choices of the previous generation are not the same in this life, so that was it.

“Big sister, did you really think about it? You don’t want to let Daddy help you learn Go?” Ye Ke repeatedly asked.

In the previous life, Ye Shaohua's grades were not good. Her ability in Go was the only exceptional thing about her. Without Ye family's help and without resources, she will not be capable to become a national player.

This time, without Ye Family's help and with Ye Shaohua's bad grades, she will see what kind of university will want Ye Shaohua!

Although she can’t wait for Ye Shaohua to move out immediately, Ye Ke still asked her three times whether Ye Shaohua really didn’t want to learn Go. When it was confirmed that Ye Shaohua was really out of the way, Ye Ke pretended to feel sorry for her and went to the door, “Big sister, do not worry, I will help you persuade Daddy.”

Ye Ke left Ye Shaohua’s room, there was contempt in her eyes. She had thought about how difficult it would be to deal with for Ye Shaohua, but it doesn't seem to be so!

She is waiting for Ye Shaohua to leave and try to come back home later. But it will be too late, Ye Family will already be in her hands.

In the room, Ye Haohua also sneered a little, she returned to the chat interface in the computer – 【I am in Ningcheng. 】

Autor’s note :

Summary of the points in the story that people are doubtful about :

1 Ye Shaohua is not the second miss of the family? How did it become an eldest miss?

A: Because this is the mission world, her identity in each mission world is different. This is not the original world of Ye Dashen. She has to complete her mission before she can return to her own world.

2. Ye Ke and Ye Shaohua’s memory problems.

A: Someone in the comment area has already sorted it out. In the memory Ye Dashen got, Ye Ke was reborn, but Ye Shaohua, in the original story, doesn't know it. Now, Ye Ke's memory is the world before her rebirth. In that world, the original owner, Ye Shaohua was very successful. Ye Ke lived very badly. Ye Ke was born again to change her own destiny. So, do you understand it?

Finally, good morning, it's time to get up!

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Translator’s note :

Wanted to translate the authors note this time, it can help clear up some plot points 🙂