Special Agent's Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration

Chapter 4

Ye Shaohua did not sit on the sofa, just leaning against its edge. the laptop rested on her lap, a pair of long hands pressed the keyboard, her fingers were flexible, her hand speed was abnormally fast, and people around her could almost see the afterimage of her fingers.

She was wearing an ordinary casual outfit, no heavy makeup on her face that would hide her beauty. When her fingers touched the keyboard, her face became dazzling and people couldn't look straight at her.

Ye Ke couldn’t believe it, and even the originally irritated Gu Jingyan couldn’t help but look at Ye Shaohua. His dark eyes flashed with a layer of bright light.

Ye Shaohua finished the code, if not because she was still in the hall, she would want to whistle.

She blinked slowly, and finally pressed the Enter key. A 100% progress bar appeared on the computer screen, which is a sign of success.

In other words, Ye Shaohua removed all the errors in the code.

Gu Jingyan looked up at Ye Shaohua with a worshipping gaze. He worked in the Beijing laboratory and had an excellent talent in programming. It can be said that the only thing of interest in his life is programming.

In the original plot, Gu Jingyan noticed Ye Ke because of her talent in IT.

So now that he see such an outstanding Ye Shaohua, he is excited and stands up, “Perfect! Simply perfect!”

He is very clear that this program was only available to him, so it is absolutely impossible for Ye Shaohua to have seen it in advance. The only possibility is that Ye Shaohua is a kind of genius who has innate talent without prior knowledge, that she is a programming genius.

Ye Ke's face is already stiff to the extreme. If it was possible, she would have wanted for Ye Shaohua to never return to Ye Family.

However, reason has overcome her embarrassment. She knows Gu Jingyan’s character better than anyone, so she approached Gu Jingyan through Fu Jiachen. However, she did not expect this outcome, she almost made a wedding dress for Ye Shaohua.

However, Ye Ke could still retain a bit of her sanity. She squeezed her clothes. “Big sister, didn’t you only learn Go with your grandfather? I have never heard of you programming.”

"I haven’t learned,” Ye Haohua put the computer on the sofa, and then picked up her cup to drink water. She heard the words and smiled at Ye Ke. “However, my memory is very good, and I never forget anything.”

Seeing that she was going upstairs, Gu Jingyan wanted to stop her, his eyes were still shining. “Eldest miss Ye, my name is Gu Jingyan, I am a member of the Beijing Research Institute. I want to formally invite you to join our organization. Believe me, you are a talented person by nature.”

Using his highly retentive memory in a lot of different areas was not strange for Gu Jingyan, but this code is tedious and without any rules. Even then, Ye Shaohua could accurately knock out all the code!

This horrible talent, Gu Jingyan, has never heard of it. He can imagine how she will be the rising star of the programming world! Gu Jingyan's excited hands are shaking.

The only thing he couldn't predict was that after hearing his words, Ye Shaohua didn’t even think about it and refused directly

Gu Jingyan had just said a fragment of what he wanted to say, but Ye Shaohua pulled the collar of her clothes and headed straight upstairs. She casually threw him two words. “No interest.”

She didn’t know that after she said these two words, Ye Ke’s high-hanging heart was safely put down.

But when she saw Fu Jiachen's eyes, she also looked upstairs. Seeing that there seemed to be some disappointment in his eyes, Ye Ke's head suddenly felt a burst-like pain.

Gu Jingyan still wanted to say a few words to Ye Ke. But, at that time, his mobile phone suddenly rang. He took a look at it and saw a familiar number. His face changed and he hurriedly left the two people.

Fu Jiachen was stunned. He had never seen Gu Jingyan like this. With Gu Jingyan's identity, who would cause him to show such an expression from a call?

But he didn’t think much about it, because at that time, he saw Ye Ke’s pale face. “Ah Ke, Ah Ke, what happened?”

Ye Ke finally opened her eyes. He does not know why, but Fu Jiachen felt that her eyes had much more vicissitudes than before.

Ye Ke saw Fu Jiachen, and seemed stunned for a while. After a long while, she opened her mouth. “Jiachen, our marriage contract is an agreement from our ancestors. I was not born at the time, and my father's business was not so big. At that time, you should not have been engaged to me, but to my sister. It's her right..”

“What are you talking about?” Fu Jiachen heard Ye Ke’s words, and his brows tightened.

However, Ye Ke didn’t want to talk to Fu Jiachen. She was tired and asked to rest. She went straight upstairs, and Fu Jiachen left with a doubtful look on his face.

Upstairs, Ye Ke stood outside the window sill and looked at Fu Jiachen’s back. Her eyes flashed. After a long while, she smiled. “Reborn, I was actually born again…”

Reborn when everything has not happened yet

It was at this time that the housekeeper knocked on her door from outside. “Miss, Madam said that she will not come back tonight, she said to let you eat with eldest miss.”

When she heard the housekeeper, Ye Ke thought of Ye Shaohua, her half-sister from the same father. When Ye Shaohua returned to Ye Family in the last life, nobody was optimistic about her, Ye Ke did not put her in her eyes. Therefore, she did not care about her, but who thought that Ye Shaohua, who was neither mild nor popular, became the national hand of Go, and married the Gu family and took the position of the official wife.

The entire Ye family had to rely on Ye Shaohua. And Ye Ke, the former Ningcheng's talented IT girl, was not admitted to the National Laboratory. She finally married Fu Jiachen, and her life was just that of a businesswoman who could barely get by in Ningcheng.

But she was born again. Reborn ten years earlier, when Ye Shaohua had just returned. Right now, Ye Shaohua has not finished the college entrance examination period, had not yet gotten back to playing Go, and had nothing to do with Gu Family.

Thinking of this, Ye Ke smiled, the time is just right. She will be able to enter Gu family before Ye Shaohua is linked to them.

The most important thing at the moment is to cancel the marriage contract with Fu Jiachen

Her memory is particularly clear after her rebirth. She remembers all the big events that will happen in a few years. She also knows that there will be a series of international engineering projects, financial fluctuations, and several fast-growing business giants.

Ye Shaohua just said that she can never forget anything, this is a bit different from the previous life. In the past, Ye Shaohua did not have any outstanding performance on the net. Now, Ye Ke is not afraid.

She holds a world of opportunities, and programs at the peak of ten years later. Even if Ye Shaohua has skills in IT, can she compare with the results of the Global Hacking Alliance’s decade of research?

Ye Ke knows that her time has come. In this era, no one can make a web-based technology better than the software she will come up with.

After all, today, no one can surpass a gap of ten years of network development.

With these successes, she will enter the Beijing Lab and let Ye Family develop to whole new heights. She not only wants to become Madam Gu, she also wants to stand at the top of the world. She wants to let people know the name of the genius that she is.

As for Ye Shaohua, Ye Ke clenched her hands. in this lifetime, she will take everything from her. Don't talk about letting her meet the Gu family, she won’t even let Ye Shaohua and Go meet again!

Ye Shaohua, without Go, and without the people from the Gu family, how will you fight with me?