Special Agent's Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration

Chapter 6

Ye Family Hall, Ye Father and Ye Mother have returned.

After seeing the photos that Ye Father and Ye mother had of Fu Jiachen with different women, Fu Family couldn't speak.

Ye Ke is so outstanding that Fu Family is unwilling to give up such an exceptional mistress of the house. It really can't be done. Therefore, when Ye Father and Ye Mother came back home, They specially took Fu Jiachen to Ye Family to give Ye Ke an apology.

However, Ye family's attitude is very tough.

It was at this time that Ye Shaohua came down from upstairs.

Seeing her, Madam Ye's eyes lit up, she then gently waved towards Ye Shaohua, "Shaohua, come here," . She then said to Fu family: "Ah Ke has been disappointed with Jiachen, but our ancestor's agreement can't be broken. We discussed this and decided to let Shaohua replace Ah Ke, and the friendship between our two families will last forever.”

When he heard Madam Ye's words, Fu Jiachen frowned.

Now Ye Ke is brimming over with talent and the genius of the laboratory all listen to her, so how can Fu Jiachen easily give up such an excellent person.

So, after hearing Madam Ye's words, he refused.

Others in Fu Family did not agree either. Madam Fu said directly: “Fu Jiachen is the heir of our Fu Family. Later, Jiachen is to inherit Fu's assets. His wife will be the mistress of the Fu Family, She will not only have to take care of a lot of matters but also have to attend various banquets. Madam Ye, tell me, Ye Shaohua, do you really think she is suitable?”

These words were sent right at Ye Shaohua, not even leaving her a bit of face.

“She can learn…”

"Learn?" Ye father had not finished when he was interrupted by Madam Fu. "I will ask you one thing, will Ye Family have one of her in the future?1 What, you don't answer? At least, my son is the heir of Fu family. Why would he marry such a person and make himself a laughing stock?”

Upon hearing Madam Fu's words, Fu Jiachen looked at Ye Shaohua, who stood on one side, and hesitation showed in his eyes. He remembered how the other party knocked out the code a few days ago. He looked at her for a short time.

“Old Fu, don't be too much, Shaohua is still here!” Ye Father finally said a word for Ye Shaohua.

Madam Fu's sentence was originally intended to be told to Ye Haohua. When she heard Ye father's words, she smiled. "Shaohua, don't take it to heart, but what I said is a fact. You know yourself that you stayed in Y County for more than ten years. Although we don't want to say anything, our Jiachen is one of the best in Ningcheng. The gap between you is not one or two…”

When she said up to this, Madam Fu's eyes concentrated a little. "Ah Ke is the perfect master of our Fu household. As for you, don't even think about it, there's nothing, whimsical, it's impossible between you and Jiachen. Do you understand what I mean?”

“Okay,” Ye Shaohua touched her ears. It was estimated that there was such a thing in the last life, but the original owner did not know about it.

Ye Shaohua didn’t want to know what Ye Father and Ye mother were saying to the people from Fu’s family. She took her backpack back. “I don’t want to participate in the matter between you. Ye Zong, from the moment you wanted to change me with Ye Ke today, you lost a daughter forever.”

“As for Madam Fu,” Ye Haohua casually patted her clothes. " Prosperity and decline never last2 . Madam Fu, do not bully a poor youngster ah! Maybe one day I will be more formidable than Ye Ke in programming ?”

After she finished, she left Ye family when everyone had not yet reacted.

After waiting for a few minutes, the talented persons in the hall recovered from the momentum of her words.

Ye father was the first to react. He slammed the table. “Unfilial daughter! Marrying Fu family is not enough to repay her blessings in her life, and she doesn’t look at her identity. Without me, she would not be able to marry Fu family in her next life! I also think that her college entrance examination will definitely not be good. I have arranged a school for her but it seems unnecessary now."

“Okay, don’t be angry,” Madam Ye patted his back, she lowered her head and a hint of smile appeared on her face. “You have more than one daughter. She left already, it's not worth it to be angry because of that thankless wretch."

Thinking of Ye Ke, Ye father's mood eased.

Now Ye Ke has been recruited by the National Laboratory and also brought a new software to Ye clan. Ye clan's recent profits have increased by 5 percentage points. This Ye Shaohua left, and later there will be no such daughter. There is no loss for Ye family.

Ye Ke just came downstairs and heard the words of Ye mother, she laughed softly.

It seems that in this life, she does not have to use her hands, Ye Shaohua has gone to a dead end.


A few days later, a coffee shop in Ningcheng's City Center.

Gu Jingyan sat in the seat by the window. He was sitting next to a man with a tall and straight posture. Gu Jingyan's face was rare in the entertainment circle, but it was still dull compared to the other man.

It was at this moment that a slender figure talked to the waiter, she walked straight toward them and shook hands with Gu Jingyan. “Don’t tell me, you are the expert3 Y!"

When the man next to him heard his words, he finally looked up. The sun shone through the window, and the cold face was painted with a little warm color.

As if feeling his line of sight. Ye Shaohua who originally looked down at her mobile phone, lifted her head up. A pair of black and white clear eyes reflected in both her eyes.

She put the laptop on her hand on the table, then looked at the two men opposite her, and raised her eyebrow. “What, I don't look like it?”

Gu Jingyan opened his mouth, and after a long while, he wiped his face and said with a blank expression: “I didn’t expect that the legendary expert Y was so young…”

“What is it that your Gu Family's people can’t find?” Having heard what was said, Ye Shaohua said carelessly, “Afraid that I'll know that all my family was investigated by you?”

“How could it be, Miss Ye misunderstood, how can we find the information about Y.” The man next to Gu Jingyan chuckled and his eyebrows and eyes were distant.

Ye Shaohua glanced at him, didn’t talk, just turned on the notebook. She reached out and tapped a few lines of code on it, and then pointed the computer screen at the two person. “Gu Jingyun, third young master of the Gu family in the capital, at 18 years old passed the No. 001 global training camp, took control of the China National Intelligence Agency at 20 years old, was named a major general at 25 years old, and became the head of the China National Hacking Federation at the age of 26. The Prime Minister of T country is living under your eyes? You said that you could not find my information, should I believe you?”

After listening to Ye Shaohua’s words, even Gu Jingyan couldn’t believe it and glanced at Gu Jingyun.

Presumably, these top secret information are not known to the whole Gu family.

Gu Jingyun was stunned. He looked at Ye Shaohua and finally smiled helplessly. “Not wrong, I cannot hide anything from you.”

“OK, then, from here on, don't get involved in my affairs and don't provoke me in the future." Ye Shaohua put the computer in her backpack and pushed the chair away.

Gu Jingyun did not move from his chair, but Gu Jingyan was anxious. “Third big brother, I'll go look for her!”

Not far from the coffee shop, Ye Ke sat in a car and saw Gu Jingyan who was chasing Ye Shaohua. Both persons’ movements did not stop. “Stop!” The color of her face changed greatly.

When she got off the car and found Ye Shaohua, she found that Gu Jingyan was no longer there. Ye Ke looked at Ye Shaohua, and her tone changed significantly. “How come you were with young master Gu?”

The good fortune of Ye Shaohua in the last life was the Gu family.

She has done so many things in this life, so why is Ye Shaohua still so familiar with Gu Jingyan?

“What has it got to do with you?” Ye Shaohua saw Ye Ke’s eyes, her mouth was slightly hooked. She did not give the other party time to react and she walked directly into the sea of people in the street.

Ye Ke returned to Ye Family, and her entire person was not in a great state.

Ye father and Ye mother were there, but recently Ye Ke often goes on a mental journey, so the two were not surprised and just casually said something.

At this time, the phone in the living room rang, and the butler picked it up, but after he said “yes”, he did not speak for a long time.

Ye father felt a bit strange, “What’s wrong?”

“It… It’s a call from eldest miss’ principal, he said that eldest miss's college entrance examination scores were up.” The housekeeper felt his voice floating.

"College entrance score? “Ye father heard the words, and his brows immediately furrowed.” What grades can she get? "

Ye mother pretended to sigh, “I heard that teacher Zhang refused to teach her. As for her grades, ai 4, this child is not obedient, or else she would listen to your arrangement and enter a good school ah.”

When she heard Ye father and Ye mother, Ye Ke reacted, and the ups and downs of her heart slightly calmed.

All right, Ye Shaohua of the last life got an ordinary score. In this life, there is no Ye family. So, what kind of school can she get into? Thinking of this, her heart has finally been put down.

It was at this time that the housekeeper gave a complicated look at Ye father. "Eldest miss, she… she took the city, no, the province's first place."

Translator’s note :

As you can see, I finally learned how to put footnotes…


1. Here Madam Fu is asking if Ye father would let someone like Shaohua marry his son I think, so shameless haha.
2. 三十年河东三十年河西 =Thirty years east river, thirty years west river – life has its ups and downs.
3. Here the author uses Dashen, it's deity / (Internet slang) guru / expert / whiz, she used Dashen too in the last chapter’s author’s note.
4. Interjection used to attract attention or to express surprise or disapprobation