She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Signing Session

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Ning Meng went down her apartment, and she was shocked when she entered the garage.

A pink Maserati!

She had to admit that Huo Beichen was indeed a wealthy man. Immediately, she hopped into his car and drove to where the signing session was. After a while, she arrived at her destination. And, she was a huge red banner with the words, ‘Famous Comic Artist, Ning Meng’s Signing Session’ printed on it.

In reality, it was always her dream to become a comic artist and have her own signing session. The dream had finally come true for her in the novel.

“Master Ning Meng, come over here quick. Let me put some makeup on you.”

The moment she walked into the venue, someone dragged her to the backstage to put on some makeup. Though she was about to attend her own signing session, she felt extremely uneasy about it. That was because she knew that someone was going to expose her for not knowing how to draw later. All the comics that she had published were drawn by someone else. And because of that, her reputation was completely destroyed. The person behind this evil plan was none other than Su Tiantian.

Just when Ning Meng was deep in thought, she heard someone was scolding a person.

“Du Ruo! What is wrong with you? Quickly go and move all these comics to the front panel!”

When she turned around, she saw that the boy that got scolded was wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Due to the irregular hours of sleep, his face was as pale as a sheet, and he was really skinny. He had his head bowed throughout the lecturing. He looked exactly like those plants that grew in sewages.

After that, he started to use his utmost strength to move all the comic books to the front panel. Not only did the people that stood around not lend him a hand, but they also started scolding him.

“You better be careful with all those comic books! You won’t be able to afford to pay Master Ning Meng if you damage them!”

“Ain’t that right! What are you looking at? Don’t you forget that you are a nobody here! You…”

The scolding had gone from bad to worse. Ning Meng could not stand not doing anything about it.

“Enough is enough!”

Immediately, everyone shut their mouths.

“Master Ning Meng. Time’s up! Let’s go to the front stage.”

Ning Meng then got up from her seat and moved to the front stage. Du Ruo still had his head bowed and walked behind Ning Meng.

‘Stop acting like you are a good person here. All you ever did is look down on me. You are the one that led everyone to bully me from the first place! Today, you are going to have a taste of your own medicine!’ thought Du Ruo.

Sitting at the stagefront, the fans were lining up to get her signature. Everything seemed normal. Ning Meng did her signing and shook her fans’ hands to thank them for their support.

Suddenly, a female fan with a pink bunny shirt charged to the front. Unconsciously, Ning Meng lifted her head and saw the female fan raise her elbow.


Ning Meng’s face was splashed with a glass of water.

“Ning Meng, you liar!!!”

Everyone was agitated when the female fan shouted at her. The first response from the staff was to chase her out. Unfortunately, the female fan had asked someone to block the staff earlier. With that, the staff could not even get close to them. Ning Meng proceeded to touch the water on her face. She was glad that it was just cold water, not hot.

Though she knew that it would happen, it all happened too fast for her to dodge it. After that, she took out a piece of tissue and wiped her face. While she was doing it, she heard the female fan shout once again.

“Open your eyes! The comic artist that you idolize is a liar! This comic book, Lifebloom—she did not draw it! Someone else drew it for her!”

Her words were heard by the fans that were gathered there.