She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Unexpected Moves

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The fans were in an uproar.

“What the hell are you talking about? How dare you accuse a person of something that she didn’t do?! That’s illegal!”

“Ain’t that right? Stop making a scene here!”

“I think you are jealous of her!”

Upon hearing all the comments from fans, the female fan responded.

“Me? Jealous of her? I can’t stand the things that she did! Let me tell all of you the truth right now! Ning Meng and I attended the same college! And she’s always the last in class! She doesn’t even know how to draw, let alone comics!”

“If Ning Meng doesn’t know how to draw, how did she publish Lifebloom?”

“She asks someone to draw it for her!”

“Do you have solid proof? We will not believe you if you fail to present us with cold-hard evidence!”

“I don’t have the proof but he has it!”

The female fan then pointed at the man that stood at the side. Ning Meng was shocked when he saw the man. It was the one that everyone had bullied earlier.

“His name is Du Ruo and he was Ning Meng’s ex-boyfriend while they were still in college!”


Ning Meng was left baffled. She did not expect that he used to be her boyfriend. Immediately, she took a look at him again and found out that he was actually quite handsome. It was his scrawny figure that had made him look less attractive. After realizing the truth, Ning Meng felt awkward.

“Du Ruo was the prodigy of our class. When Ning Meng saw that he’s talented, she decided to get together with him. During his second year of college, Du Ruo’s mother was ill and he needed a huge amount of money for treatment. Seizing the golden opportunity, Ning Meng proposed to sign an unfair contract with him. She used 50,000 yuan to bind him for five years!”

Everyone was shocked when they heard the story. Even Ning Meng herself felt that the past-her had wronged Du Ruo greatly. It was no wonder that someone would plot to expose her.

Until here, Du Ruo finally lifted his head and said, “I’m the one that draws Lifebloom.”

He then glared at Ning Meng. When his mother was ill, he had no choice but to sign the unfair contract that she had prepared. Initially, he had the intention to do what the contract said, but Ning Meng had treated him badly all this time. She had basically enslaved him by forcing him to draw the comic day and night.

What Su Tiantian had said was right. He should not die in silence! Instead, he should bring justice to himself. At last, his patience had run out. Knowing that Ning Meng would not admit it, he had prepared the draft that he had drawn to present it as evidence.

“Everyone, please calm down. Listen to me,” Ning Meng said all of a sudden.

Her fans started to comment about it as well.

“Ning Meng, please tell us that she’s lying!”

“Ning Meng, I know that you will not admit to this accusation. Du Ruo has proof…”

“Who told you that I’m not going to admit it?”

This unexpected reply had interrupted the fans, leaving everyone silent.

“Du Ruo drew Lifebloom! Not me!” Ning Meng declared while in her seat.

Du Ruo and everyone else were left baffled.

“Ning Meng admits to the accusation! She is a liar!” shouted the female fan.