She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Why Do I Look So Gorgeous?

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Qi Shan looked at Ning Meng excitedly. Since the very beginning, he had never liked this woman. One should know Huo Beichen was extremely rich and handsome. There were a lot of women willing to take the initiative to get close to him. He had never expected that his boss would choose to marry Ning Meng in the end. Many of his peers knew that Ning Meng was an unfaithful person. Over the years, the number of boyfriends that she had changed was too many to count.

Men in this world would always be interested in women like Ning Meng. After all, she had an Amazonian figure and angelic look. To everyone’s surprise, Huo Beichen and Ning Meng had decided to live separately right after the day they got married.

Not too long after their wedding, Ning Meng started to fall back into her old habit of dating other men. She had tried multiple times to convince Huo Beichen to divorce her but he refused to do so every single time. He even turned a blind eye to her disloyalty. Qi Shan’s and Huo Beichen’s peers could never figure out the reason behind it. After getting to know that, Ning Meng had just threatened Huo Beichen to divorce her by ending her own life, Qi Shan was elated. He knew that his boss’s suffering was about to come to an end.

Suddenly, a splash of water droplets interrupted his wishful thoughts. He looked down and he saw that the divorce paperwork was soaked in water.

And the person that spilled water on it ‘accidentally’ was none other than Ning Meng. Her big and beautiful eyes on her flawless face seemed to tell everyone that she did not do it on purpose.

“Damn… I’m really sorry. The glass of water slipped out of my hand.”


Qi Shan was speechless.

Ning Meng then placed the glass on the table carefully and took this opportunity to observe Huo Beichen’s reaction. To her surprise, there was no change of emotion on his face. In other words, Ning Meng had no idea what her husband was thinking right now. And, this had given her greater fear.

Ning Meng gulped and she had decided that she would never let Huo Beichen divorce her.

“What the heck?! Ning Meng, you are so shameless! You…” shouted Qi Shan.

Suddenly, Huo Beichen stood up and a surge of pressure flooded the room. This made Qi Shan shut his mouth. He stood aside and prepared to watch Ning Meng being scolded by Huo Beichen.

‘Boss is angry. This woman is not going to end well!” thought Qi Shan.

What Huo Beichen did next surprised them. All he did was walk past them and exited the room.


Qi Shan regained consciousness after he heard the door close behind him.

“Just wait there! I will be back tomorrow!” said Qi Shan.

He then ran out of the room to go after his boss. It was quiet now. Ning Meng finally had the time to take a look at her surroundings. The unit was designed in European style—exactly the design she was fond of.

Right after that, she rushed to her room and took a good look at herself in front of the mirror. She realized that she looked exactly like herself. The only things different were her eyes and lips. She now had a pair of seductive eyes and lips that were redder than usual. With all these gorgeous features, it was no wonder that a lot of men liked her even though she was dumb.

Although she had many boyfriends before, she had never slept with any of them. Maybe that was why Huo Beichen could stand her disloyalty.

Ning Meng turned around and continued to admire her own body. A song that she had heard before was playing in her mind. Unconsciously, she started to sing it aloud.

“Why am I so gorgeous? What should I do now since I look so gorgeous?”


The ringing sound from her phone interrupted her.

“Ning Meng! Have you forgotten about the signing session?” exclaimed a man from the other side of the phone.


Ning Meng was baffled.

Signing session!

How could she forget such an important plot?

Based on the novel, the divorce marked the start of her sad life. And the signing session was the beginning of it.