Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Teaching the Entitled Little Madam a Lesson (2)

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“How dare you even suggest that?!”

Ye Youran was really unwilling to accept the bet. How could she possibly acknowledge an illegitimate daughter whose father was unknown as her elder sister?

In her past life, Ye Tianxin definitely would’ve picked a fight with Ye Youran for what she just said.

But now, as someone who had encountered death, the words “illegitimate daughter” could no longer make her angry or act impulsively.

“Don’t you think you should address me as Elder Sister because my maternal grandfather and your grandfather are biological brothers, and because I’m one month older than you?”

“You’re no sister of mine, so don’t even dream of getting me to call you elder sister!” Ye Youran retorted, her face flushed with anger.

And so that was the first time that the entire class found out that Ye Tianxin and Ye Youran were in fact cousins!

Looking a little pensive, Ye Tianxin responded, her voice laced with sarcasm, “Ye Youran, are you worried about losing the bet and having to address me as Elder Sister if you lose? If you’re scared, it’s no big deal if we call off this competition, okay? In any case, you’ve been a scaredy-cat ever since we were kids….”

“Ye Tianxin, Ye Youran has always been in the top three in the annual exams, so there’s no way she’d lose!”

“Exactly. Ye Tianxin, based on how you usually rank at the bottom, Ye Youran could easily beat you ten times over!”

Ye Youran and the girl standing beside her frequently hung out together. So, when she noticed that Ye Tianxin was getting in way over her head, she naturally jeered at her too.

“All right, then. Since you guys are all so sure that you’ll win, why are you afraid of competing against me? After all that talk, it’s still a question whether Ye Youran is afraid of losing and having to call me elder sister.”

Ye Tianxin stood with her arms crossed. She was clad in her white naval-collared shirt and a pleated navy blue skirt with the hem purposely sewn a little too high to show off her long, slender legs.

Her pretty face, fresh and firm with a smooth complexion, radiated youthful vibrance.

“Who said that I would lose? I, Ye Youran, will never lose. Sure, let’s compete. But isn’t this small competition not challenging enough? Since we’re competing, let’s make it a memorable one, shall we!?”

Ye Youran was a tad shorter than Ye Tianxin and had a darker complexion. That was why, ever since they were kids, all the relatives in the Ye family constantly made comparisons between the two of them.

“Okay. Let’s make it a memorable one, then. Tell me what you have in mind for this mega competition, and I’ll play along!”

Ye Tianxin was once a naïve, sweet-natured girl blissfully unaware that Ye Youran was a scheming so-and-so, and had therefore been played for a fool on numerous occasions.

This time, though, she was determined to reaffirm her dignity.

“How about this. Besides the bet between us, let’s run a book for everyone to place their own bets. The winner will use the money to buy everyone a meal. How does that sound?”

“No problem.”

Ye Tianxin responded quickly without a second’s hesitation. If the bet had been on another subject, she might’ve faced the possibility of losing.

However, since they were competing in an English test, how could she possibly lose?

She would use her score to give Ye Youran a resounding slap on the face.

She wanted Ye Youran to know that even though they were only one month apart in age, she, Ye Tianxin, was still her older sister!

“Okay. Place your bets now!!”

Each student more or less had their own spending money to make their bets.

However, the majority of the bets placed were for Ye Youran to win.

Except for a bespectacled male classmate who shared a desk with Ye Tianxin betted on Ye Tianxin to win.

When Ye Tianxin saw the one-hundred-dollar bill, she immediately slapped him on the shoulder. “Brother, thanks for the support.”

The bell rang for the lesson to begin.

Carrying the test papers, the English teacher, a good-looking man, walked into the classroom.

The duty monitor commanded, “All rise.”

All the students stood up and bowed to the English teacher standing on the podium. “Good day, Sir.”

“Please be seated, everyone. In the last lesson, I informed you of today’s test, so I hope that you’ve done your homework and have come prepared! Can the students at the front of each row please hand out the test papers? Please don’t cheat. This is just a normal test to find out the gaps in your understanding of the subject so that we can help reinforce your knowledge. That way, you’ll be better prepared for the college entrance exams and get good results….”