Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Teaching the Entitled Little Madam a Lesson (3)

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Ye Tianxin raised her hand, not wanting to share a desk with the male classmate.

Because if she did well in her test this time, her classmates as well as the teacher would assume that she’d cheated.

When the English teacher saw Ye Tianxin raise her hand, he immediately recalled all the weird and outrageous excuses she always came up with just to get out of having to sit through his lessons.

“Ye Tianxin, what is it now?”

“It’s like this, Sir. I request to have my desk moved to the podium when I take the test.”

The English teacher was taken aback. He thought that Ye Tianxin would either hand in a blank sheet of paper or bluff her way through the test questions.

So surely it didn’t make a difference where she took her test?

“Ye Tianxin, what are you up to now? Planning to ascend to heaven?”

At the English teacher’s words, all the female students in the class burst out laughing.

“Well, if you’re not willing to take the test in the classroom, you can go out to the corridor to do so!”

Holding her temper and looking defiant, Ye Tianxin moved her desk out to the corridor.

So what if she had to sit in the corridor? She would still excel on the test and slap them in the face with her good score!

She was determined to use her results to make everyone realize that bad students also had a sense of dignity and deserved respect too.

Even though she was a bad student, she could still become a top student.

“All right, then. Let’s begin the test, starting with English spelling and dictation.”

The English teacher pressed the PLAY button on the recording machine, and in a few moments, a clear voice speaking in fluent English drifted across the classroom.

Ye Tianxin started writing without a moment’s hesitation, continuing until the English passage was completed. She then turned her attention to the questions on the test paper.

To Ye Tianxin, Year 3 English was actually quite simple.

Ye Tianxin finished answering the English test questions in only thirty minutes.

“Sir, I’ve finished answering the questions.”

Raising her hand, Ye Tianxin handed her completed test paper to the English teacher.

Before he accepted the competed test paper from Ye Tianxin, the English teacher merely assumed that she would hand in a blank piece of paper. Therefore, he didn’t show much interest.

That is… until he actually held Ye Tianxin’s test paper in his hand. Shocked, he looked at Ye Tianxin. Was… was this even possible?

“Sir, can I please trouble you to start assessing my answers to the English test now?”

Picking up a red pen, the English teacher read through and earnestly assessed Ye Tianxin’s answers.

Finally, in the score box, he wrote “149.”

Politely, Ye Tianxin asked the teacher, “Sir, would it be okay for me to sit in the corridor and study?”

The English teacher nodded.

Ye Tianxin retrieved her backpack, opened it, and, pulling out an exercise sheet, began to sit at her desk to attempt the drill questions.

There were only 100 days to go before the college entrance exams, and time was running out. She couldn’t afford to waste even a minute.

Looking at the blank spaces for the unanswered questions on the exercise sheet, Ye Tianxin realized that for her those questions might as well have come from another planet. She had no clue what they were and definitely had no inkling on how to answer them.

How could she ever hope to turn the tables around in one hundred days and go from a bad student to a top student?!

Having been assigned to the science stream at her school, the subjects she had to be tested for in the college entrance exams included language, mathematics, English, and the three subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

The key problem was… presently, she excelled only in English and didn’t need further studies or special tutoring.

But as for the other subjects, she really had to start from square one.

Stretching out her hands, Ye Tianxin slapped her cheeks and told herself to buck up and not let herself be defeated before she had even started!

Since the heavens had given her one chance to start from the very beginning…

Then… from now on, she merely had to put everything she had into her studies and be well-prepared for the college entrance exams.

Firstly, she would set herself a goal, and that was to get accepted into Capital University.

If she could only get a place at Capital University, she would work hard and use her academic results to outshine Lu Qingxin.

The English teacher looked at Ye Tianxin’s completed test paper that he’d been holding in his hand. He was absolutely sure that Ye Tianxin hadn’t cheated, but why… why were her test results so uncharacteristically and suddenly excellent?