Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Teaching the Entitled Little Madam a Lesson (1)

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… So, was all this for real, then?

Had she really been granted her wish and sent back to that coveted time before her college entrance exams?

So, did this mean then that she’d been given the right to start over and choose her path in life?

Ye Tianxin looked earnestly at the exercises on the blackboard and focused intently on them until the bell rang, signaling the end of the lesson.

“Ye Tianxin, the teacher’s asked us to think about what college we want to go to. What college are you going to aim for?”

“Capital University!”

Brimming with confidence, Tianxin blurted out the name, and the entire class suddenly fell silent. Except for the gentle swish of the breeze rustling through the pages of the books, there wasn’t a single sound to be heard inside the classroom.

But in less than a minute, the entire class soon exploded into raucous laughter.

Every year, Ye Tianxin’s academic results had always placed her in the last ten positions in her cohort.

With results like that, she had the gall to want to enroll at Capital University? What an astronomically impossible goal!



Frowning slightly, Ye Tianxin realized that in the eyes of others, with her current performance, she was daydreaming, reaching for the impossible, if she were to try to aim for acceptance into Capital University.

But she had been reborn and, from this moment on, she would decide how her life turned out.

When she said that she was aiming for admission into Capital University, she meant it and would achieve her goal.

“You guys don’t believe me?” she asked.

A girl clad in a floral-patterned dress and sporting two long plaits stood up. She looked jeeringly at Ye Tianxin.

“Ye Tianxin, why are you blabbing your mouth off without using your head? If you get accepted to Capital University, I’ll adopt your family name!”

Without showing her any courtesy, Ye Tianxin retorted, “Ye Youran, are you intellectually challenged? Don’t you know that we share the same family name?”

As a top student in Year Three at Jiameng High School, Ye Youran had always scored first or second place in her cohort during the annual exams.

Everyone in the school, teachers and students alike, expected her to be the one to be admitted into an accredited university, not Ye Tianxin.

But Ye Tianxin was the only one who knew what happened. As far as she remembered, Ye Youran had performed uncharacteristically bad in the college entrance exams, resulting in her family having to pay for her to be admitted to a little known, unaccredited university.

Oh, Ye Tianxin also recalled that in their quest to come up with the funds to buy their daughter a place in a university, Ye Youran’s family sold Ye Tianxin’s grandmother’s house after her death.


“Ye Tianxin, I don’t think you’re up to the challenge.” Ye Youran’s expression was scornful, and she radiated arrogance.

Ye Tianxin looked at the lesson schedule on the board and noted that the next lesson was English.

“The college entrance exams are too far away from now. How about we compete on this up-coming English test? The teacher said this lesson would be a modular test. Ye Youran, why don’t we bet on the results?”


Laughing sneeringly, Ye Youran glanced at her English textbook, and her lips curled into a smile of sure victory.

“Okay. If I win, what will you do?”

Taking a pencil and twirling it in-between her fingers, Ye Tianxin remarked, “If you win, I, Ye Tianxin, will, with immediate effect, be your follower. As long as I don’t have to commit murder or bully the weak, I’ll do anything you ask of me. And now, what if I win?”

“You won’t win!” Ye Youran confidently retorted. How could Ye Tianxin, a trashy little loser, win?

Spreading her hands nonchalantly, Ye Tianxin replied, “Never say never. There are always exceptions. What if, against all odds, I win?”


Ye Youran’s pretty face darkened. Ye Tianxin was really so annoying. Why was she kicking up such a fuss when it was clear as day that she would lose the bet?

“You tell me. What would I have to do if you win?”

Ye Tianxin pondered for a while and then murmured, “If my English test results turn out to be better than yours, even if by a single point, you will, with immediate effect, call me Elder Sis….”