Killer: I can shapeshift infinitely

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Target locked! Action!

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Chapter 16-Target Locked! Take Action!

Soon, Lin Neng received specific information about the target of the mission.

[ Name: Keynes]

[ Age: 26]

[ Gender: Male]

[ The heir of the Gwent family. This family is extremely powerful in the New York area. Keynes was suspected of financial fraud, intentional murder, and many other crimes, but because the family was too powerful, the police had never successfully arrested him.]


[ The Gwent family infiltrated the New York City Police Force. Keynes was able to receive information in advance and hide in advance before every police operation. He had a large number of subordinates and had a tight relationship with the gangsters. During a police operation last November, Keynes’s force and the police force had a small-scale gunfight. In the end, three policemen died, but the Gwent family used their family’s influence to settle it.]

[ Beside Keynes, there are more than 15 powerful bodyguards who are proficient in all kinds of fighting techniques and marksmanship. There may also be extremely lethal firearms. Extra caution must be taken while assassinating him.]

[ Tips: Keynes runs a racing club. His usual hobby is racing. Sometimes, he will drive a racing car on the street. There are very few bodyguards around that time. You are recommended to assassinate during that time.]

That was the target, Keynes’s information.

The C-class mission’s information would be more detailed.

However, the information given was considered too little.

For those S-class mission targets, the Spear of God would send special investigators to track the mission target for up to a year. They would investigate the identity of everyone around the target. Including the place he would normally go, the places he dines in, and even what time he would go to the toilet, which was all marked in great detail.

After that, he flipped to the information of the real estate tycoon.

[Name: Kelsen]

[Age: 45]

[Gender: Male]

[ Kelsen’s father, who had once relied on the Wayne family in Washington, used the influence of the Wayne family to develop real estate in New York City. He had more than 30 billion US dollars in assets. Kelsen used unfair competition methods to deal with his competitors through violent means in some business competitions.]

[According to the statistics of the police, there were at least five rich people and competitors who died under his hands. And the actual number was far above that. Therefore, Kelsen was very desperate. He found four personal bodyguards, each with unique skills, and the leader of the bodyguards had a superpower like what ordinary people usually think.]

[Of course, the actual situation was way normal. Otherwise, this mission would not be a C-class mission. It was said that the bodyguard had special intuition, which helps him detect danger before it came. It was because of the protection of these bodyguards that Kelsen was able to avoid being hunt down by many police and enemies.]

[Tips: Kelsen is extremely lecherous. He has kept more than fifteen mistresses. Assassins can kill him while he is dating his mistress. The main point is to assassinate him at night.]

After reading the mission information, Lin Neng began to plan in his mind.

He had to be more careful than the last time.

The efficiency of the police was beyond his imagination. Last time, when he assassinated Peter, he did not even enter the Red Bar. Unexpectedly, he was suspected by the police.

He had to think of a good way this time.

He could now transform into two other extra animals.

However, it would be difficult to fight against the national police system with flies, parrots, and crows.

He had to keep a low profile before he becomes powerful enough.

After all, he was still a university student.

The university lesson would start in a month, and he had to report to the school.

Although the things taught in the school were useless to him, and which profession could make more money than a top assassin?

But the identity of a student was helpful to him.

Most killers had double identities, which made it easier to hide.


Who would suspect a student having anything to do with a murder case?

Lin Neng had made up something for himself before he went for his mission this time.

He was now a college student who wanted to go to the suburbs of New York to paint. He heard that a scenic spot in the suburbs of New York was good, so he wanted to go there to sketch.

Before he set off, Lin Neng also looked up all kinds of painting materials on the Internet. He also deliberately went to buy a drawing board and paint.

He pretended to be interested in painting.

He would be able to match an alibi even if the police comes up to him to investigate.

There was a Hilton Hotel in that scenic spot.

After Lin Neng went out, he took a bus.

After about two hours of traveling, Lin Neng arrived at the hotel lobby.

Lin Neng found a blind spot in the surveillance camera.

He whispered, “Transform into Transform Body No.1 Fly!”

Flies were small, and it was summer now, so they everywhere.

No one would find anything unusual, even if a fly was caught on the surveillance camera.

Lin Neng flew to the 24th floor. When he saw that the window in Room 2405 was not closed, he flew straight in.

According to the information provided by the Spear of God, Keynes lived there at the moment.

But when he flew in, he found that there was only a lady in an underdressed nightgown in the living room.

Soon, someone knocked on the door.

The blonde lady stood up in confusion. She leaned over the peephole and looked outside. When she saw that it was a waiter outside, she opened the door.

That was the call Lin Neng had made earlier. He asked the front desk to send a bottle of mineral water to Room 2405 in five minutes.