Killer: I can shapeshift infinitely

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Keynes’ Party!


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The blonde hair beautiful lady looked at the waiter curiously.

“Madam, this is the mineral water you asked for.”

The blonde hair beautiful lady was stunned, then said, “I didn’t order it.”

“A man called the front desk and asked them to send a bottle of mineral water to Room 2405 10 minutes after the call. It should be your companion.”

The blonde hair beautiful lady shook her head unhappily.

“I came here alone. I don’t have any companions.”


“Doesn’t the front desk check the information in beforehand? You directly came, and you have disturbed your customer!”

The waiter was at a loss. He held the bottle of mineral water in his hand and nodded apologetically. “Then it should be our front desk that made a mistake. I’m sorry to have disturbed you.”

The woman slammed the door shut and sat back down on the sofa.

Lin Neng, who had transformed into a fly, witnessed what had just happened as he stood on the mirror in the room.

“Living alone?”

“No male companions?”

“Could it be that the information is wrong?”

Lin Neng was a little confused. The information from the Spear of God said that Keynes lived in Room 2405. It seemed the information that the organization provided could not be trusted completely.

The weather these days was a little stuffy. The beautiful lady wanted to take a shower after she turned the air conditioner on.

She untied her white nightgown and casually threw it on the big bed.

After taking off her nightgown, she was only wearing a pair of underwear. Her sexy and hot figure was displayed perfectly in the empty room.

Oh, no.

Lin Neng was in the room.

Lin Neng was on the mirror. He could see all the details clearly from the compound eyes of the fly.

Even the tattoo on the beautiful lady’s chest could be seen clearly.

The blonde hair beautiful lady swayed her sexy waist and walked to the mirror. She was admiring her perfect figure.

And that pair of plump breasts were facing Lin Neng, who stood on the mirror.

“I didn’t expect to experience such a good show while performing a mission.”

Lin Neng was stunned. It seemed like he was spying, but he had to be honest… It was quite entertaining…

Then, the blonde hair beautiful lady untied her bra, and a pair of fair and round breasts popped out.

So big and white!

Lin Neng gulped.

It should be a D cup.

Then, the beautiful lady took off her underwear and stood in front of Lin Neng naked. Lin Neng had seen all the secrets of her body.

The beautiful lady was called Maureen. She was a Video Game Streamer on Twitch and attracted countless otakus with her angelic face and hot body.

Maureen walked into the bathroom, turned on the shower, and took a shower.

The curtains were not closed, and every movement from her exposed in front of Lin Neng.

Lin Neng let out a breath. The scene just now was too erotic. Such a beautiful lady took off her clothes, looked in the mirror, and took a shower in front of him so casually. Seeing that made his heart feel restless.

The sound of water pouring was only for half a minute when the phone on the sofa suddenly rang.

Maureen walked out of the bathroom and casually took a towel to wipe the water off her body,

Her body was still wet. She stood naked in front of Lin Neng and picked up the phone.

“Hello? Jenny, I’m taking a shower. What’s the matter?”

The girl on the other end of the phone was very excited. She said hurriedly, “Maureen, don’t tell me you don’t know. Keynes is going to hold a party here tonight. Many internet celebrities, models, and celebrities will be back. Anyone that can catch Mr. Keynes’s eye will lead to a better life!”

“Such a good opportunity. I only told you because you are my best friend. You must come. See you at the auditorium on the 26th floor at 7:00 pm tonight. Please come.”

After putting down the phone, Maureen was so excited that she stomped her feet. The soft lump in front of her chest was constantly shaking.

She rushed into the bathroom and quickly took a shower.


She went to the dressing table and opened a big bag full of makeup.

Maureen wanted to put on the most beautiful makeup. She would be able to soar to the sky if she could attract Keynes’ attention at the party.

Keynes was the heir to the Gwent family. He was the second generation of the wealthiest family in New York. That was a high-class society that Maureen would not have the chance to get in touch with usually.

If she had the opportunity to catch Keynes’s eye today, any random reward would be worth a few months of her income.

Lin Neng, who had transformed into a fly and quietly laid on the mirror.

Everything that Maureen and her best friend were talking about was heard by him.



Lin Neng was delighted. It seemed that he had come to the right place.

The information provided by the Spear of God was just not timely, but there was no mistake.

Keynes should have stayed in this room before, but he decided to hold a party later, so he checked out.

Since he had obtained the information, Lin Neng planned to leave.

In order to fly faster, Lin Neng transformed into a crow.

Moreover, the crow’s vision was more acute. So Lin Neng could see everything in the entire Hilton Manor more clearly.

After circling the entire manor once, Lin Neng landed on a tree branch.

He heard a waiter say that the party was moved outdoor because of the good weather that day.

Lin Neng saw a total of 124 cameras in the entire outdoor garden.

There were almost no blind spots.

After all, that was the top hotel in New York City. The usual customers were all super-rich or politicians, so the security was very well-done.

Keynes was cautious. It was difficult to find the opportunity to make a move.

Moreover, he always had bodyguards with abilities to protect him.

However, Lin Neng had nothing to worry. He was not an ordinary killer. He could transform into an animal and catch him by surprise.

Even the bodyguards would find it difficult to stop him.