Five Villain Daddies Are Fighting To Spoil Me

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Is It Brother?

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After successfully stealing a kiss, the little thing buried her head under the blankets, satisfied, and fell asleep.

Outside the window, the moon hid behind the clouds. Inside the cozy but childish room, the white puppy was falling asleep on the soft carpet. The wind chimes outside the window tapped lightly against each other with the breeze.

The man rigidly lowered his head and looked at the girl who was fast asleep. His eyes were soft and after a moment of hesitation, he lowered his voice and replied.

“Good night.”

Early morning the next day, the often quiet and lifeless Huo family suddenly became bustling with activity.

There was no other reason than the fact that everyone’s favorite young master of the Huo family was coming back.

The moment the news was conceived, the mansion was blasted with happiness.

The little thing who had just woken up and got off the bed hugged the puppy tightly while rubbing her eyes, watching all the maids cleaned up the mansion in confusion.

“Grandpa housekeeper.”

She called out crisply and her white little face tilted up in confusion.

“Eh?” The housekeeper’s anxious expressions disappeared for a moment when he heard the little girl’s soft voice. His tense expressions softened and he smiled slightly, “Little miss, you are awake? Are you hungry?”

Ye Sang shook her head and blinked curiously, “Grandpa, are guests coming here?”

Housekeeper nodded eventually after hesitating; he thought that it was better to tell her about the Huo family’s young master.

The middle-aged man hugged the ball of snow and sat on the couch, his low voice sounding worried, “You just came so you shouldn’t know, but our sir has adopted a young master.”

“Our sir doesn’t have women around him, and probably won’t have any in the future, so he decided to adopt a child and raise him as his heir to reassure our old master.”

“This time, the guest who’s coming to the Huo family is our young master who’s undertaking advanced studies overseas, Huo Chenyu.”


There was something else he didn’t say.

And that was: a cold-hearted person like their sir probably won’t take the child seriously even though he adopted the child.

In Huo Yao’s eyes, Huo Chenyu was only a qualified heir.

As for that unnecessary fatherly love… it was impossible for Huo Yao to give that to him.

“Is it brother?” The little thing was confused and tilted her head at Grandpa housekeeper puzzledly.

It almost made all the maids and the housekeepers’ hearts melt.

“I heard that the young master has a bad temper…” A maid whispered.

“Right, I’ve heard about that too. I wonder if he’ll bully young miss?”

“Aaahhh, little miss is so cute, he can’t be demented enough to do that, right?”

“Who knows?” Another maid was worried for Sangsang, “Let’s watch him closely today. If he dares to bully our little miss we’ll tell the sir about it.”

Although they weren’t sure if their young miss or Huo Chenyu was more important in Huo Yao’s eyes.

The Huo family’s mansion had never been this busy; everyone was anticipating the arrival of the young master.

The housekeeper hugged the soft ball tightly in his arms and comforted her as he was worried that she was scared, “Little miss, don’t be scared, you can tell me anything.”

“Although I’m not that useful, my words are worth a gram or two in front of Mr. Huo.”

From the bottom of his heart, he really didn’t want the young master to come back now.

The little thing hasn’t been here for long and Mr. Huo was a cold person. He didn’t put Huo Chenyu in his mind, let alone Ye Sang, who only spent about a day with him.