Five Villain Daddies Are Fighting To Spoil Me

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Goodnight, Daddy

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Ye Sang covered her starving stomach and sneezed from the cold.

She looked at him pathetically, “Daddy…”

Huo Yao frowned and observed the cold and gloomy environment here. He bent down and picked up the little girl and strode outside the basement with his long legs.

He coldly wrapped the soft little girl with his coat and asked, monotone, “Why didn’t you sleep?”

Ye Sang pouted and refused to answer.

The little girl’s heart was as clear as a mirror.

If she said it was because she was hungry, her cheap daddy would definitely laugh at her…

Huo Yao saw that she didn’t reply and coldly pursed his lips, threatening her again evilly, “Don’t want to tell me? Does Sangsang want to be beaten up like that man?”

The little girl suddenly recalled the miserable state Duan Tingfan was in and quivered. She felt wronged and shook her head, sobs overflowed when she tried to speak in a small voice, “I-I’m hungry…”


She was starving…

Huo Yao made eye contact with her misty cat eyes and a strange softness rose in his heart. Without knowing why, his eyes turned cold and a dangerous light appeared in the bottom of his eyes, “They didn’t give you food?”

Ye Sang shook her head furiously and hugged her cheap Daddy’s arm tightly. Seeing that he was going to get someone into trouble, she couldn’t care less about her face and explained in a tiny voice, “N-no.”

The little girl lowered her head and continued in embarrassment, “Sangsang wasn’t full…”

Huo Yao was speechless.

Special Assistant Zhao at the side laughed quietly to himself.

“So you came down and stole food?” The man looked at the half-opened fridge and pulled a fake smile on his face.

Ye Sang stared at him softly and repeated her words stubbornly, “I’m hungry.”



Huo Yao coldly glanced at Special Assistant Zhao, who was swaying back and forth from laughing, he rubbed the little thing’s head and gave the most straight-guy comment, “It’s too late, you will be fat if you eat now.”

He brutally looked at the little thing’s arms which resembled lotus root and added mercilessly,

“After all, you are already this fat.”


Ye Sang’s little face was blank.

She stared at Huo Yao blankly and all there was left in her mind was that he said she was “fat”.


“Wah–” Tears immediately roared down; she had never felt so wronged.

She’s not fat!!

Special Assistant Zhao heard this word and his smile froze. He slightly widened his eyes and looked at his boss in shock.

It seemed like…

He finally found out why his boss was single for more than twenty years of his life.


She’s only a five-year-old child!!!

Boss!! Stop with your straight comments! 

Huo Yao was dumbfounded by her sudden wailing.

After a while, she finally cried enough and started hiccuping quietly, silently burying her head in her Daddy’s arms and felt sleepy.


Even an adult would be tired after a day like this, let alone a five-year-old child.

The man’s cold and hard heart suddenly softened a little as the little thing curled up in his arms like a kitten.

He carried her to bed and silently pulled the blanket over her before letting out a deep breath. He felt that it was more tiring to spend the afternoon with this daughter than spending time with a bunch of old cunning foxes in the workplace.

As expected, this daughter is so troublesome. The man humphed coldly as he thought.

Just as he was about to leave, the little thing suddenly opened her eyes in her sleep and pulled his arm. She suddenly got up and kissed him softly, “Goodnight, Daddy.”

Huo Yao remained silent.