Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 293: Subduing the Little Demon

Chapter 293: Subduing the Little Demon

Naturally, no one was willing to take the initiative to talk about the stuff they had nothing to do with. So they just let the two, brother and sister wander around.

However, just as the two were strolling happily, a few black spots appeared in the distant air, and they approached with swords in an extremely arrogant manner. After all the merchants saw them, they couldn’t help but shudder.

One of the more honest cultivators hurriedly whispered to the brother in the duo, “Little brother, you should take your sister and go or else you’ll be in big trouble!”

“Scourge!” The black-clothed man couldn’t help but say strangely, “Well, where’s the scourge?”

“Gee, why are you so stupid? This is the territory of that, Little Demon Liao. From the three Demons of the East Sea!” The man rushed to explain.

“I know!” The big man said in amusement, “But that Little Demon Liao is a high and mighty figure, so how could he possibly be related to us?”

“Idiot!” The man said anxiously, “Liao Little Demon likes beautiful women and likes to try new things and has his men patrolling all day long. Look at the few guys over there, they are Liao’s men. Oh no, too late, they’re already here. Why didn’t you listen to the advice just now!” Afterward, the man no longer dared to speak to the big man, and hurriedly turned around and walked away.

The big man and his sister now also knew what was going on and hurriedly turned around and tried to run. But apparently it was too late, just as they were talking, those in the distance had already flown into the marketplace. A guy with good eyes was staring at the extremely fierce figure of the big man and the little beauty next to him as he came. So as soon as they came down, they just gathered around and quickly surrounded the big man and his sibling.

The big man and his sibling were obviously not very strong, the big man was of only cultivation stage 7 and the little girl was even more pitiful. The seven or eight people who surrounded them were almost all of the cultivation stage 10 or more, and even the leading yellow-clothed cultivator was of about the same stage.

“Haha, I originally thought that this trip was nothing more than pulling out two spirit stones, but I unexpectedly ran into this kind of goods!” The yellow-clothed cultivator said proudly: Boy, you’re lucky! Let’s go with this master.”

“This senior, I don’t know where do you want the junior to go.” The big man tensed as he shielded his sister with one hand.

“Where to? Haha, of course, it’s to our great king.” The yellow-clothed cultivator laughed and said, “My king likes guys with a strong body like you the most, as long as you serve the king well, you will be glorious and rich!”

“I don’t want glory and riches, so please, everyone, spare me!” The big man hurriedly clasped his fists.

“Bullshit, I don’t give a damn!” The yellow-clothed cultivator immediately said coldly, “It’s a blessing that the king will see you. If you don’t know how to behave, I will cut you up piece by piece and feed you to the dogs”.

The big man was so frightened that his cold sweat flowed out, he had the intention to fight for his life but couldn’t beat them. He was especially worried about implicating his sister, so he gritted his teeth and said, “Okay, I can go with you but please be kind and let my sister go! She’s young!”

“Hehe, there’s no door, your sister is also my king’s favorite!” The yellow-clothed cultivator then said, “This time, I found two excellent things for the king in one breath, and a magic treasure would have been impossible! Haha!”

“Congratulations Senior, congratulations Senior!” The others immediately laughed playfully at the good news.

The big man, however, was ashen, but the little girl didn’t know the severity yet, waiting to look at those people with big, bright eyes.

“Alright, alright!” The yellow-clothed cultivator then waved his hand and said, “Hurry up and go with this master, don’t make the king wait!”

“That’s right, go, go!” The others also hurriedly piece urged.

The big man, seeing this, suddenly showed anger on his face and directly picked up his sister and rushed over to the side, surprisingly intending to fight to the death.

When the yellow-clothed cultivator saw this, he just sneered, and then without panicking, he shook his hand and threw out a large yellow net, trapping the brother and sister at once. This large net was obviously a specially made magic tool, used to capture people, and it didn’t hurt them after trapping. It was just that the net emitted drug causing the people inside to fall unconscious. Soon, the siblings fainted within the net.

The yellow-clothed cultivator carried the two with the net and easily brought them up, then sneered, “To refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit, little cultivator, still daring to flee in front of the master, really self-defeating! Guys, let’s go!”

After saying that, the yellow-clothed cultivators and their men flew once again with their swords to the residence of the Little Demon Liao.

Only after they left the cultivators hiding in the dark appeared. One said, “What a sin!” “Poor siblings, it’s over! After being tapped by the Little Demon Liao, I’m afraid they won’t even have the strength to walk in the future!”

“But these guys only took that pair of siblings, but they forgot to find us to extort spirit stones, hehe, a good thing.”

“Hahahaha, yes, yes, it’s a good thing.” The others then laughed along with them.

Two innocent lives were about to fade away, yet these guys were still thinking about their meager losses. The so-called East China Sea has no moral righteousness, which shows how accurate this saying is.

East China Sea, Yakushima Island, Wuyoungong.

Liao Xiao demon’s lair is here,” a hundred miles around the Tan Hu Palace. Gorgeous exceptionally, lived his wife and man poisonous fishing.

At this time, Liao Little Demon is bored drinking in a large hall, surrounded by dozens of servants dressed in gorgeous clothing. Slavegirls. A woman in a golden robe with a fawning face was pouring wine to the Liao Little Demon. However, Liao was just smiling now does not know the unpleasant things that happened. He suddenly turned around and kicked the golden robe woman making her spit blood, threw the wine away, and with disgust said “This piece of stinky meat is disgusting, is there no fresh goods?”

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Just when Liao Little Demon was venting his discontent, a few cultivators quietly came in, carried out the golden robe woman who vomited blood, and started wiping the blood on the floor. Everything was done in an orderly manner, obviously not for the first time.

As for the other beauties, they all pretended not to see anything. Their slightly trembling bodies, however, exhibited the terror they felt. Facing such a moody, murderous Demon King, who wouldn’t be afraid? And the most daunting thing about it was that they couldn’t escape, they just had to wait for death.

Fortunately, at this time, a handsome cultivator quietly came over and kneeled and said, “Enlightenment King, that guy Huang Sen has just captured a pair of superb siblings, rare and sturdy like a giant bear, and the woman is beautiful, like fairies!”

“Yeah? Really?” Liao Little Demon got excited and immediately said, “Good, good, this kid Huang Sen is finally useful, quickly tell him to bring them As long as it makes the king satisfied, the benefits won’t be less!”

“Yes!” The young cultivator didn’t dare delay and hurried out after promising to do so.

Within long, a yellow-clothed cultivator came in with a net, in which two people were hidden. After arriving in front of Liao Little Demon, Huang Sen hurriedly saluted, “Great King, please accept this little one’s gift to you, it is definitely of the finest quality!” Saying that Huang Sen casually opened the net and two people rolled out from it.

Liao Little Demon hurriedly looked with anticipation. The originally smiling face instantly colored, he then rubbed his eyes, took a closer look, and exclaimed in shock, “Well? Why does this guy look familiar?”

When Huang Sen heard it he was stunned, and the wanted to speak, but unexpectedly the siblings lying on the ground both got up on their own. Huang Sen was taken aback and hurriedly said, “How is this possible? Has the effects of the drug worn off, huh?”

“What?” The big man chuckled, “Why don’t I feel anything?”

“Little brother, it’s actually a little bit useful. It can make people sleep comfortably!” The little girl laughed and said.

Seeing the siblings changed their fearful appearance in front of them and became confident, Huang Sen, even if he was any more stupid, knew something was wrong. He thought what was going on, unexpectedly Liao Little Demon suddenly raised his hand and gave Huang Sen a slap, directly throwing him into the air with more than a dozen of his teeth shaking loose.

Liao was so angry that he cursed: “You’re a damned son of a bitch, is it fun for the master, or want my life ah! Somebody, pull this damned son of a bitch out and feed him to the dogs!”

“Ah, my king, have mercy, have mercy!” Huang was so frightened at this that he went pale and hurriedly begged for mercy but Little Demon Liao simply ignored him, allowing his men to pull this guy out.

Liao Little Demon with a blue face, staring straight at that big man, was feeling a bit at loss for words. The big man saw the situation and smiled slightly, saying, “What? King Liao has forgotten his old friend now, he’s this famous?”

Liao Little Demon was almost angered to death and said in his heart, ‘This son of a bitch, whos friends with you?’

But he dared not to say it on the face, only in his heart. After adjusting his mood a little, Liao forced a smile, and with a trembling voice said, “It turns out to be brother Zhong. What marvelous wind is blowing today that brought you here?”

It turned out that this big man was none other than Song Zhong, while that little girl was Thunder Eagle King Huan Yufeng. These two people were recognized by Little Demon and they had even dealt with each other, which was why he was so disoriented just now.

For the Liao Little Demon, although Huan Yufeng is famous in the East Sea Patrol, she is not very fearful. If the two of them fight alone, perhaps Liao Little Demon will even slightly come on top.

But the problem was that Song Zhong who followed Huan Yufeng was a bit too fearsome. When Song Zhong is still a foundation cultivator, with his own power, forced the East China Sea three demons to retreat, and now Song Zhong successfully promoted as Jindan, he also destroyed the emblem of hungry and the thousand desire. He never let the wind go. This kind of performance, even though the Liao is a mighty demon, he can only look up to.

For Song Zhong, a plague god-like figure, Liao Little demon certainly has the intention to exterminate him but does not dare to act rashly, so he first asked the other party’s intention. If he can’t fight, it is better not to fight so as not to ruin the foundation that he has created over the years.

In fact, Song Zhong really wasn’t here to kill anyone this time. The reason why he deliberately disguised himself and mixed in here with such a face was nothing more than to meet up with Liao Little Demon. If he were to openly barge in, with Song Zhong’s current status, he would definitely alert the senior management of the East Sea Alliance, which was like alerting the snake.

Seeing that Little Demon Liao was a little afraid of him, Song Zhong got slightly complacent, after all, to be able to make the East Sea’s famous Little Demon afraid of him is something to be proud about.

However, although Song Zhong was proud of himself, he did not reveal anything on the surface. He only smiled mysteriously and then said indifferently, “Little Demon Liao, I came this time to give you a way out, it depends on whether you know what’s good for you!”

“Give me a way out?” Liao Little Demon frowned, then said, “I wish to hear more!”

“It’s actually quite simple, Master Dao I see you as a talent and plan to take you under my wing!” Song Zhong then looked coldly at Liao Little Demon and said, “Following me is the way to live, otherwise it’s the way to end, and big way at that!” As he spoke, Song Zhong had one hand behind his back and the other hand raised to his chest, and one after another, the Yin-Yang Five Elements Mixed Godly Lightning slowly flew out and danced non-stop on his palm. Clearly, this was a naked threat.

Liao Little Demon was also a knowledgeable person, as soon as he felt the terrifying aura contained in these divine thunder, he couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air, in his heart, he secretly despaired, ‘When this guy was at the Foundation Establishment stage, the refined Yin-Yang Five Elements Mixed Yuan divine Thunder was able to suppress our Three Demons of the East Sea, now that he’s also a Jindan, wouldn’t the power of this thing be comparable to that of a YuanYing cultivator? And before he could only throw them one at a time, but now he’s holding five or six, and if he throws them him, he might not be able to run at such a close distance! Damn Huang Sen how did he get these two plague gods? If I had known that it was Song Zhong, I wouldn’t have walked to my death ah?’

Seeing that Liao Little Demon’s face was indecisive, sometimes angry, sometimes fearful, sometimes desperate, but always indecisive, Song Zhong was getting impatient and said, “Little Demon Liao, think carefully, don’t force me to kill you!”

“Too much! It’s your boy’s good fortune that Brother Crown Prince is interested in you, but you still dare to hesitate, do you want to die?” Huan Yufeng was dissatisfied.

Liao Little Demon was suddenly taken aback by this and hurriedly said, “Prince? You say he’s a prince?”

“Of course, this is the crown prince of our Eastern Sea Empire!” Huan Yufeng was proud.

“But how is that possible? He’s obviously human, isn’t he?” Little Demon was puzzled.

“Look again!” Song Zhong said, releasing the River Map God Pattern, as a mysterious and inscrutable divine pattern appeared, Song Zhong’s demonic aura flared up. It was clearly a formed demonic beast.

“Demonic Qi? Oh God, are you really a demon spy?” Liao Little Demon was taken aback.

“You don’t need to worry about that!” Song Zhong coldly said, “To tell you the truth, I was annoyed this time when I was besieged and cornered by the people of the Cangmang Mountain, so I planned to mobilize the East Sea’s demon army to retaliate. Your place will become a battlefield soon, and if you are sensible and willing to surrender to me, I can naturally keep you safe and your foundation will not be lost. Moreover, in the future, I will need someone to take care of the East Sea Coast, and you are the perfect candidate. You can think about that for a while!”

Liao Little Demon’s eyes lit up at this, clearly moved. In fact, it was no wonder that Liao Little Demon was tempted, there are too many benefits along the East China Sea, the spirit mountains, spirit islands, which one of them is not a treasure basin? But Little Demon Liao was only a Jindan cultivator. So he could only occupy this area of one island, and as for the other good places, they were divided up among those allies. Liao Little Demon was actually already jealous of these huge benefits. He just couldn’t beat them, so he could only watch.

If working under Song Zhong, one could gain huge benefits from the East Sea coast, it really wasn’t a bad thing for Liao Demon. Especially now, when his life was in someone’s hands, he had no other choice.

Only, there were still some concerns in Liao Demon’s heart, so he was slightly worried and asked, “The East Sea Alliance is deeply rooted and still solid as gold after countless demon beast attacks, what methods do you have to completely remove it?”

“The East Sea Alliance is entrenched!” Song Zhong disdainfully said, “They’re just a bunch of goods that can fight if they can, but run if they can’t. If it weren’t for the fact that the East Sea is full of demon beasts and waterfowl, many of which can’t go ashore to pursue them, they would have died long ago. But this time, I plan to not give them a chance to escape at all, and just wipe out most of them all along the coast!”

“I’m afraid it’s not that easy,” Liao Little Demon carefully said, “The East Sea coast is full of vigilant formations and there are people patrolling every moment. Especially recent times, after experiencing the fiasco of the naval battle, the East Sea Alliance has also realized the crisis, stepped up their patrols and are ready to retreat at any time. It’s just not easy to exterminate them, ah?”

“Hehe, if you helped it would become so much easier!” Song Zhong smiled and said, “I think you understand what I mean!”

Liao Little Demon was first stunned, and then it dawned on him.

He was clearly not an idiot to be in his current position, so naturally he quickly thought of the points and hurriedly said, “Do you want to quietly let the army sneak over from my territory and then storm a surprise attack?”

“Almost. But your territory alone isn’t enough. I plan to completely recover your three demons of the East Sea and then send out troops together from three directions, and the three armies will converge at the headquarters of the East Sea Alliance to close it down!” Song Zhong then said with hatred, “Don’t they like to besiege me? I will make them understand what it is to be under siege!”


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