Zhu Xian

Chapter 18: Come Across

Chapter 18 Come Across A

Xavion was startled. The call was like the celestial melody within his ears. When he woke up, he turned around like lightning and saw five to six female disciples were standing there. From their clothing, it appeared that they were from Bamboo Height, the house that only accept females.

A beautiful lady was in the front facing them. A smile was on her face. Shaw Danon wanted to ask which house the Shijies were from, but when he turned around and saw Wu Dayi, Zheng Dali and He Dazhi, each had an evil smile on their faces. Then he turned to Xavion and saw his face had a silly smile and stunned look. It appeared that he could not find the right word to say. Shaw Danon thought for a moment, and knew who that lady was.

He Dazhi and others were standing there waiting for a show; however, Xavion was just standing there with a dumb look on his face. Not only the Bamboo Peak disciples couldn't take it, even the Bamboo Height disciples were giggling. The lady blushed slightly, said softly: "Song Shixiong."

Xavion still hadn't reacted. He Dazhi was impatient, said: "Ha ha, Baako Shiji. We haven't seen each other for many years. How are you?"

Baako turned her eyes at him for a moment, smiled: "You are He Dazhi, He Shixiong?"

He Dazhi nodded: "It's me. Wen Shijie has a good memory. We only met once sixty years ago and still you remember me."

Baako smiled: "He Shixiong was fighting against a powerful opponent in the last duel and showed us your surprising skill. Of course I will remember."

He Dazhi blushed. At the previous Seven Peaks Tournament, he had faced a powerful opponent from Peak of Widows during the first round. Even though he tried his best, he still lost. But he just smiled: "Let's not mention about my past history. My cultivation level will never be able to match Wen Shijie and our Da Shixiong. By the way, after the tournament, our Da Shixiong was often thinking about you."

Baako's face flushed slightly, but did not reply. She peeped at Xavion. The Shimeis behind her were already laughing. Xavion used to be a brave fellow, now, he looked like a shy young man. He quickly answered: "No, no, when did I often..."

"What?" A young lady behind Baako cut in before Xavion finished: "Does that mean you did not miss our Baako Shijie?"

Xavion peeped at Baako. Baako was also looking at him. Her eyes did not blink. He blurted out: "No, no. I did miss her..."


Every one of Bamboo Peak and Bamboo Height disciples laughed. Especially the girls behind Baako who laughed the loudest, causing disciples from other houses to look toward them.

He Dazhi waited for the laughter to be gone, then he told the Bamboo Height's ladies: "Shijies, actually our Da Shixiong didn't mean that he does not miss Baako Shijie, it's not just thinking about her often..."

"Then what is it?" Someone from Bamboo Height asked.

He Dazhi looked at her and smiled: "He was just thinking about her every quarter of an hour, saying her name every quarter of an hour. So, that's why he said he did not think about her often." (Often also means every hour in Chinese)

Everyone laughed. Xavion glared at He Dazhi. He looked at Baako and found that she wasn't mad. He was relieved and murmered: "Wen Shimei, they were just joking, don't, don't listen to them."

Baako smiled, then turned around and held her Shimei who laughed so hard that she almost fell. After that, she turned back and asked: "How does your heart feel?"

Xavion kept saying: "I, I, I..." but couldn't finish his thoughts. Looking at his face, the other girls laughed again. Baako shook her head and glared at him and ignored him. She walked to Hidi, held her hand, looked at her face, asked: "You are Ling Er Shimei?"

Hidi was surprised: "Yes. Wen Shijie, how do you know me?"

Baako smiled: "You often came to our Bamboo Height visiting Master with Su Shishu. We already know you. Have not seen you for a number of years, you have grown more beautiful."

Hidi held Baako's hand, smiled: "How can I ever be able to compare to Baako Shijie's beauty?" Then she whispered: "My Da Shixiong was enchanted by you."

Baako peeped at Xavion. Xavion immediately had a silly smile on his face. She shook her head, quietly said: "Your Da Shixiong really is a wood brain."

Hidi chuckled. Baako took Hidi to the Bamboo Height disciples. Laughter often came from the girls. They all ignored Xavion and the others now.

Xavion wanted to speak with Baako, but did not know what to say, so all he did is stand in the same spot. Even Shaw Danon shook his head.

Amandla suddenly said: "Huh? A lot of people have arrived."

Shaw Danon was curious. He turned and was shocked to see about thirty people were coming toward them. Everyone was in white clothes. Everyone looked proud and handsome. The first person was Kevern.


Shaw Danon stared at them. He repeated his name again and again. Fourth Shixiong He Dazhi suddenly laughed: "Dragon Head Peak was expected to have such a significant number."

Kevern also saw the Bamboo Peak disciples. He quickly walked toward them. The others followed. He held his hands in front of himself, saluted: "Song Shixiong, we meet again."

Xavion did not want to be impolite. He returned the salute: "Qi Shixiong, you have come as well. I wonder, are you going to join the tournament?"

Kevern smiled: "I do not want to come. But master said I still need practice for my cultivation, and he ordered me to join, so I took a spot."

Xavion nodded: "That's great. With the talent of Qi Shixiong, victory must be yours."

Kevern shook his head, modestly said: "Song Shixiong has flattered me."

When those two were talking, Shaw Danon's eyes searched through the disciples behind Kevern. After a moment, Baye's eyes, which were also searching for him, met with Shaw Danon's. They came out from the crowd and held each-other's hand. There were thousands of words to say, but they couldn't say anything all of a sudden.

A while later, Baye asked: "Xiao Fan, you joined this tournament?"

Shaw Danon nodded, smiled: "Yes, Master was being very kind to me. He let me come with. What about you?"

Baye said: "I joined this tournament too. Hmph, what's so great about your shorty master? Two years ago I came to your place and your master treated you in such a way..."

Shaw Danon quickly said: "No, he is not like that normally. That day he was just in a bad mood."

Baye realized that it's a rare chance to meet with his best friend and did not want to ruin it with this silly topic. He quickly switched the topic, smiled: "You brat, I haven't seen you for two years, you have grown so tall."

Shaw Danon punched him, grinned: "What, only you are allowed to grow and I'm not?"

Baye laughed. They could talk about anything they wanted since there were no elders nearby and the other people did not bother them. Shaw Danon unintentionally turned around and saw Kevern was greeting the ladies. A strange pain struck at Shaw Danon's heart, caused his face to change.

Baye was surprised: "What is it, Xiao Fan?"

Shaw Danon shook his head, forced himself to smile: "Nothing." His eyes were still fixed on Kevern.

Kevern was in front of Hidi and Baako alread. He greeted Hidi first: "Tian Shimei, still remember me?"

Hidi was chatting with Baako and the other Bamboo Height's female disciples. All of a sudden, she saw Kevern appeared in front of her. She blushed, her voice turned very low: "Yes, hello Qi Shixiong."

Hidi's pink face and watery eyes; this beautiful face reflected in Shaw Danon's eyes, felt like a knife had sliced through his heart.

"Xiao Fan, what's wrong? Why does your face look so pale?" Baye was puzzled. He was concerned: "Are you ill?"

"Not, nothing. I am fine." Shaw Danon said quietly.

Baako's mind was shaped. She looked at the reaction of Hidi and understood what happened. She asked Kevern directly: "Qi Shixiong, why do you only recognize Tian Shimei. So we, the Bamboo Height's Shimei are not worthy enough for you to remember?"

After that all the girls behind her began to ask. Kevern immediately responded: "What do you mean Wen Shijie, how could I dare to be impolite to Bamboo Height's Shijie?"

Baako chuckled: "Qi Shixiong joined Seven Peaks Tournament again, surely you are determined to win?"

Kevern's eyes brightened, said: "At the previous tournament, Wen Shijie had passed three rounds, but unfortunately lost to Enu, Xiao Shixiong. After sixty years of practice, plus Master Shui Yue's careful teaching. With the title of Bamboo Height's best student, you also seem to want to shoot for the champion spot of the tournament."

Baako smiled: "No way, no way, how could I dare to compete against Qi Shixiong. As for the title of Bamboo Height's best student, I am not really fit for it."

Kevern frowned: "Wen Shijie, you are too modest..."

Baako smiled: "Nope. Master Shui Yue's knowledge is uncomparable. My potential is too dull, can't get a secret teaching from her senior. My house has another talented Shimei, Qi Shixiong, you need to be careful."

Kevern was excited, but his face was still smiling: "That's even better. With the ability to defeat Wen Shijie, that person must be a brilliant prodigy. I will be looking forward to meeting her."

Baako chuckled and nodded. Then she pulled Hidi to the side.

At that time, a whistle came from the sky. The sound was louder than thunder. A few hundred Jadeon disciples looked above them. A red light arrived, now they could see a Daoist from Peak of Widows was standing on top of a red sword. He announced: "All Shixiongs, the Heads of the Houses and Faction have delivered orders; all Shixiongs who are participating in Seven Peaks Tournament, please come to Crystal Hall."

Chapter 18 Come Across B

A disturbance within the few hundred Jadeon disciples lasted a while. Then, some people came out and walked to the other side of the square.

Shaw Danon thought the highly cultivated disciples would fly there directly. But, it seems no one had the intention to do it; everyone just walked. He walked with Baye. Looking around he saw Hidi was walking with Baako and the other Bamboo Height disciples. Xavion and other Bamboo Peak disciples followed behind them.

As for the Dragon Head Peak, about seven or eight people came out from the crowd, but they walked in the other direction. They greeted the other disciples from other houses. Kevern especially, he was very familiar with the disciple's names. Everyone smiled at him.

"Qi Shixiong is very good at making friends." Noticing Shaw Dannon kept looking at Kevern, Baye said: "He is highly cultivated, deeply trusted by Master Vasp Caelo. Everyone respects him."

Shaw Danon nodded slowly, expressionless.

At the end of the square, it was one of the Jadeon six scenes "Rainbow Bridge." Five years ago, Shaw Danon and Baye had walked past here after they were saved. Now they revisited this place again, their minds were mixing with different types of feeling.

Stepping on such superb craftsmanship, seeing the clear water running down at the sides of the bridge and still reflecting the seven colours of the rainbow, the ignorant children from five years ago had now become Jadeon's disciple. They walked at the rear of the crowd. Baye suddenly sighed: "Five years!"

Shaw Danon remained silent and just kept walking. The sight before him was the same as that day. As they got higher up on Rainbow Bridge, the clouds sank below them. The clear blue sky lay above their heads.

"Why don't you fly up there?" Shaw Danon asked suddenly.

Baye was a little surprised: "You don't know that disciples are forbidden to fly near Crystal Hall. Kevern told me it is to respect the Head, so we need to walk in a holy place like Crystal Hall; also, when Master Jadeon founded Jadeon Clan, for protection purposes, he set up an extremely powerful array at Peak of Widows called 'Regenesis Sword Array.' Any who dare to fly above Peak of Widows will get slain by 'Regenesis Sword Array.'"

Shaw Danon was surprised: "So that's why even the skilled disciples don't fly in here. Is that 'Regenesis Sword Array' really that powerful?"

Baye looked at the mountain peak before him, said: "I haven't seen it either; however, it must be powerful. From what I heard, 'Regenesis Sword Array' was passed down by Master Jadeon and a thousand years ago Master Jade Leaf improved the power of it. With that, no one ever dared to come to Mount Jadeon and harass us."

Shaw Danon also looked at the magnificent mountain peak, said: "Amazing!"

As they talked, they walked across Rainbow Bridge with other people. Shaw Danon looked at those people. There were about sixty people. Majority of them were male, about thirteen or so were female. Most of the females were wearing Bamboo Height dresses. But regardless of male or female, they were all filled with spirit. Male were dignified and handsome; female were beautiful and polite. No matter who see them, they would say Jadeon had worthy successors and bright furture.

After Rainbow Bridge, it was the Jadeon's spiritual beast protector "Water Kirin's" pond. Unlike five years ago, the ancient beast "Master Spirit" didn't hide in the pond this time, but already lay next to the pond. The lazy appearance of it, however, had no difference compared to five years ago.

When the Jadeon disciples got off of Rainbow Bridge, they bowed to the enormous beast, then went to the steps of Crystal Hall. Shaw Danon and Baye followed behind them. Baye whispered to Shaw Danon: "Do you still remember our first time here?"

Shaw Danon nodded: "Remember. Got myself soaked. But that doesn't really matter. Seeing that large monster scared me to death."

Baye smiled: "Yup, when did we ever see such a thing while we were still in Grasstemple Village. I thought the world's largest animal was the bear from Mount Jadeon."

Shaw Danon burst into laughter. Everyone turned and looked at Shaw Danon. Shaw Danon immediately settled down. Baye was also surprised. He coughed twice. His face was slightly red.

The other people looked at each other, then continued walking. Shaw Danon was relieved. He turned to Baye. They looked at each other in the eyes and smiled.

Shaw Danon and Baye walked down from Rainbow Bridge, arrived at the green pond. They bowed to the Water Kirin. The Water Kirin, however, was sleeping since the beginning; it didn't react to anyone. The snoring was loud as thunder. Surely it didn't know the two young Jadeons had bowed to it.

Shaw Danon and Baye didn't expect Water Kirin to react anyway. They walked toward the steps. Shaw Danon said: "Jing Yu, last time you came to Bamboo Peak in such a hurry. I didn't have time to congratulate you on your level of cultivation."

Baye smiled: "It's thanks to Master Vasp Caelo and all Shixiongs' teaching." Then he paused, voice grew deeper: "Actually the first few year when I practiced, I always thought of the bloody bodies in Grasstemple Village, so I pushed myself to work harder, hoping one day I can attain vengeance for our parents and friends."

Shaw Danon's heart grew sour. He held out his hand and patted his shoulder. Baye settled his emotions, then grinned: "Okay, let's not talk about the past. What about your cultivation?"

Shaw Danon shook his head: "You know I was not as smart as you when we were still young. These years in Bamboo Peak, Master and Shixiongs had treated me well. But I'm too stupid, very slow in progress. I really let them down."

Baye snorted: "You are not stupid. I think it's most likely because your shorty master purposely made things difficult for you, not teaching you the true Jadeon incantations."

Shaw Danon didn't know the conflict two years ago still caused Baye to hate Tian Bolis. He smiled: "Can't be. My master is not that kind of person. Anyway, let's not talk about me. Is your esper still 'Dragon Slayer?'"

Baye nodded, smiled: "That divine sword is Dragon Head Peak's most valuable treasure. Master handed me this sword. Besides its might strength, it is always very spiritual. Helped me a lot in cultivation."

Shaw Danon was envious, even his face had shown it: "That's great."

Baye asked him back: "What about you, Xiao Fan, you have any esper?"

Shaw Danon was startled. He put his hand on his chest and touched the black "fire stick." A chill slightly rose in his palm.

"No." He quietly said: "My cultivation is not high enough to use an esper yet."

Baye didn't have any reactio to it, clearly he had already expected this answer. He comforted Shaw Danon: "It doesn't matter, Xiao Fan. As long as you work hard, you will be successful at last. We are still young yet, just pretend this is a chance to learn."

Shaw Danon's lips moved. Looked at his old friend's kind face, listened to his friendly words, but in Shaw Danon's heart, he didn't feel any pleasure.

To learn?

Everyone thought he came here to learn. A sudden anger rose in his heart, like a fire wad burning, but extinguished a moment later. He lowered his head, didn't say anything, not even an idea to blame his friend, for he found he himself also agreed with what his friend just said.

Like an answer in his heart, the "fire stick" in his clothes reacted. A coldness suddenly rose from his palm to his shoulder.

Shaw Danon was surprised. Then he found that his feeling did no damage to his body. The coolness was quite comfortable. He looked at Baye and found he didn't notice the change.

Just when Shaw Danon felt relieved, suddenly, a deafening roar burst behind them. Shaw Danon, and even the cultivated Baye, also felt the shock in their ears. Their ears kept ringing. The Jadeon disciples also turned around and checked what was going on.

Everyone was bewildered to find such a weird roar in the holy place of Jadeon. They turned, and after a look, everyone was frightened by what they saw.