Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1623 - You Are My Little Love Song (190)

Chapter 1623: You Are My Little Love Song (190)

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It was not strange for Qin Siting to be praised for looking good. The female doctor listening by the side was amused.

It was likely that Doctor Qin had never experienced being praised by a little girl who was four or five years old as looking good.

The children in the kindergarten were all very mischievous. All of them were either crying or smiling in front of him. Right now, a little girl who was smiling and praising his good looks was standing there. After speaking, she took the initiative to open her mouth to wait for him to check.

He raised his handsome brows and looked at the little girl. For some reason, he felt that she looked like someone. In his mind, a voice that he had heard several years ago rang in his head.

Almighty Qin, Almighty Qin, you’re so beautiful.

As time passed, the two voices seemed to be intertwined. In addition to her round, fair, and cute little face, it was as though something was overlapping.

Qin Siting picked up the tongue depressor with one hand and lifted her chin with the other. “Open your mouth a little more. Good, very obedient.”

After checking, he picked up the stethoscope and glanced at her. “Little kid, what did you say your name was?”

“My name is Kele.” Lele chuckled as she looked at the handsome doctor in front of her. She found him incredibly familiar for some reason, but it seemed like she had never seen this particularly handsome doctor before. She couldn’t remember, but she looked at the stethoscope in his hand and said, “My mommy said she was thirsty when she gave birth to me. At that time, she really wanted to drink Cola, so she called me Kele.”

Qin Siting: “…Your mother is really casual.”

With that, he also drew a matching number behind Shi Kele’s name on the checklist next to him. Then his hand suddenly paused as he looked at the ‘Shi’ character and then at her face.

“Doctor, is there something wrong?” The kindergarten teacher was constantly observing the children’s movements. She immediately noticed the pause and hesitation on the doctor’s side and rushed over to ask.

Qin Siting put down his pen. As he listed to Shi Kele’s results, he casually asked, “It’s nothing. This child’s character is not bad. Do her parents usually take care of her?”

“I’ve never seen Lele’s mother. I’ve only seen her grandmother. Usually, it’s her grandmother who comes to pick her up. However, her grandmother has a good temper and treats Lele really well,” the teacher said.

Hearing the teacher praising Granny Xiang, Lele immediately nodded. “Yes, yes, my grandmother is very good.”

No wonder her character was so good, and her mouth was so sweet. It seemed like she was a child from a harmonious family.

Qin Siting did not speak further. He put away the stethoscope and wrote an A on the back of Lele’s name. Then he continued to check on the next child. Lele skipped away with the teacher.

However, Lele felt that this doctor was very familiar. She suddenly ran back to her class and opened her small bag. She took out the picture of her father that she had carefully kept in her bag and opened it to take a closer look. Then she leaned against the window and looked out.

It seemed…

If only her father were a doctor. This way, she wouldn’t have to go to the hospital when she caught a cold or had a fever. Her father would be able to treat her at home.

The children in the class had yet to return. She put away the portrait and ran out. When the teacher was not paying attention, she ran to the front of the line and leaned close to Qin Siting to take a closer look at his face.

Qin Siting checked on the other children when he suddenly saw the white, soft, and cute little girl run over toward him. She laid on the table in front of him and looked at him with wide eyes and a smile.

He raised his brows and looked at her. His voice subconsciously became gentler. “Why are you back?”

“Uncle, you’re so handsome!” Shi Kele looked at his face and chuckled. “You’re the most, most handsome doctor I’ve ever seen!”

Qin Siting: “…”

The female doctor by the side chuckled. “Doctor Qin, you’re really charming. You’ve been confessed to again. Furthermore, it is a little girl who’s no more than four years old. You’ve broken the minimum age record for girls who have a crush on you, haven’t you? She is such a young girl. Don’t be cold as usual, okay? Don’t leave a shadow in the hearts of young girls, or they’ll think that handsome men are all icebergs.”

The little girl was still lying on his desk, blinking at him. For some reason, her face was filled with happiness. She looked at him as though she had discovered a big treasure.

Qin Siting met her gaze for a while before replying politely, “Thank you.”

“Wow, Uncle, can I have your phone number… uu….”

Before Lele could finish speaking, the teacher, who had noticed the situation, quickly carried her away and covered her mouth.

“Uu… uu… Teacher…, I want his phone…, uu….” Shi Kele struggled until the teacher carried her back to the classroom. She sat on the chair and said,” Teacher, I want to ask for the phone number of Uncle Doctor. Why didn’t you let me say….”

“You’re so young. Why do you need the doctor’s number?” The teacher held her forehead.

“In the movies I watched, when a girl likes a boy, they would always ask for each other’s phone numbers!”


The teacher cursed silently. This child who came back from abroad was really too forward-minded. The TV shows she often watched abroad were probably direct and unrestrained.

The little brat ran out to confess to the male doctor and even asked for the male doctor’s number. As a teacher, she didn’t even dare to do so.

“Sit obediently in class. Read the pinyin!” The teacher stuffed a book into her hand and turned to look after the other children.

When the teacher left, Lele rushed to the window and leaned against it to look out. The children from the other classes had also gone out to line up for a physical examination. There were too many people, and the queue was too long. The doctor was blocked, and she could not see him.

The teacher did not allow her to go out again.

She lowered her head and returned to her seat. She picked up the enunciation book and began reading seriously: “B, p, m, f, d, t, n, l….”

As she read, she took out the portrait from her bag and looked out of the window.

She decided to go back at night to ask her mother if her father was more handsome than the painting or not. The doctor outside was more attractive than the painting.

Two hours later, near noon, the kindergarten’s physical examination ended.

Qin Siting packed his things. When he got up, he seemed to have thought of something. After hesitating for a moment, he casually wrote a string of numbers on a piece of paper by the side. He then called the teacher by the side. “Give this to that Shi Kele.”

The female teacher ran over and took it. Her mouth was wide open as she looked at Doctor Qin in disbelief and then at the string of phone numbers.

Qin Siting did not explain and left.