You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 24 - It was Different from the Previous Times

Chapter 24: It was Different from the Previous Times

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Shen Liangchuan wasn’t facing the light, and Qiao Lian could only see his strong stature vaguely. When he noticed her, he was surprised.

Qiao Lian tensed her body in shock and stammered, “Mr., Mr. Shen…”

She pointed to the phone in her hands and said, “I-I’ve come to give you your phone!”

He remained silent.

She put the phone on the bedside table as her glance swept across the bed. She wanted to ask where her phone was, but she wasn’t daring enough. She then spoke, “Erm, thank you for asking the caretaker to apply medicine for me.”

Shen Liangchuan’s gaze darkened as his glance landed on her arm. “No problem.”

Qiao Lian could only walk out. “Then, I will—”

Before she could finish, he suddenly asked, “Does your arm still hurt?”

Qiao Lian hurriedly replied, “It doesn’t hurt anymore, don’t worry!”

“That’s great. Then it won’t affect us fulfilling our official duties.”

After he finished his sentence, he walked towards Qiao Lian.

Immediately, Qiao Lian was filled with anxiety. “What, what official duties?”

“If I remember correctly, you’re currently ovulating.”


“So, don’t waste any time.”

As he ended his sentence, he casually removed his bathrobe and threw it on the sofa beside him. He then walked straight to the side of the bed and lay on her.

Qiao Lian closed her eyes and clenched her fist. Sadness emerged from the bottom of her heart as she realized what he meant.

Of course. He had just asked the caretaker to treat her wound so that he would be able to continue this with her tonight.

She had thought it was going to be a hard night, but unexpectedly, his actions weren’t as violent as they had been the previous times. He even gently held onto her arm. Although there was still no foreplay, she felt something else other than pain this time.

The second morning, when Qiao Lian woke up, her side was empty, but there was a silver-colored phone on the pillow.

She picked it up and after realizing that it was her phone, she immediately got excited.

It was the newest phone of a certain brand. It was her reward from the news agency when she uncovered a large piece of news in the past. If not for that, she wouldn’t have been able to afford it with her meager pay.

Qiao Lian left the bed and proceeded to wash up.

When she proceeded downstairs, she saw the caretaker holding a cup of milk and waiting for her.

She didn’t speak throughout the process as she drank the weird-tasting milk. She left to the news agency hurriedly after consuming two pieces of bread.

There had been two pieces of exclusive news about Yang Lingsi yesterday. To Yang Lingsi, that must have been a double impact!

Once she arrived at the news agency, she heard her colleague shout at her, “Qiao Lian, Qiao Lian!”

Qiao Lian walked over as her colleague pointed to an online article saying, “What’s up with this?”

It was a news report about Best Actor Shen and Yang Lingsi entering the filming set together. Qiao Lian glanced through the article and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Her colleagues immediately felt she was being treated unjustly. “Look at the author section. Only Su Meimei’s name is here! And you almost exchanged your life for this scoop!”

Their news agency had an unspoken rule. If two people went to an interview, the article had to include both of their names.

However, Su Meimei had completely left Qiao Lian out!

A few of her colleagues felt wronged in her place.

The discussion soon came to Su Meimei’s knowledge, who stood up immediately and said with sarcasm, “Why must I give her half of the credit?”

Qiao Lian kept silent, but someone else couldn’t help but speak, “Su Meimei, if it hadn’t been for Qiao Lian, Best Actor Shen’s car wouldn’t have stopped. She risked her life for the news, you are too much!”

Su Meimei raised her eyebrows. “Too much? The photos were taken by me, the article was written by me, the copyright belongs to me!”