Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil

Chapter 1005 Vixen And The Wolf

Chapter 1005 Vixen And The Wolf

Marla and Almera both wanted to object to the vixen's convenient assumption.

They both knew that Eren could afford the stuff they needed without breaking a sweat. But that didn't mean that they would allow the vixen to have her way.

Then they noticed Eren standing right next to the lady seller's array projection, which acted like a spectral display of her inventory. He looked through the stuff and concluded that it was worth about 240K Extols. And that included the two C-rank resources she had in her storage.

"Hmm. What do we have here? Let's see... Red Constrictor Grass, Evergreen Moss, Frost Lotus, Gold Clover, Ice Thorn, Talandra's Rose, Tiger Lily, and Whispervine.

That's a neat collection you've got in this shabby market, pretty lady. I believe 200K Extols is the right price."

Eren placed his buying offer. There were a few resources in the vixen's inventory he could use. So he thought of buying them for himself.

The vixen cursed Eren in her head for being so thrifty and spot-on with his assessment. But she played her part well by maintaining a constant smile on her face as she replied.

"Expert Eren, I think you misunderstood. I was talking about selling my entire inven..."

"I know. Stop wasting my time. It's 150K Extols now."

The vixen felt like her eyes were getting gouged out when she heard Eren's blatant display of disrespect towards her. She had thought that she would be able to fleece this fat sheep for all its soft wool. But it turned out she had attracted a wolf's attention who just happened to be rich.

The vixen regretted the fact that she did not stick to haggling with Marla who was quite manageable for her despite her foul mouth. The seller lady clenched her fist before replying to Eren's absurd demand in a voice that made her look like the victim.

"Expert Eren, you cannot use your ranking status to bully a broke businesswoman like me who is only trying to make ends meet.

350... Extols... that's as low as... I'm willing to go..."

The vixen felt like her consciousness was drifting away mid-sentence when she looked into Eren's emerald-green eyes. They shined when he activated his Ability.

Mark of the Seven Sins: The Mist of Lust

Eren had better control of his Sin Series Abilities than ever before after breaking into the Expert rank. He felt that he was better suited to using these Abilities than Ivor or possibly any other ranker of Anfang. The higher he rose in position, the less foreign they became.

Now, the Sin Series Abilities were being integrated into the land of Anfang. They have evolved as he has progressed, allowing him to use them without any repercussions from an inspection standpoint.

Eren's exceptional finesse in mana control also had a hand to play. Eren could target his Ability on an individual without anyone else getting affected by it. He could also pair it up with his soul sense to get enhanced effects.

The butcher resorted to using both his Ability and his soul sense on the vixen. The latter's psyche started getting influenced by Eren's right away as a result.

Eren got close to the vixen who had weird expressions on her face at this point. He lifted her face with his hand and brought his lips close to hers. His whispers were like the temptations of the devil.

"Give me everything you have and I'll kiss you."

Eren embraced the vixen and made her an offer. The Scrooge in him felt that what he was offering the vixen was a fair deal for both of them. Especially since she had tried to take advantage of him first.

"Al... alright."

The vixen replied in a shaky voice. Her lady part had started oozing a crazy amount of love juice just by being near Eren. Her eyes had been diluted and her body was shaking in anticipation. The feelings of lust had taken over her and gave a time-out to her rational mind, which was screaming at her with rage.

"Good girl. Here's your promised reward."

Eren said and smiled widely before closing the deal. He planted his lips on hers and inserted his tongue into her mouth right away. The butcher didn't care about the onlookers including Marla and Almera who looked at him going at it with dumbfounded expressions.

Eren first used his Sin of Wrath on Reva Rain to manipulate her into acting personally. And with his Sin of Lust, he resorted to partaking in a legal robbery. With his Sin Series Abilities strengthened beyond imagination, the butcher was like a walking menace to everybody around him.

And this was when he only had access to two Abilities in the Sin Series. One could only imagine the storms he would cause if and when he got access to the remaining five.

The vixen almost melted away in Eren's embrace. Her legs got weak. So she had to place responsibility for her body weight on Eren's embrace.

Despite the weakness she felt below her waist, her torso and arms were very active. She pressed her decently sized-breasts against Eren's chest and explored his back with her arms. She started kissing him frantically as if her life was dependent on it.

Against the vixen's wishes, Eren broke his liplock with her. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He then looked at the vixen and let out a loud sigh before commenting.

"You drive a hard bargain, Miss. I had to overpay for your resources. Sigh. It's okay, I guess. Take advantage of a gullible guy like me, why don't you?"

The vixen appeared agitated when she heard Eren's words. She looked like she actually believed everything the butcher had said to her. She looked around frantically as if to think of something before answering him.

"No... my Lord... I... I'll offer you more... much much more. Just... Just... I need to be with you. Kiss... kiss me again."

Marla and Almera were poised to lose their tempers when they heard Eren's overly hurt voice. It was as if it was him that had suffered in this unreasonable transaction.

At first, they thought that they were saving Eren from the vixen's grasp by denying her the transaction. In the end, it turned out that the vixen was nothing more than a gullible lamb for the butcher, eager to get under his axe of her own accord.