Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 1483 - Eight Losses

Chapter 1483 Eight Losses

Even the thickest-skinned of people wouldn’t treat this as something glorifying. Going around boasting about it as if it was something glorious after being beaten up badly by someone, having his spirit sealed and kneaded and pounded at will… Gu Yigu wasn’t that crazy yet.Based on this, the other two naturally wouldn’t be such dimwits either.But he was unable to refute Chu Yang’s words either.

Because the truth was indeed so.

If it weren’t a supreme expert, that person really wouldn’t have sealed their spirit into the token.

“At that time, my big brother had said that in this world, there are only ten people who are worthy of exchanging blows with him! Elder Gu is one of them. My big brother only told me about the two others who left their mark on this token. But I wonder who the other few are?”

Smiling, Chu Yang asked, “Since Elder Gu is so familiar with the heroes of the world, you must know this, right?”

Frowning, Gu Yigu shook his squarish head side to side like a hammer as he replied, “This, I really don’t know who had exchanged blows with this lunatic before…”

A drop of sweat trickled down Chu Yang’s forehead. “In that case, whom does Elder Gu consider experts in this world?”

Gu Yigu lifted his head. There was a somewhat lost look in his eyes, as if he was thinking and going through his memories.

Mo Tianji’s ears perked up and the look in his eyes turned serious. This was top-class information that regular people wouldn’t have the privilege of knowing.

“Ever since I came out… I suffered eight losses in battle!” Gu Yigu said, “The ones before I became a ninth-grade peak-level Supreme Martial Artist don’t count…”

His words astounded Chu Yang and the others.

The ones before he became a ninth-grade peak-level Supreme Martial Artist didn’t count… In other words, he had actually lost to eight people after he reached ninth-grade peak-level Supreme Martial Artist…

This caused Chu Yang and the others to be covered in cold sweat. Were there this many experts in this world?

“The first time was because I had snatched a treasure… and provoked someone as a result. This person gave me a good thrashing but I had already sold that treasure. That beating wasn’t trifling by any means. But in the end, after that person knew of my mission, he didn’t kill me. Instead, he even gave me 100,000 Purple Crystals…”

Gu Yigu said.

Chu Yang’s brows furrowed. “Who is he?”

“That person’s name… is Wu Chenfeng…” Gu Yigu racked his brains. “That was 30,000 years ago? Or how many tens of thousands of years was that… My memory is seriously too hazy.”

Wu Chenfeng!

Supremacy Chen Feng!

Chu Yang trembled a little.

“The second loss was to a beautiful woman. I think her name was Liu Yun or something… She liked her horse very much. At that time, we had agreed that she was just depositing it with me and not selling it to me. But the amount of money she gave me was more than ten times of even what I sell the horses at… But in the end, I ultimately couldn’t resist the temptation and still extracted the blood essence and consumed it. Who knew that that woman could actually tell when she came back… She beat me up brutally…” Gu Yigu broke into a grin. “It was only after she beat me up that I found out that she’s Wu Chenfeng’s wife!”

Chu Yang’s forehead was covered in black lines.

This Gu Yigu was certainly good at creating trouble. The two legendary figures, Chen Feng and Liu Yun, had both given him a beating each.

Mo Tianji suddenly interrupted. “That’s not right! Elder Gu, according to what I know, whether it’s 20,000 years or 30,000 years ago, the two elders, Chen Feng and Liu Yun, were already not in this world anymore by then…”

An enraged Gu Yigu replied, “Don’t interrupt me! How would I not know that they had come back after going up… At that time, they supposedly came back to save someone related to them…”

When he said that, Chu Yang and Mo Tianji understood at once!

So Wu Juecheng being rescued that time had involved Chen Feng and Liu Yun personally coming back…

“The third loss was to a law-enforcement officer. I was poor at that time… The supply to the clan had already been cut off for a month, so I burglarized the law-enforcement headquarters… After that, an old fellow from the law-enforcement officers came out… That battle lasted five days. I only lost by one move…” Gu Yigu shook his head and sighed. “Sigh, losing by one move is still losing…”

The ten of them were dumbfounded!

Oh my f*cking god… Burglarizing the law-enforcement headquarters… Even people truly seeking death didn’t seek it like that… To think this guy in front of us is actually still alive! This is seriously…

“Is that law-enforcement officer still alive?” asked Chu Yang anxiously and nervously.

Gu Yigu side-eyed him and snorted, extremely displeased with Chu Yang for interrupting his trip down memory’s lane. But on account of ‘Divine King Chu’, he still answered reluctantly, “When one reaches our level of cultivation, it’s difficult to die even if one wants to!”

Chu Yang coughed a couple of times and exchanged a look with Mo Tianji.

Mo Tianji’s countenance was grave.

If that person was still alive, he would probably be their most fearsome enemy.

“The fourth loss… was still to an old guy among the law-enforcement officers!” Gu Yigu was very infuriated. “I suffered three losses in the hands of the law-enforcement officers and every time, it was by just one move! Yet it was to three goddamn different people! F*ck their grannies!”

Mo Tianji’s countenance was very grim and somber. He couldn’t help gesturing with his fingers.

Three people!

Three people!

Chu Yang also felt the same way. In this instant, he wished he could also curse and swear together with Gu Yigu —”F*ck their grannies! Why are there so many!”

“The sixth loss is to your big brother…” Gu Yigu side-eyed Chu Yang resentfully. “Actually, this sixth loss cannot be considered a loss at all. I was basically being beaten up from the beginning to the end and didn’t really get to attack.”

“Pfft…” Because of Elder Gu’s honesty, Chu Yang very unceremoniously sprayed a mouthful of tea in his face.

Snorting, Gu Yigu’s body jerked slightly. A cloud of mist rose into the air and all the tea that had just been sprayed onto his face evaporated.

“But after I lost to your big brother, my appearance became different and the law-enforcement officers couldn’t find me anymore instead…” Gu Yigu was actually rather smug.

It was then that Chu Yang and the others understood — This fellow must have been constantly pursued by the law-enforcement experts after burglarizing the law-enforcement headquarters. That was why he had suffered three great losses successively.

Zi Xieqing smacking him from his original tall and skinny frame into a short fatty had actually helped him out such that the law-enforcement officers couldn’t find him. One must admit… Things really worked out in amazing ways in this world.

“As for the seventh loss, it was my fault instead, so it can’t be considered a loss either. If my primordial spirit hadn’t been sealed, that fellow might not have been my match.” Gu Yigu broke into a grin, his large white teeth gleaming. “I heard that a number one expert called Tianya or something had appeared out of nowhere, so I ran over and went one round with him… This was 7,000 years ago… At that time, I really didn’t think that I would lose. Cough, actually I didn’t lose either. I only suffered two sword slashes, that’s all.”

His last sentence was something that even the usually honest and upright Gu Duxing and Dong Wushang couldn’t bear to listen to. “Since Ning Tianya slashed you twice, did you manage to slash him too?”

Gu Yigu’s face flushed red and he replied with forced logic, “He’s much younger than me and is considered my junior, so I yielded to him instead.”

Out of the eleven people there, other than Mo Qingwu nestling in Chu Yang’s arms, everyone else turned to the side and collectively sprayed their tea from their mouths.

“Cough, cough… Elder Gu has such noble character and unquestionable integrity…” Chu Yang paid him an insincere compliment.

I’ve always thought that I was thick-skinned but this old fellow’s skin is much thicker than mine…

Gu Yigu flushed red down to his neck. “Back then, my primordial spirit had already been sealed by your big brother. If I run into Ning Tianya now, I’ll definitely be able to beat him into a bloody pulp! What, you don’t believe me?”

“We believe you!” Chu Yang and the others nodded repeatedly, as though chicks pecking at grains.

What’s the big use of us believing you? Didn’t you lose anyway…

“As for the eighth loss, I didn’t even have the chance to attack before I was restrained. That person… is stronger than your big brother. Much stronger!” A look of lingering fear appeared on Gu Yigu’s face. “And it happened just half a year ago…”

Half a year ago…

Something occurred to Chu Yang and he asked, “Is that person very handsome and charismatic and looks just like a scholar?”

Gu Yigu jumped to his feet at once, a look of shock and astonishment on his face. “How did you know?”

Chu Yang smiled. How could he not know? Because this loss that Gu Yigu had suffered was most likely to Xue Leihan. In addition, it was probably before Xue Leihan had met him that time…

In other words, it was during that period that Chu Yang was referring to… when he asked him why he didn’t come out to buy over horses from him.

With Xue Leihan’s cultivation, if Gu Yigu could react… then that would be strange instead!

“Cough.” Chu Yang coughed and decided that he might as well just boast right to the end. “Of course I know, because that person is also my big brother!”

Gu Yigu was stupefied. Only after a long while did he cry out in astonishment. “What the f*ck… He’s your big brother too!” At last, he started to whine loudly in grief and indignation while glaring at him. “Do I have some sort of feud with your family…” Chu Yang burst into laughter. “Haven’t we changed from enemies into friends now?”

Gu Yigu heaved a heavy sigh.

Chu Yang also released a breath.

Ever since Zi Xieqing’s departure, several mysteries had been left in Chu Yang’s mind. But he had finally solved one of them here today! In addition, Chu Yang also managed to truly determine that among the ‘ten great experts’ Zi Xieqing mentioned that time, at least three of them were his enemies!

Gu Yigu had mentioned eight people.

Among them, after eliminating Supremacy Chen Feng and his wife, Ning Tianya because he had never fought Zi Xieqing, and especially Xue Leihan, four of them were already removed from the list.

Out of the ten whom Zi Xieqing had mentioned, nine were left after removing Moon Breeze. Eight were left after removing Gu Yigu and six were left after removing Chen Feng and Liu Yun. Assuming that those three from the law-enforcement ward had fought with Zi Xieqing before… Then there were still three people left out of the ten!

Who were those three?

This was something that nobody knew.

Chu Yang was rather troubled. He was assuming that those three from the law-enforcement ward had fought with Zi Xieqing. But what if they hadn’t?

This wasn’t something impossible!

If that was the case, then wouldn’t that mean that there were still six people unaccounted for?

These six people could be considered huge causes of worry to Chu Yang. What if all six of them were law-enforcement officers?

Chu Yang was so deep in contemplation that he made himself dizzy.

At the side, Mo Tianji’s head was lowered as he mused. Ao Xieyun frowned deeply. Mo Lei’er’s eyes were filled with worry. Xie Danqiong’s countenance was grim. Gu Duxing’s arched brows were drawn tightly together. From this conversion, all of them had picked up something extraordinary.

Dong Wushang’s expression was open and candid, as calm and sound as ever. Ji Mo laughed cheerfully, not taking it to heart. Luo Kedi looked towards the heavens, not giving it any consideration at all. Rui Butong’s legs dangled back and forth, even more relaxed than the rest.

These few were people who absolutely refused to use their brains.

To Dong Wushang, he was fearless. Whether it was a King-level or a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist in front of him, his attack didn’t change. Even if Xue Leihan was standing in front of him now, as long as he was an enemy, he would attack too. As for victory and loss, Second Master Dong had never been one to consider that.

As for Second Master Ji and Luo Kedi —”This is not within the boundaries of what we should be worrying about. In any case, there’ll be people to worry about it. We’ll just do whatever they tell us to.”

As for Rui Butong, it was even simpler —”If it comes down to it, at most I’ll just stake my life on it!”

All the brothers were of different states of mind.