The Strongest Gene

Chapter 3: Erupt!

Chapter 3: Erupt!

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Shark Gulf, Gold City.

The gentle sea breeze blew past, intoxicating people with its fresh air.

Five burly men were rubbing their fists and wiping their palms, preparing for something. In their hands were well-polished, sharp weapons, which, under the sunshine, were reflecting dazzling rays of light.

"All ready?"

A middle-aged man with a solemn expression walked toward them.

"Don’t worry, Boss Mo," the few burly men said while smiling playfully.

"Be serious."

Mo Lei stared at them ferociously. "Our current prey, the mutated blacksea shark, is the king of this sea region. Its strength is extremely scary. Those things in your hands can’t even pierce its outer skin. You need to rely on your genetic abilities to really kill it."

"That thing is so strong?"

The few burly men’s expressions started to get serious.

"Otherwise, why would I ask you all to come?"

Mo Lei smiled bitterly. "To be honest, previously, a gene squad came to hunt it. However, the result was that all of them died here without a single survivor. If not due to the old man’s injury being too serious and him needing the mutated blacksea shark’s liver as a treatment material, I would not have come here at all."


The few burly men looked at each other with unprecedentedly serious expressions.


Mo Lei relaxed. "Remember to be cautious. If we really can’t do it, leave immediately."


"Everything will go smoothly this time."

Mo Lei lightly spread a few drops of Sharksoul Aroma. "This thing is irresistible to mutated blacksea sharks. It should be here shortly. Prepare for the hunt!"


The mood became solemn.

Everyone stared at the tranquil sea with burning eyes.


The sea surface shook.

A dark blue brilliance flashed through from the sea surface.

"Here it comes!"

Mo Lei was stirred. "Go."


"Whoosh! Whoosh!"

One sharp weapon after another was stabbed into the mutated beast’s body. However, all of them bounced off the thick skin, unable to leave any injuries on it. Not a single scratch was left on it.

"Let me do it!"

A burly man clenched his right fist. A layer of bizarre purple-black patterns spread along his right arm. On his right fist, a power that left one’s heart palpitating condensed.

Under the boost of genetic ability, the 60 points of strength were exerted to their limit.

"Qilin Fist!"

The burly man soared into the air and ferociously unleashed his fist on the mutated blacksea shark on the sea's surface.


A frightening power exploded and engulfed the surroundings, causing sea waves with heights of at least five meters to rise.


The mutated blacksea shark howled.


A bizarre vibrating wave spread over.


Blood spurted out of the burly man that was still in midair.

"Not good. Spirit attack, this mutated blacksea shark has actually reached this level."

Mo Lei’s expression changed greatly, and he decisively ordered, "Fast, bring Number 3 back. Give up the hunt!"


A layer of light wings spread out from the back of a burly man and left behind an afterimage as he flickered and brought back number 3, who was losing consciousness after the mutated blacksea shark’s attack.

"Damn it."

Mo Lei grasped both his fists tightly as he unwillingly looked at the mutated blacksea shark.

The hunting operation had failed before it even began. The moment the spirit attack appeared, he knew that the level of this mutated blacksea shark was not something they could handle.

"Boss Mo."

The few burly men were ashamed.

"Not your fault."

Mo Lei’s expression was somewhat sad. "This mutated blacksea shark had evolved to such a level. It is no longer something normal people can hunt. Unless they are real experts..."

Right at this moment, a sudden, miserable scream reverberated through the air.


"What is that?!"

Mo Lei and the others quickly looked at the sea surface and saw an astonishing scene.

The mutated blacksea shark that was still immensely proud a moment ago suddenly rolled in pain on the sea's surface. Its large body lashed around constantly, splashing off layers of sea waves.

"What happened?"

Mo Lei and the others were shocked.

Right at this moment, an even more astonishing thing happened.

Multiple bloody lines suddenly appeared on the mutated blacksea shark’s body. The skin that they couldn’t penetrate after exhausting all their methods was destroyed in front of their eyes just like that.



Blood dyed the seawater red while the scary sea waves got taller in height.

Suddenly, a bright azure-colored light blade shot out of the mutated blacksea shark’s body. This gave them a scare. However, before they managed to react, more and more azure-colored light blades shot out of the mutated blacksea shark. Under the sunshine, every single light blade appeared dazzling.

What was this?

Everyone looked at this shocking scene in a daze.



Once again, thunderous sound arose from the sea's surface. After a burst of a violent, explosive sound, a strong and healthy looking silhouette rushed out from within the mutated blacksea shark’s body and steadily landed on the shore of Shark Gulf.

Behind him, blood splattered in every direction.

The roaring mutated blacksea shark rolled over and stopped making any sounds.

Mo Lei and the others felt their mouths go dry as they unbelievingly looked at the silhouette that had appeared in front of them. The strong genetic warrior that had killed the mutated blacksea shark in a flash was actually a somewhat young and tender-looking youth.

"Finally out!"

Chen Feng was happy.

The bright and beautiful sunshine. The fresh air.


He came out alive. He looked at himself; the 10 points of luck value were completely exhausted. The genetic ability that was regarded as trash by everyone unleashed stunning attacks the moment he used Luck Aura and Wind Blade together. An unlimited amount of Wind Blades were unleashed, destroying everything in his path!

Under the effect of Luck Aura, 10 Wind Blades were unleashed and one point of luck value was used every second. Theoretically, with a sufficient luck value, he could release unlimited Wind Blades until the end of time.

The attack power was really weak, though.


Time to return?

Chen Feng flexed his muscles and bones before looked at the several people that were staring at him nonstop. "Anything?"

"No, nothing."

Mo Lei spoke incoherently.


An absolute expert!

To possess such a scary power at an age so young, it most probably was not simply due to talent alone. There had to be a terrifying power backing this expert as well.

"No, there is something." Mo Lei stuttered, "This senior, can I buy the liver of this mutated blacksea shark?"

"Mutated blacksea shark?"

Chen Feng glanced through the sea's surface and was somewhat dumbfounded. "You can buy the whole shark."

"Thank you!" Mo Lei spoke emotionally.

‘This is great. Father can finally be saved!’

Mo Lei pointed at the screen on his wristband and transferred 50,000 yuan to Chen Feng in a flash.

According to Chen Feng’s understanding of this world’s currency, this price was definitely not low. To have such earnings shortly after transmigrating was definitely a windfall for Chen Feng. Naturally, Chen Feng would not want to be swallowed by the mutated blacksea shark again if he was given the choice. It was too dangerous!

"Many thanks, senior."

Mo Lei expressed his gratitude constantly.

Chen Feng smiled lightly before leaving.

"Too lucky."

Mo Lei was excited. "To coincidentally come across an expert capable of killing the mutated blacksea shark who also did not care about such a small amount of money. Otherwise..."

"Are all the students nowadays so strong?"

The burly guy that had fainted earlier woke up and said bitterly.

"This is the benefit of going to school."

Mo Lei sighed. "Starting from high school, they can start studying the genetic course. With the school providing all sorts of resources and help, even a new student’s cultivation speed would be multiple times our speed. They are already at this speed during high school where only foundations are focused on. This is also the reason the university entrance examinations only test the foundations! Once they passed their examinations and enter university, their cultivation speed would be so much higher than ours!"

"In the future, my son must go to school!" the burly guy said resolutely.

"That is only natural."

Mo Lei nodded. "However, a normal student wouldn’t be so strong regardless of how good his foundation is. This youngster must be an elite top student!"

The group lamented.

However, they did not know that this top student they were talking about had just failed his university entrance examinations.