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Chapter 1553 - The Truth Of That Year

Chapter 1553: The Truth Of That Year

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“Both of you, come here.” Mo Chengxian waved his hand and gestured for the siblings to come forward.

He shook their hands and sighed.

“You’re all good kids … I didn’t take good care of you. ”

“Old family head!”

“Old family head!”

Mo Yongheng and tan Bengbeng exclaimed in shock and wanted to refute.

However, mo Chengxian calmly shook his head, indicating for them not to interrupt him and to let him finish.

“I’m brothers with your grandfather. The tan family’s ancestors have always been protecting the mo family … The secret guards of the mo family’s head all came from the tan family. The two of you are the most outstanding children of the tan family … So, you’ve been sent to me.”

To be more precise, he had sent them to mo Chengxian and Nian Xiaomu.

Mo Chengxian did not continue, but everyone could guess what he was going to say.

All the selected descendants of the tan family were the secret guards of the head of the mo family. MO Yongheng and tan Bengbeng had to undergo strict training since they were young.

Combat, medical treatment, concealment All the high – intensity training that ordinary people couldn’t endure was nothing out of the ordinary for the siblings.

However, the most important thing for a qualified Shadow Guard was to stay calm!

It could even be said to be ruthless.

However, everyone in the tan family knew about their deep sibling relationship.

In order for tan Bengbeng to pass the assessment smoothly, old master tan had no choice but to set up a trap and let everyone think that the eldest grandson of the tan family had died of illness.

She would send him to another place quietly until the right time to let him follow mo Chengxian into the mo family.

Although tan Bengbeng had been sad for a long time without her brother, the descendants of the tan family were not ordinary. Without her brother to rely on, she successfully completed her transformation and passed the test very quickly. She was then sent to the side of the Missy of the mo family.

It was just that the siblings did not know that the family they cared about the most had always been by their side, so close to them

The arrangement made by the older generation was for the sake of the siblings ‘safety. At that time, he did not think that there was anything wrong with it. However, after seeing the siblings reuniting, the elderly head could not help but reflect on his actions.

Wasn’t it too cruel to separate them back then?

“Yongheng has been by my side for so many years, and the only thing he’s worried about is you, his sister I’ve told him that if he wants to reunite with you, he can go and find you, but he didn ‘t.”

MO Chengxian held onto tan Bengbeng’s hand tightly and sighed slowly.

“Don’t blame your brother He did it to protect you!”

Tan Bengbeng wanted to stay by Nian Xiaomu’s side. Once she knew that her brother was within her reach, it would only distract her.

The hidden guards that she was concerned about could become her fatal weakness in times of crisis.

It was fine if others didn’t understand mo Yongheng’s tolerance, but he shouldn’t be misunderstood by his family.

Especially his sister, whom he cared about and loved the most.

” I know!”

Tan Bengbeng nodded her head vigorously. When she turned to look at mo Yongheng, her tears were still flowing uncontrollably.

“Silly Bengbeng, don’t cry anymore. It’s all in the past. From now on, I will stay by your side and take care of you.” MO Yongheng wiped her tears away with a doting look in his eyes.

After comforting her sister, she turned to look at Zheng Yan.

Zheng Yan was really stunned!

From the very beginning, she did not believe that mo Yongheng was the Big Brother from next door, to the moment she heard the elderly head explain the entire situation, she remained in the same position and did not move at all.

The same sentence kept spinning in her mind: Her big brother didn’t die, he really didn’t die