The Law of Webnovels

Chapter 566

Chapter 566: Chapter 566


‘Hmm, Jooin, even if you work after hours, your handsomeness won’t be lost. That doesn’t mean that you have to work all day in the future…’ I murmured, then switched my gaze back to the TV screen.

‘Cho Yeon Suh,’ actress Lee Nara’s character in the drama, and her detective colleague were being engaged in a chase. They were ransacking the ruined construction site and running narrowly over the rooftops.

How did they shoot those scenes? Their fancy actions astonished me. I heard that Lee Nara went through challenging times, preparing for those performances.

“Actors are truly amazing.”

“Yeah, but I can probably do those too. If it’s about two meters, it’s not that hard to run over.”

“No, Yeo Ryung, it’s dangerous.”

While Eun Hyung and Ban Yeo Ryung had those chats, Jooin’s voice continued like a commentary from beside me.

“Twins communicating telepathically–– watching the first scene, I think that’s the basic plot of this drama. It reminds me of Constantine, as the female lead finds the culprit through the memories that her dead twin sister left,” said Jooin.

Looking at him, I asked, “What’s Constantine?”

“Oh, that’s a horror-fantasy film starring Keanu Reeves…”

Meanwhile, the fast-paced, first episode showed Lee Nara successfully catching the culprit at the end of the fancy chase, just like that in the blockbuster action movies. The scene then immediately changed from the shady and damp backstreet to a college lecture hall.

Suddenly getting up from her seat, Yerin flaunted a gorgeous smile. Her grin filled the whole screen.

Clapping her hands, she announced, “So, that’s the end of this week’s discussion. Those going to the get-together will meet at the back gate at six.”


The first one to respond in a roaring voice was the guy I saw in the filming set, who looked like Lee Nara. He was also one of the guys, standing beside Yerin during the Black Rain press call.

When all the eyes were on him, he scratched his nape embarrassedly, then grabbed someone’s arm. It was another guy, standing up from the seat beside him.

“Hey, Kang Hyun Woo, you’re gonna go there too, right?”

“I work part-time today.”

His face didn’t appear, but his voice widened my eyes. Oh… come on… Just as I expected, ‘Kang Hyun Woo,’ on the screen, was none other than Yoo Chun Young.

Even though he was just wearing a cream-beige knitted sweater with a khaki flight jacket on top and a black messenger bag, Yoo Chun Young emitted a mature vibe, almost unbelievable that he was a teenage boy my age.

While the whole living room turned silent, Eun Jiho’s voice broke the ice.

“Whoa, now I can tell that he looks indeed old.”

“Would you just say that he looks mature, Jiho?” said Eun Hyung, holding back his laughter.

Soon, the grown-ups began to review his appearance.

“Jiho, did you fight with Chun Young? He looks just decent and handsome.”

That was when Eun Jiho seemed to have realized that other people were also sitting around him. His face blushed in bewilderment.

“Sorry, I’m… um…” he stammered.

While he quickly made an excuse, the adults bombarded him, saying things like, ‘Never thought you can speak that way,’ ‘Kids these days are too harsh on each other,’ or ‘Are you too?’

Someone poked me on the back, so I turned around and found Jooin covering his giggling mouth. He was pointing at Eun Jiho.

Laughing after him, I thought, ‘Mom, we aren’t building an ideal and beautiful friendship as you think…’ Then I turned my head back to the front and watched the TV screen.

Looking old––Eun Jiho exaggerated Yoo Chun Young’s appearance. However, the fact that Yoo Chun Young and we had been in the same class last week was, again, sincerely unbelievable.

‘But in class, he seemed to mingle well with other kids…’ I rubbed my chin. Perhaps it was then his outfit that made him look like a grown man.

The guy on the screen whined, “Ugh, why? How can you let me go there alone?”

Without hesitation, Yoo Chun Young replied nonchalantly, “I said, I work part-time today,” then tried to walk away.

Grabbing Yoo Chun Young’s backpack strap, the guy stopped him from leaving the lecture hall. He grumbled, “Hyun Woo, I tried to leave this unspoken, but you know what? Ever since we’ve got into college, you seem to keep a distance from me.”


“You remember that I took care of you for everything back in the days, right? You were too naive, not being able to speak out and letting others push you around. It was me who saved you every time. But now you’re just tossing me aside when I need your help… Act like a man, bro.”

Yoo Chun Young, no, Kang Hyun Woo took a deep breath as if he was at a loss for words. Meanwhile, the guy continued his speech with his hand on his chest.

“You remember what Professor Hwang always says to us? ‘Act like a man. Being smart comes next.’ If he sees your reaction right now, Professor Hwang would be like, ‘Kang Hyun Woo! Getting straight A’s is not all. Take good care of our poor Min Seok.’ That’s what he’s gonna say. What do you think…?”

At that moment, Kang Hyun Woo, looking intolerable, blurted out, “Okay, okay.”

“Are you sure? For real?”

“Stop asking me twice before I cancel my words.”


The guy jumped around in joy, then put his shoulders closely to Yoo Chun Young’s. He whispered, “Then you’re clear about the plan, right? You must keep drinking on behalf of me whenever I’m supposed to drink. Until the end, I must be all there.”

“Plan? I never heard about it.”

“Come on, you know that I’m past my limit after just one drink.”

The guy kept on begging desperately, “When everyone’s all drunk, I want to have some talk outside with Yeri, but there’s no chance since I’m always being the first one to get drunk. So, please, Hyun Woo. I trust you, bro.”

“Alright, alright.”

“What are you guys up to?”

At that moment, Yerin of Darlings intervened between the two, showing a big grin on her face.

‘A-ha, so Yerin’s name in the drama is probably ‘Yeri.’ Easy to remember…’

While I rambled those thoughts in my mind, the guy seized Yoo Chun Young on the nape.

“Yeri, Hyun Woo is joining us today,” he said.

“What? Really? Awesome!” Yerin beamed, clapping her hands.

Yoo Chun Young replied nonchalantly, “But not exactly sure… Let me first find someone to take my place today.”

That was when Yoo Chun Young took out his phone and called somewhere. The guy named Min Seok suddenly lifted his phone with a look of wonder.

“Who is it?” he uttered.

He received an incoming call with the name ‘Mom’ on the screen. Picking up the phone, he quickly squinted his eyes, then bellowed, “Argh! I’m not a seven-year-old kid to dine out with my family! No, I have a get-together tonight!

Everyone in the class turned around to look at him.

“Your sister came home in a week. Aren’t you gonna see her? If you don’t, you might forget what your family looks like!” said his mother over the phone.

“Come on! I would never forget those. Well, maybe I can take a year off to see whether I forget your faces or not.”

“Shut up! Cut the crap, and get back home by six. Get it?”

“Ugh, mom! Mom!” The man shouted pathetically. When the call ended, he lowered his head and moaned.

Yerin asked concernedly, “… Then what are you gonna do? Aren’t you coming today?”

“Argh! Why did my noona catch the culprit today, of all days in the year…?”

“Wow, your sister is a detective? So cool!”

“Not cool at all. Going undercover as a cop, her hair is always greasy; she’s around everywhere, wearing dirty clothes.”

At that moment, Yoo Chun Young, quietly listening to his friend’s whining, dropped a bomb.

“But Yeon Suh noona looks beautiful no matter what.”

Our living room turned silent. Soon, both mothers tapped each other’s arms and said, “Oh my, Chun Young is such an attractive character there.”

“Yeah, more than we expected…”

Meanwhile, Eun Jiho added, furrowing his brows, “Honestly, I didn’t believe that he’s having a romantic relationship in that series.”

I agreed with him. How could it work? My mind was full of doubts, but it did work anyway. Yoo Chun Young even looked good, going so well with that romantic character. Feeling disconcerted, I stared at the TV screen.