The Emperor Reigns Them All

Chapter 12 Eliminate Traitors

Duke Xing's Manor.

"Liu Renneng is good-for-nothing! A strong practitioner of Level 2 of Qi-refining even couldn't solve a weaker who has just achieved Qi-refining. It's really a shame to me! " Li Yao threw away the messaging jade note in his hand and stared at the advisor in front of him. "What should I do now? Li Ye has returned to Chang'an, but Liu Renneng has not yet written back. Did he die?"

The Confucian-looking advisor sighed. "By reason, Liu Renneng wouldn't fail. But if Li Ye got my Glazed Cyan Jade Gourd and Liu Renneng despised the enemy, it's possible that he would fail... Now the problem is that our fellows saw in the street that those Taoist priests of Taixuan Hall were brought back to Prince An's Manor by Li Ye."

"Those Taoist priests must be snatched out!" Li Yao gnashed. "If those Taoist priests betrayed me, and then Li Ye go to Chang'an Office and Court of the Imperial Clan to sue me. After that, everyone would know that I wanted to kill Li Ye!"

The advisor meditated for a moment, and then tentatively asked, "Now Duke is on a business trip and will come back in two days. This matter is indeed serious. How about solving it when Duke come back?"

Li Yao was even more angry and looked at his Advisor with a gloomy face. "You mean, I can't deal with a weaker who haven't cultivated for 20 years, and I need my father to come out for me?"

The assistant opened his mouth and wanted to say something. But he didn't speak out. What could he say?

"Although my father went out on business and took away the masters of the Mansion. But there were still a few guests of Level 1 or Level 2 of Qi-refining. Li Ye had just achieved Qi-refining. Even though he has Glazed Cyan Jade Gourd, he still couldn't make troubles for me, after all, there are no other Practitioners of Qi techniques in Prince An's Manor. What's more, there are some of my fellows among those subordinate officials and guards in the Prince An's Manor!"

Li Yao quickly made up his mind. "Command those who work in Prince An's Manor for me to set fire at night and provoke disorder. And our men also start at the same time to seize those Taoist priests. In any case, we can't allow them to testify against me... A long delay may cause trouble. Go to arrange immediately!"

The advisor thought for a while, and found that there was no better way. "Now, that's the only way."

Li Yao said viciously, "If things go wrong again, I'll do it by myself. I don't believe that Li Ye can have his day and compete for the Duke Prince An with me. What an idiot!"

The staff looked stunned and didn't dare to say more.

As a genius of the Imperial Clan desendants, Li Yao now had reached Level 3 of Qi-refining.

Among the cultivators of the whole world, who achieved Qi-refining before twenty were first-class geniuses. Whoever reached Level 3 of Qi-refining in twenties, his or her cultivation was extremely amazing.

In Chang'an City nowadays, there weren't many practitioners of high-level of Qi-refining. Among them, Officers Liu Xingshen and Han Wenyue who were lieutenants of Left and Right God Army were the highest practitioners.

As a General of Left Guards, Duke Xing had the cultivation of the middle-level of Qi-refining. But few had reached Level 3 of Qi-refining among the Advisors in his Mansion.

After all, those who had reached Level 3 of Qi-refining might be appointed with Five-class official position. According to the Official Law of the Tang Empire, the Inspector General of a state only was Four-class official position. So how could such a master be another's advisor?


Originally, when Li Ye was not awarded the Duke of Prince An at the Capping Ceremony, Li Yao would immediately start to usurp the Duke of Prince An. According to Li Ye's experiences of Last life, Li Yao would succeed in half a month.

So at present, many people in the Prince An's Manor had turned to Li Yao and seized opportunities to flatter him.

Li Yao's order was quickly conveyed to the Prince An's Manor.

Inspector Song Ziwen, Leader Zhao Xingyuan, and Manager Qian Zhong were gathering in a remote room to secretly discuss how to carry on Li Yao's plan.

"Since Li Ye came back from Tai Xuan Summit, the Manor has been in disorder. Shangguan Qingcheng ordered those guards to publicize Li Ye's deeds in Tai Xuan Summit to everyone. Now in Manor, everybody is respectful to Li Ye. If it goes on like this, Li Ye would control the whole Manor in a few days!"

Inspector Song Ziwen said angrily.

"Li Ye was so lucky that he could get the Taoist's Luck left by Celestial Master Yuan so that he achieved Qi-refining in a short time... His identity is different immediately after he achieved Qi-refining. People in the Manor changed their impressions of Li Ye, and all began to flatter him, which is expected."

The Leader of security guards, Zhao Xingyuan murmured.

"Alas, who would have thought that a loser who hadn't cultivated for 20 years would suddenly achieve Qi-refining?" Manager Qian Zhong sighed, "Fortunately, Childe Yao has responded in time. As long as we don't fail tonight, Childe Yao is still in the ascendant."

"That's right! Childe Yao is the genius of the Imperial Clan, and his father is the Duke and General of Left Guards. He has a deep-rooted influence. Li Ye is different. Since Prince An had died, there has been no Practitioner of Qi techniques in the Manor. As long as we succeed tonight, it is still easy for Childe Yao to seize the Duke Prince An with his power!" Song Ziwen said.

"Inspector Song is right. Tonight's event is an opportunity for us to make a contribution. As long as we successfully complete task, why should we worry about not being put in an important position when he becomes the Host of Prince An's Manor?" Zhao Xingyuan was firm. "Since we have already turned to the Childe Yao, there's no way to retreat!"

Just as the crowd was talking, suddenly there was a voice of talking outside the house. Song Ziwen frowned, got up to open the door and shouted coldly, "What happened?"

"Inspector, Heir Apparent sent a message. Heir Apparent is going to host a banquet in the Manor today to celebrate his achievement to Qi-refining. All of you are invited." A guard ran to here outside the door.

Song Ziwen, Zhao Xingyuan, and Qian Zhong looked at each other, being excited at the same time. "Since there is going to be a big banquet today, so when everyone is drunk in the banquet, it is our chance to set the fire! Li Ye is really going to bring about his own destruction! "

In the evening, all subordinate officers and officers of military who were in Class-ranking gathered in the Banquet Hall.

Inside and outside the Banquet Hall, lanterns were hung high and the sound of fireworks was heard, and the servants and maids carried dishes and shuttled back and forth, which was busy and lively.

Li Ye sat on the Host's Seat, smiling and watching the subordinate officers and officers of military who came in to congratulate.

As a rebirth, Li Ye was very clear many people in the present Prince An's Manor had turned to Li Yao.

After all, this time in the Last Life, Li Yao was about to get the Duke Prince An. Those in Manor who knew which way the wind blows all defected to Li Yao and shew their loyalty so that when Li Yao became the new host of Prince An's Manor, they could be reused and promoted.

Li Ye must get rid of these people if he wanted to really control the Prince An's Manor.

"There are eight hundred guards and dozens of subordinate officials and beadles in Manor. If I hain the loyalty of these people and gather their Luck through Dragon Qi, whether my cultivations could go further and reach the Level 2 of Qi-refining." Li Ye saw the crowd gradually came into the Banquet Hall and took seats, thinking that in his mind.

As a Great Cultiator in Last Life, Li Ye was not satisfied with his cultivation.

It was too weak.

Because of the arrangement of Shangguan Qingcheng, many people in the Manor had become respectful and loyal to Li ye.

As the Heir Apparent of Prince An's Manor, Li Yao also possessed cultivation of Qi-refining stage, so it was natural for him to gain these.

But the Dragon Qi in Li Ye's body didn't show at all. Under his careful observation, Li Ye found that since he returned to the Manor, the Dragon Qi was shrouded in a haze, which blocked the gathering of people's Luck.

Li Ye had extraordinary insight and quickly relized the reason, "This is a phenomenon where dirty dog is in power, and Luck is difficult to gather."

The loyal and upright people around you would naturally make your life prosperous, while the dirty dog around you would play the opposite role.

In order to bring together people's Luck and achieve the goal of many hands providing great strength, Li Ye must pull out the villains first.

This was also very easy to understand. There were good ones and bad ones around you. Some people were virtuous, talented, and motivated. They could complement each other, and their luck would increase. Naturally, they could help others accomplish goals. Some people were of low moral character. They did not want to make progress but only enjoyed leisure and never worked hard. They would only persuade the others to have fun, which would dampen their fighting ardor and degrade their reputation. As a result, their luck would decrease. Naturally, they would hinder success.

The former was beneficial while the latter was harmful.

For ordinary people, friends should be carefully made. And for masters, gathering fellows should also be careful. To succeed, one must be close the virtuous and keep a distance from the dirty dog.

Li Ye thought in mind, "To wipe out the haze shroud the Dragon Qi and bring together the Luck of people in Manor smoothly, I have to first eradicate these villains-those who have turned to Li Yao."

But Li Ye didn't obviously show his intention, he still drank and cheered with others.

The singing and dancing in the hall changed one after another.

Two hours later, the banquet arrived at its climax time.

At this moment, Shangguan Qingcheng stepped forward and reported, "Heir Apparent, everything has been done."

Li Ye nodded, "Ask guards to come."

"Yes, sir." Shangguan Qingcheng came down and came to the entrance of the Banquet Hall. Then she shouted in a low voice, "Guards, take your place."

Those guards who had followed Li Ye to the Tai Xun Summit already became Li Ye's trusted fellows. At the moment, at Shangguan Qingcheng's command, they respectively poured into the courtyard and stood outside the Waiting Corridor and corridor, putting hands on the handle. They were spiritful and aggressive, staring at those officers.

Seeing that, those who were drinking, eating, and enjoying music were shocked.

Song Ziwen, Zhao Hangyuan who were sitting on the table and Qian Zhong who was standing at the edge of the courtyard, all changed their expressions.

Later on, all looked at Li Ye, who was sitting ahead in the hall, and wanted to know what he wanted to do.

Li Ye, who sat on the Host's seat, had already stood up and stood with his hands clasped behind his back. He glanced at the people in the hall and said slowly, "It was a happy event that I have achieved the Qi-refining. But some people were not willing to see that and even wanted to murder me. I had no choice but to hold this banquet and asked Shangguan Qingcheng to take the opportunity to investigate. Now I'm going to tell you that there are traitors among you!"

When they heard this, some were surprised, some were confused, some were scared, some were nervous. Their performances were different.

One got up and saluted Li Ye, it was a Leader of Trusted Army. He angrily said, "I dare to ask where the traitors are. I'm willing to kill them for Heir Apparent."

He was clever, rushing to show loyalty in front of Li Ye.

Song Ziwen, Zhao Hangyuan, and Qian Zhong looked at each other from afar, feeling each other's panic.

Li Ye looked at Shangguan Qingcheng and asked, "General Shangguan, who have you found?"

Shangguan Qingcheng took out a notebook and glanced at the crowd. Under their closely watching eyes, she slowly read, "Inspector Song Ziwen, Leader Zhao Xingyuan, and Manager Qian Zhong intended to set a fire in the Manor tonight!"


"How could such a thing happen?"

"Damn it!"

"Where are they?"

The people in the hall immediately outraged. They got up one after another, looking for Song Ziwen, Zhao Hangyuan, Qian Zhong, and their associates.

Song Ziwen's, Zhao Hangyuan's, and Qian Zhong's expressions changed greatly. They hurriedly got up, willing to quibble.

But Shangguan Qingcheng didn't pause. Waving hand, she said, "Take them!"

The Guards rushed to them, caught them, escorted them into the courtyard, and let them kneel down.

"You do me wrong, Heir Apparent!"

"We're loyal to you, how could we do such a thing!"

"Heir Apparent accused me of intending to set a fire. Do you have any evidence?!"

Song Ziwen, Zhao Xingyuan, Qian Zhong and their associates did not dare to resist. After all, there were too many Guards in the courtyard, but they all also immediately explained for themselves.

"Evidence? I'll show it to you." Shangguan Qingcheng sneered. "Bring them up!"

When the voice fell, a group of guards escorted a group of beadles, soldiers, and servants to the courtyard. Besides that, some guards also threw grease and igniters which were used to set on fire to the ground.

Seeing these people and these things, Song Ziwen, Zhao Hangyuan, and Qian Zhong looked pale and almost cried loudly.

In order to achieve the purpose of snatching out those Taoist priests, they had to set a big fire and make a big mess in Manor. So naturally, they needed to arrange manpower and prepare tools.

The men who were escorted in by Guards were those who were arranged by Song Ziwen, Zhao Xingyuan and Qian Zhong to set a fire.

"This is impossible!" The three shouted.

They thought that they had arranged all secretly and it wouldn't be detected. At the moment they couldn't think out how Li Ye that and how Shangguan Qingcheng accurately found out those who were going to set a fire in four hours. In addition, they wandered how Shangguan Qingcheng had them under control and found the grease and Fire Paper.