Special Agent's Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration

Chapter 24

When prime minister Ye came back home, Madam Ye still hadn't awoken. “Why didn’t you take my house's invitation card to go find an imperial physician?”

Madam Ye's body had always been nursed back to health in the Great Hospital. Randomly trying to find a physician didn't make prime minister Ye at ease.

After hearing prime minister Ye's words, Mo Hen took a quick look at him, pursing her lips. The light in her eyes dimed.
In this way, prime minister Ye suddenly reacted. That's right, in the current situation, he was afraid that it was unlikely that someone from the Great Hospital would be willing to come.

“What about Shaohua?” The senior prime minister Ye reacted.
“Miss went to her laboratory.” Mo Hen quickly answered. Although she didn’t understand the laboratory's things, during the past three years, she had learnt to keep her calm in the face of the unexpected, so she was not surprised by her lady's strange ideas.

Hearing this, prime minister Ye did not say anything, he just let someone go to the most famous medical house of Jingchen while he busied himself with Ye Huaijin's matter.
Nowadays, the land under heaven was all split up and in pieces. As the dynasty's emperor, he(emperor) felt the same way as his ancestors and wanted to unify the land under heaven, wholeheartedly. With firearms provided to him, this opportunity, he didn't expect such a matter(YHJ’s) to happen.

He was so angry that he wanted the whole Ye family to go to prison.

Not to mention that Ye family's hands were gradually losing their real power. Even if Ye family had power that could overturn the imperial court and the ordinary people, the emperor would not easily let Ye family off.

A few of prime minister Ye's colleague, who had secretly made deals with him, revealed this point to him. Prime minister Ye was silent for half a day, then, he went home and asked Ye Shaohua and mother Ye to depart Jingchen to avoid this calamity.

“I don’t want to go away.” Ye Shaohua had changed a yellow goose brocade.

She radiated all around with a colorful light. Her appearance could illuminate people.

There was nothing that could be done, Mother Ye had requested her to throw away all of her men's clothes and her wardrobe was filled with Jingchen's most fashionable clothes. “I still have some connections in the capital. You, take your mother and leave without delay. Your elder brother's matter, everything points to disaster. The third prince also doesn't wish to see me.” Prime minister Ye shook his head slightly.

He originally thought that his clever daughter could understand his words, but he did not expect Ye Shaohua to immediately shake her head and go sit on a chair. “Dad, the third prince, this kind of person, is unreliable. If he becomes the emperor, it's unlikely that he would let Ye family have an easy time. Wouldn't it be better for us to deliver the title of emperor to another of the princes?”

“Don’t you say such disgraceful words!” the senior prime minister Ye looked around in all directions in alarm, but fortunately this was Ye mansion, it was improbable that someone had listened.

“Nevertheless, dad, I want to see His Highness.” Ye Shaohua tilted her head and placed her teacup on the table. A light flashed in the bottom of her eyes.

The Ye household had always been taking great care of Ye Shaohua. If she asked for something, they would itch to bring it to her. If she wanted the moon, they would hate to not be capable of giving it to her. Now, prime minister Ye was by himself, without assistance. He couldn't take care of Ye Shaohua anymore.

Although Ye Family was currently losing power, but, if Ye Shaohua entered the emperor's palace, the emperor could still get something done about that matter(YHJ's).

The emperor's complexion was very bad. "Subject Ye, are you coming over to hand over the sheet of paper you hid away?"

“I…”Prime minister Ye had not finished speaking when he was interrupted by Ye Shaohua.

“Reporting to His Majesty, the firearms drawing in Esteemed elder brother’s hand is an inferior product. He took the drawing to let a very able person improve it and present it back to His Majesty. Now, the gun has changed in a favorable way and its might is ten times more powerful than before.” The pressure around the emperor was very heavy. The average person wouldn't be able to lift his head, but Ye Shaohua, who had even eaten a meal with M country's President, was not intimidated. Her tone was neither quick nor slow.

“Ten times?” The firearm's might had already made the emperor incessantly happy, and now the concept was ten times stronger? The emperor stood up from his chair and could not wait to go to Ye Shaohua's side. His tone was pressing: “Serve prime minister Ye some tea. This very able person, where is he now? Did you bring him?”

“Naturally, that person you've been looking for is…” Ye Shaohua paused for a moment, then she swayed and unhurriedly said: “this civilian, me.”

“Pu–” Prime minister Ye's tea that had just arrived in his mouth suddenly squirted out. He couldn't care less about his rudeness in front of His Majesty, but he desperately gave a meaningful look to Ye Shaohua.

He knew that his daughter had always been highly intelligent, she was brimming over with talent, but this was weapons ah! His family's daughter had not even touched the gunpowder before, how could she have improved a gun ah! To have deceived His Majesty now, going to prison would only be a small matter, he was afraid that he would lose his head on the spot instead!

He desperately gave Ye Shaohua a meaningful look, his eyes were rapidly spasming. However, Ye Shaohua did not look at him at all.

When the emperor heard Ye Shaohua’s words, his face was still smiling, but the bottom of his eyes showed vicious currents. “Servant, Give Zhen 1 the embroidered box.”
Very quickly, the inner general manager brought the embroidered box over, and the emperor took out the gun that was inside. “This gun has a range of 10 feet. It is extremely powerful. You will show me 2 the improvement now. If you deceive Zhen, Zhen will immediately cut off Ye Huaijin’s head.”

“No need to,” Ye Shaohua glanced at the gun in the emperor's hands and directly poured out a bunch of black parts from her pocket. “The gun in your 3 hand is of extremely poor quality, and the size and structure is all wrong, which will influence the strength of my display.”

As she spoke, she sat on the floor and began to assemble parts.

Compared to Bai Zhenzhen, Ye Shaohua had been trained.

It was only a pile of scattered parts, but in a minute, she completely assembled it.

“Your majesty the emperor, you can look at the tree in front of the palace hall's doors, I aim for its second fruit.” Ye Shaohua's head did not turn around. She merely spoke and raised the gun.


The second pear on the tree that was forty feet away fell.

“As you can see,” Ye Shaohua turned her face to the side, and her voice was somewhat indifferent. “This is its real power. The one in your3 hand? Junk.”

Such a shot, such a long range, the emperor was unable to take its eyes off it and his soul did not return to him for half a day.

Prime minister Ye looked at Ye Shaohua with shock, the corner of his mouth was mumbling, but he was speechless for half a day.

“Good ah! Good! Official Ye's family is talented, as expected,” after a long while, the emperor finally recovered from his distracted state. Ye Shaohua really couldn't be blamed for pointing at and calling junk the thing in his hands. Instead, he looked at Ye Shaohua for a long time. Finally, he stroked the palm of his hand and laughed heartily. “Servant, prepare a banquet, I want to invite Official Ye’s family to dine. General Li, you personally go to the prison to pick up assistant minister Ye.”

This dynasty was very tolerant to women, but there were still no women officials.

The emperor looked at Ye Shaohua, and the more he looked, the more happy he became. “The most talented woman of Jingchen is still the most talented woman of Jingchen. Official Ye, you have such an outstanding daughter. How could you still hide her for three years? Really should punish you for this.”

“It's the curiosity of a women from an ordinary family. This one was determined to go out and it is unrelated to my esteemed father.” Ye Shaohua smiled.

Ye's father looked at his own daughter's talk with the emperor and felt like he was seeing a dream.


At the same time, at general Bai's mansion.

Bai Zhenzhen maid’s poured Bai Zhenzhen a cup of tea. Her appearance was proud and arrogant. “Miss, now the emperor is searching the whole city for the very able person who made the gun to go to the final step of firearm manufacturing. If they knew the person behind it was Miss, they would be scared to death!”

In the entire Bai house, only this maid knew of Bai Zhenzhen's multiple identities, and she worshipped Bai Zhenzhen endlessly.

When Bai Zhenzhen heard the news, she knew that her chance was finally coming. She smiled and said: “Send someone to tell the third prince that the person who drew the gun design wants to see him.”

Bai Zhenzhen, you can rest assured, this time, I will certainly take revenge in your stead, so that Ye family can never turn over.


1. How the emperor refers to himself

2. Here the Emperor uses 'wo' which is a less formal. He must be quite mad to forego formalities

3. YSH uses the informal you, no respect for the emperor haha