Secrets of His Royal Highness: Pampered Consort

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 : Yu Ji wen..?? Who’s that?

“Master..what happen??” The servants panic when they see their beloved master lying on the cold hard floor. The man lying there just shut his eyes even with all the chaos. 

“Prepare the carriage…we’re heading back to the palace this instant!!” One of them spoke , he seems to have more authority then the others. He was the only one who was calm throughout the whole process.


Ming luo with great difficult finally found her way back home. By then the sun was starting to hide. She swiftly climb over the wall and jump down…


Seriously this really hurt my leg. But her mood turn sour remembering the ice face guy. Huh?? What’s the point of god giving you that face if you don’t show it off? “You finally have the mood to come home??” Ming luo suddenly felt chills running down her spine. She slowly lift up her head. “Father…” 

“No wonder you seem a lot well behave lately . Child I know you love to fool around but you should think of your father’s face before doing so.” A delicate face beauty appears by the side of her father’s side .

Humph..finally I got to see what Yun mean by Men never gets satisfied with only one women. I have to admit father really has good eyes for woman. With Mother dead he still has other beauties to feast on. She can’t help but coldly gaze at this women. “Xu yiniang never allow me to go outside anyway. Who would recognize such a girl like me unlike Xu  meimei  who is well recieved by people. I’m just only famous in rumours after all.” Ming luo spoke innocently.

(Yun is probably Ming luo future friend)

You…Xu yiniang couldn’t help but feel hatred toward this di daughter. Xu yiniang always felt hatred because she couldn’t have the Main wife position. Even though she was the most favored , even though there isn’t any Main wife..and this girl is trying to accused me of mistreating.

“Xu  er , is what Luo er said true?” As expected Duke Yi’s face turn gloomy. No one can compete against this doted daughter of his. Even Xu yiniang’s daughter who is known for her grace and beauty and well like by everyone. She always hated this Ming luo but she can’t effort to anger the Duke. “there seems to be some misunderstanding. How can I treat my daughters differently?” Xu yiniang put up a face of injustice .

Ming luo just wanted to applaud her acting. According to Zi yan , This Xu yiniang clearly hate this girl and never allowed her to go outside of the manor afraid that I , Ming luo will ruined her precious daughter Yi Ming lan’s reputation by going outside. She glance at her so called father who is said to have very doted on her.

“Why not? She’s not your biological daughter . Its very possible.” Duke Yi coldly said. Its always like this no matter how much I’m favor in front of this daughter I’m not word even worth  her nails. Xu yiniang disdainfully look at Ming luo before returning back to her usual refined and virtuous look . Xu yiniang laugh lightly “Duke , please don’t be so mean. Nubi only wanted luo er to properly rest. We all know she is ‘weak at heart’. What if something happen to her. As a elder and also her mother I was always so worried so I told her to rest. Its just Ming luo seem to have misunderstood me.” After that Xu yiniang put up a weak and wrong expression which make one want to protect her.

Thank god I’m a girl. Ming luo secretly thought . Her reasons were spot on and she’s even letting me carry all the blame.

With what Xu yiniang said Duke Yi suddenly remember the purpose for coming here. His attention was again back to the young girl standing in front of him. “Ming luo , you never learn . You have to kneel for 2 week more.” Duke Yi coldly toss out this sentence.

“Father..father…Jeijei has already kneel for two weeks . Please forgive jeijei .” Yi Ming lan kneel down in front of the Duke.

Ming luo just sneered , what kind of act is she trying to put up now. From the point I saw this pair of mother and daughter , I’ve never been move by their delicate beauty. All I can is FAKE!!                  “Lan er , go back to your room.” Duke Yi coldly said.

“But….yes father.” Ming lan weakly said and turn to leave. After that one by one all left . Unexpectedly , I’m the one getting punish but nobody really paid attention to me. Somehow , Ming luo felt a little unhappy about it.

She was just about to rest went something stuck on her foot and she almost felt. She had been feeling this feeling but didn’t have the time to care about it. She look down to check . It seems like a handkerchief,  it doesn’t seems like hers. She streched it out 

It was a well embroidered cloth with the finest silk . A dragon was embroidered and beside it was carved a name Yi Ji wen….. is it that guy??



“Master..” a servant come inside the room.

 From the inner chamber can be heard a mesmerising voice. Just by hearing it , it makes a person heart at ease but the words aren’t the same…

“Do benwang have to teach you palace etiquette all over again?” 

“Maste…Your highness please punish nucai.” He quickly kneel.

With light step the man came out. With his loose golden robe dragging by the floor . The sight could just seduce anyone who saw it. “Dare to look at benwang.” He coldly said.

“Your highness..” The servant tremble.

“Spit out why you are here for and quickly get out of benwang sight” 

“Your highness, the emperor wants to reward the person who treated you before you arrived here. The emperor ask your highness opinion.” The servant was forming cold sweat.

“Ehh?? He wants my opinion? Since he already spoke why does he even need my opinion. Isn’t it already decided.” The man sneer.

“Of course not, Your highness opinion is the most important.” The servant quickly refute.

“Then, there’s no need to do anything. Was it me who ask her to save me ? She did it herself.” The man coldly said as he fixed his robe.

The servant mouth twitch. His highness is just really…                       Seeing the servants reaction He quickly toss out some words.”Tell Imperial father to do as he please.”

“Prepare a bath for benwang ” He quickly exited the room leaving the servant inside the room speechless.