Secrets of His Royal Highness: Pampered Consort

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: take a concubine  (2)

Meanwhile in the busy street of Xi Qi, Chen Yi look irritated because of a person who is clutching his sleeve tightly and not letting go. “Yu Ji wu , how can you be such a scardy cat ? ” Chen Yi said those words through gritted teeth.

Ji wu look with hatred to Chen Yi “So who told you to drag me along. These clothes can’t fully stop the scent of blood.” Chen Yi roll his eyes . This guy is just too irritating! “Seventh prince,  let me tell you if that girl is death. We’re the one responsible for it.” Chen Yi glared at him.

He forcefully tried to free himself but this guy is clutching really tight and not letting go. Chen Yi was finally losing his cool,he thought the people’s respect for this guy will be crumble into pieces if they saw their so called brave and ruthless cold prince right now. “Yu Ji wu , I think it will be better if we search separately and we can save time.”

Yu Ji wu look at his brother for a while and tightly clinging on to his clothes and with a wrongly expression “Sixth brother, how can you do this to me? You’re my brother but you want to leave me in this kind of place full of terrible creatures. No No…I wouldn’t leave you. I still want to live.”

Oh so he finally remember that I’m his brother. Well too late! “Wu brother, how can I bear to leave you here?. But you should know dying here and dying in the hands of brother,  which one is better?”

Ji wu finally let go ” hateful! ” He turn to his calm and collected look. Coldly look at Chen Yi. Chen Yi turn to him “You don’t have to look at me like that . If you want to vomit then go find somewhere else.” By saying this Chen Yi walk away. Ji wu look at the departing figure “called you Ruthless !” Umph…I’m not feeling too well.


Ming luo was changing clothes. The clothes are all so dazzling she could just die. A lady help her change dress. “You should be grateful. These clothes are really expensive.” Ming luo could only smile. In fact, receiving such a dress is some burdensome  but what to do if the other insist.

Ye Tian was waiting for Ming luo to finish changing like a gentleman ,leisurely sipping tea. But who knows what’s going on in that brain of his? With his mouth gently hook up as he look at Ming luo who was coming out . When he look up , he was almost daze. Almost! “Finish.” 

Ming luo came out, just a little embarrassed, she nodded. Ye Tian slightly smile but she was still suspicious of him.”Come now let’s have some fun before the day ends.” Before she could reply she was already drag.

She just think she’s a little carefree and can’t speak up to stranger …a little helpless situation. 

They were going in and out of shops . Eat delicacies and other fun things she did for the first time in her life. As time past she let her guard down a little , maybe he is not that bad of a person. I may have been thinking too much. But she didn’t realise at that time , the man behind her had a murderous glint in his eyes. He look at her like a prey waiting to be devour.

They were looking at the necklace displayed. She look at him “thank you, I don’t know how to pay you back. This is my first time doing all this. I’m really grateful to you.” Ming luo carefree and cheerful smile appeared in Chen Yi eyes. He somehow felt guilty. He had never felt guilty before anyway they did a crime and they deserved to die but in front of her , just a little bit. But that thought last only for a while.

what an idiot? Thanking the person who will kill you at any moment. Simply irritating me more.’

Ye Tian gently smile “it’s okay. I’m the one who wanted to have fun. The sky is getting darker and the people are heading home. I’ll take you to one last place.” Ming luo wanted to refuse but he is smiling so brightly . Wouldn’t it be impolite for me to do so? Ye Tian look at her “come.” and he turn to walk.

The two figure was leaving , Chen Yi came to look around. Wasn’t that third brother and that girl ? Where did they go? But thankfully she isn’t dead. I have to be quick.

Ye Tian drag her to a place but the more she went Ming luo felt creepy. The street were getting darker and more isolated. “Hey, where are you planning to take me? Is there even a shop here?”

“You’re so naive”