Romance of Dragons and Snakes

Chapter 19: Officer Cao, the one who commits murder and then arson

Chapter 19: Officer Cao, the one who commits murder and then arson

“Wang Chao, you–stop it!”

Cao Jingjing who had initially been puzzled as to why her father and Wang Chao were fighting immediately snapped awake as she realized that he had came to save her. At the same time, the class monitor felt as if this classmate was suddenly a different person.

With all things said and considered, that sudden explosive strike on the long haired guard had certainly left a deep impression on her.

But when she had seen that her father had been hit in the kidney by his hands before falling to the ground, Cao Jingjing grew nervous. Hurriedly running to him, she tried to kick Wang Chao in the head.

This kick was rather high and beautiful at the same time. Clearly showing that she too, had done martial arts for some time. However, compared to her father Cao Yi, hers was unfit for anything but show.

“Eh!” Hearing the wind in his ears, Wang Chao reacted instinctively as it was habit to dodge the trajectory of the sandbags. His left hand moved up to protect his head as like a monkey would use its tail to protect it head to block the kick.

Then making a rotation around her while rotating his body to come to her side, he formed a point with his hand to stab at her kidney as well.

Unavoidably, this had all been instinctive, and so the strike came easily without thinking.

“Halt!” When Cao Yi saw this from his seat on the floor, he couldn’t help but cry out with wide eyes before making a start towards him. He had used a lot of energy to fight Chen Wuyan and his four underlings. And the after being stabbed in the kidney from Wang Chao, he had been instantly been knocked aside and could do nothing more than to yell out loud.

But when he heard the voice, Wang Chao instantly grew aware of himself. Just as his fingers touched Cao Jingjing’s waist, he hurriedly spread out the fingers to turn the knife into a hand and stopped harmlessly.

“What a soft waist!” Instantly feeling the creamy skin like body, Wang Chao realized what he was doing and pulled his hand back.

Cao Jingjing’s leg fell to the ground with a fearful cry. Her body went weak as she almost followed her father down to the ground in weakness.

As the proverbs says, the male has a head, the female has a waist. While they could look, they cannot touch. The waist was a sensitive area that when Cao Jingjing felt the attack, she couldn’t help but lose control.

“Hsss!” Wang Chao let out a long breath and rejoiced himself in remembering where he was so quickly.

This was the way of Bagua styled fighting. There was no mercy and relied on the leg and the bent knee to circle around to the side before striking at the frail rib and kidneys as if using a knife to stab.

If used on a regular person, if the stab hits the waist of even a strong man, the man would not be able to endure it. And after all the training Wang Chao had gone through, if he had not stopped at the final moment, then Cao Jingjing would have become handicapped if she didn’t die.

The way of Bagua styled fighting was to use a knife. It was fraught with danger and no leeway of safety.

Wang Chao’s Bagua Zhang had been practiced by use of the water vat and jabbing the sandbag. For all nine lives he could have had, he had practiced proficiently on top of the water vat. Many times he had fallen, and many times he had gotten angry, so his strikes had been fierce.

“Dad, what’s wrong, dad! Are you okay!!!!” Cao Jingjing instantly snapped awake, seeing her father on the ground, she hurriedly ran on over and began to cry.

Hurriedly taking an unopened can of beer, he hurriedly popped the seal and handed it to Cao Jingjing so she could give it to her father.

Sure enough, the cold beer had been of use. Cao Yi’s eyes slowly grew wider as he drank it. Then, spitting out a mouthful of phlegm, his eyes gained a more focused look to it.

“Kid, that was great! Superb even!” Cao Yi instantly expressed his approval as he stared at Wang Chao before sighing in praise, “This is the first time I’ve lost in a long time. Very well, very well.”

Wang Chao didn’t know what Cao Yi was thinking, but he didn’t want to say anything more and take the money home.

“Uncle Cao, our matter is finished then. As we said before, this money is mine. I hope that you do not go back on your word. As for the men you killed, it has nothing to do with me. Infact, I helped save Jingjing, I see that you are a cop, but at the same time a criminal, no matter which you are, I hope that you will not betray your helper?” Wang Chao spoke politely for the sake of the money.

“If this guy doesn’t agree, what should I do… should I…no, not that…” Wang Chao thought to himself as he spoke, but the following thought had scared him.

“These men were killed because they were kidnappers, but I didn’t kill them. If I were to kill a cop for money, then the situation would go to hell….it’s not worth it…killing someone for money? That’s not acceptable…”

“But still….” Wang Chao suddenly had another thought, “If I were to kill Cao Yi, then I could say that it was a mutually assured death with the kidnappers and had nothing to do with me… but what about Cao Jingjing? I couldn’t kill her too…”

The evil thoughts continued to flow through his head as he failed to suppress them.

“If I didn’t let you take the money, would you try to kill me?” Cao Yi had taken notice of the suitcase as well as exposing the thoughts within Wang Chao’s mind.

“The thought crossed my mind.” Wang Chao answered honestly.

“When an ordinary person gains strength, evil thoughts tend to raise because they want to change. This is what it means to ‘the poor learns, and the rich enforces’. Evil thoughts actually come from the restrictions in one’s life and not because of strength. Ai! I was the same back then.” Cao Yi suddenly sighed before waving his hand, “The money is yours to take home, take Jingjing back on the way too. This uncle’s past is not a simple one that can be revealed. I’ll take care of things here.”

Wang Chao let out a sigh as he took the suitcase and then spoke to Jingjing, “Your dad’s going to take care of things here, let’s go. I’ll send you back home.”

Cao Jingjing took a look at Cao Yi who had only nodded his head before following Wang Chao out of the building.

The moment when he got to the first floor, Wang Chao saw the rolled up figure of Chen Wuyang whose entire face was bleeding from every orifice in a grisly manner. Hurriedly, he called for Cao Jingjing to close her eyes.

When Cao Jingjing heard, she obediently closed her eyes and allowed Wang Chao to lead her out by hand.

The other four men hadn’t died yet and were instead rolling on the ground while groaning.

“This Cao Yi is quite fierce, if he hadn’t fought these men first and we had a match, I don’t know who would have won.” Wang Chao thought.

Pulling Cao Jingjing out of the house, when they had walked four or five miles away, a sudden bonfire illuminated the night. Turning his head to look, Wang Chao saw the house they had been in go up into flames.

“Murder and then arson, how fierce! This cop is quite good!” Wang Chao couldn’t help but admire Cao Yi.