Rise of the Undead Legion

Chapter 559 - Happy Endings

Chapter 559 - Happy Endings

Chapter End (Devils)

Six months later.

Don Tivo's villa was livelier than ever on this special day. With hundreds of people from all over the world, the amount of people who had gathered today far surpassed that of Caitlin's birthday.

"How do I look?" Asked Caitlin.

"You look simply breathtaking," Zoe replied as she admired the devastatingly expensive and amazing-looking wedding dress that her friend was wearing. For today was Caitlin Giovannie's wedding day, as she would become the wife of Dave's best friend, Ralph.

Suddenly, one of the bride's friends shouted, "Get out! It's a jinx to see the bride before the bride's walk."

Ralph's voice came from the other side, "Chill, I just wanna see how my babe is looking."

Dave's voice came in afterward. "Ralph, you big oaf, let's get out! You really don't want to piss women off on this day or 'death' will part the two of you far sooner than you'd like. Now come on, the rest of the gang should be here already."

"Alright, bro," Ralph replied, but not before screaming a loud 'I love you Buttercup' before quickly exiting the dressing room with Dave, heading to the main hall of the villa, while leaving behind a tomato red Caitlin who was murmuring 'I'm gonna kill him!'.

"Man, I really don't know why we couldn't just have this wedding in a church," Ralph sighed.

"They're Italians, most of what they do is weird. Besides, do you know any church bigger than the don's house? Or at least as well-decorated?" Dave remarked.

"Touché. Oh, here's Perfect," Ralph waved towards their friend wearing a twin-tailed tux.

"Dude, you really had to go with a sparrow tux?" Dave asked with a sour look on his face.

"Bro, Alfred is dead, no need to have any nightmares about it, you killed him yourself," Perfect replied, his hands raised in a defensive manner.

"Yeah, but I still have a nagging feeling that he could come back one day, you know," Dave lamented. However, the groom-to-be simply put his hand on his shoulder, helping his best man relax.

"Not with your current power, Mr demi-god," Perfect chimed in, "Speaking off… Dad's been pestering me to ask you whether you've already created your Legacy. Any comments?"

"Hey! We all agree, NO TALKING about the game today!" Vanessa's stern voice came from behind Perfect.

She then proceeded to grab him by the arm. Both Dave and Ralph were taken aback for a little then they both asked the obvious, "Are you two an item now?"

"Well, it's been like this for a couple of months now," Perfect scratched his chin, not hiding his giant grin. "Neither of us saw any reason to make too big of a deal out of it."

"I'm happy for you Vanessa," Dave said sincerely. "You better treat her right, Perfect!"

"Should you really be the one to tell him that?" Vanessa teased. It became awkward for a moment, but then all four of them started to laugh. "Anyway, I realized that it would be useless to keep chasing after my crush. Zoe can have you, honestly Perfect is just perfect for me."

"Ho, the whole gang seems to be here! No, we're still missing Fortress!" Flanker's voice abruptly announced the pervy priest. Surprisingly, he wasn't alone, right next to him was a woman, whose face still haunted some of Dave's nightmares.

"Holy crap! What is she doing here?!" Dave questioned while pointing at the blond, overly sized, and extremely tall woman.

"Hehehe, she's my date," Flanker proudly clarified.

"You know her?" Ralph asked, amused by his best friend's reaction.

"How could I forget?" Dave gulped, his muscles suddenly twitching all over his body.

"I haven't seen you in our spa ever since," Olga stated matter of factly.

"Yeah, and for a good goddamn reason. You're a torture master," Dave said, taking a big step back.

The group continued to talk for a bit until a red flamboyant-haired woman, wearing a red dress, and crimson lipstick entered the room. In a moment's notice she had become the center of attention.

"Who's that?" Dave asked, racking his brain trying to figure out if he had seen her somewhere before. The boys merely shrugged, although all subconsciously agreeing that the newcomer was a rare beauty.

"Oh my god! That's Rissa Bloom! She is 'only' the top of the top of our business! A VVIP supermodel!" Vanessa informed the clueless boys. As an aspirant model with her career on the right track, she had to know of the competition, but Rissa Bloom was the cream of the crop.

The best of the biz and if any magazine or a clothing company wanted her, they would have to pay exorbitant rates just to get her to wear a single piece of their clothing. Her name alone would be enough to turn any small company into at least a medium sized one.

Scanning through the room, her eyes came to rest on the group. With confident steps she walked up to them and smiled, "How are you guys doing? It's been a while."

The whole group looked awkwardly at each other, none of them knew her personally.

"Hey, Hunny bunny, I've been looking for you for a while!" A slightly chubby man came to the rescue. To the shock of literally everyone else in the room he kissed the woman lightly on the lips, who blushed at such an action, yet did not seem to mind it otherwise.

Flanker's eyes widened, "No way! Who's this? How did you land this new girlfriend?"

"New?" Both Fortress and Rissa wondered at the same time.

"What are you talking about? This is Tess, I told you about her, we even partied together many times. Are you having memory loss or something?" Fortress looked like he was concerned about his buddy's mental wellbeing.

"No! No! No! That can't be true! Tess in-game should be a fat old guy named Stan who lives with his mom in a bas.e.m.e.nt!" Flanker insisted, holding his head as his mind had been blown.

"Poor Flanker, reality is often disappointing, hm?" Tess teased in a wide grin.

Soon after that, the wedding ceremony started.

Dave as Ralph's best man stood right next to him when a beautiful Caitlin wearing white came in, she was escorted by her father, a proud smile on his face as they walked down the aisle.

"She looks beautiful, doesn't she?" Ralph proudly asked Dave.

"She does, I'm happy for you, bro," Dave replied.

The ceremony started and the priest began speaking the vows. Naturally, nobody had objected to their union, and after Ralph kissed his bride, it was official.

After the first dance, when Tivo returned the bride to the groom, the father-in-law didn't miss the opportunity to whisper the following words to his son-in-law, "Make her cry, and I'll make you sleep with the fish."

Ralph couldn't help but gulp down hard, even with all of his muscles he'd never dare to go against the mob. After all, his name wasn't David Ruster.

The party proceeded without any remarkable instances, Dave and Ralph were lightly inebriated and joking around in wait for the night ceremony. Unlike the tradition, Caitlin had decided to postpone the flower toss until later.

Finally, with all single ladies gathered together, Caitlin was about to throw the bouquet. Vanessa and Tess were both pretty tall girls, and next to them was Olga, a threatening existence.

Dave's group all looked teasingly over to Flanker, who understood their gazes and started to become beet red.

As soon as the bouquet flew from Caitlin's hands, Zoe unceremoniously pulled out a gun and took a shot in the air. The sudden gunshot made everyone scream and run away, allowing Zoe to easily snatch the bundle of flowers. Expectedly she looked over to the boys.

"Man, your girl is crazy," Ralph snickered.

"It looks like soon that will be MY crazy WIFE," Dave laughed.

The future was looking bright.


The End.

Author's Note:

Hey, Biako here, well who else? Anyway, it has been a good journey, hell man, it's been an amazing one. To be honest, I've never ever thought I'd get this far with this book, but I'm super happy to be wrong.

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