Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Chairman Gege Love Me Once Again (11)

Han Zhengyu didn’t know why, but for some reason, he hasn’t been able to concentrate on his work for a while.

He looked at the heavy traffic downstairs, his mind in a complete mess. Suddenly, he rushed out and said to his secretary: “Postpone all of today’s meeting.”

Afterwards, he drove back home with a messy mind.

By the time he walked through the door, he heard the familiar voice of the servant saying, “Sir, you’re back.”After hearing it, he realized that he was unable to stop thinking of Bai Weiwei.

Han Zhengyu frowned, why on earth was he worried about the person that killed his mother?

Bai Weiwei’s willful, unscrupulous and annoying personality is what he hated the most.


His mind suddenly recalled Bai Weiwei’s pair of misty eyes, pure and innocent. Recalling it made his footsteps suddenly turn chaotic.

After losing her memory, she really became less annoying.

Han Zhengyu walked into his room and found Bai Weiwei missing.

‘Where did she…’

He looked at the bathroom’s closed door and noticed water vapor coming from within.

‘Did she take a shower?’

Sitting on a high-quality chair, he planned on waiting when he suddenly felt something wrong.

Wasn’t Bai Weiwei an idiot?

Not only that but her injuries on the leg and arm still hasn’t healed. How can she suddenly take a bath by herself?

Han Zhengyu hesitated, then remembering that Bai Weiwei caused the death of his mother, his anger began to flare up.

Originally, the divorce agreement has already been written properly. Now because of Bai Weiwei’s mentality, he was unable to divorce her.

What’s more, he has to face the killer of his mother day and night and tolerate it.

He remembered that morning when his lawyer informed him that the only way to get rid of their marriage is to treat Bai Weiwei’s illness.

If her illness cannot be treated, does that mean he has to bear with her for a lifetime?

Han Zhengyu sneered, if it’s impossible to cure her, he still has ways to get rid of this idiot.

Don’t blame him for being ruthless, rather, blame Bai Weiwei for killing his mother.

He even had a terrible thought, if Bai Weiwei stayed there for a long time, then perhaps an accident may occur. If he pretended not to know and leave, she would even die inside. Wouldn’t he have to see her again?

Of course, this malicious thought merely lasted for three minutes. He walked towards the door and knocked,

“Hey, are you still alive? Hurry up and come out.”

There was only silence inside.

Han Zhengyu subconsciously panicked, his earlier thoughts of Bai Weiwei dying quietly disappeared in a flash. He reached out to grip the doorknob intending to add some pressure, yet to his surprise, the door wasn’t locked.

Of course, how could an idiot remember how to lock the door? Just her taking a bath by herself was already a miracle.

When Han Zhengyu entered, he heard the sound of the shower left opened. The dense mist from the hot water lingered in the air, he glanced beside the bathtub and saw a figure laying on the floor.

It was Bai Weiwei.

Due to the dense mist, he was unable to clearly see her face. However, he can vaguely see that she must have fallen asleep.

Han Zhengyu walked impatiently as he plans to wake her up with a kick. As a result, the foot he just raised froze as he blankly stared at her.

A familiar bathrobe that he owns appeared before his eyes and yet this bathrobe now looked so unfamiliar. In the dense mist, Bai Weiwei lays on the wet floor. Her pale back was exposed while the big bathrobe barely covers her most crucial place. Nevertheless, it brought an unimaginable temptation to those who see it.

Han Zhengyu felt as though his heart was being mercilessly squeezed by somebody, making him stumble a couple steps backward. He was highly tempted in wanting to shift his gaze away from that scene, as though he was looking at an extremely dangerous beast.