Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Chapter 15 Mo Fei


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Mo Fei’s confession made me speechless for a while. No wonder Liusu would suspect me. ‘You could’ve just answered her call and told her the truth, or you could’ve simply thrown the phone aside and ignored it. Either of these options would have been better than switching my phone off. This would only make Liusu think that I did something.’

I suddenly realized that in some areas, Mo Fei was not a sophisticated person; in fact, she was as naive and as pure as a blank piece of paper.

Mo Fei lowered her head and slowly spun the beer glass on the table. Her fine-skinned slender fingers tinged with ladylike coyness. “I couldn’t sleep last night. Seeing you were okay this morning, I was finally relieved. However, I am still worried that you won’t forgive me…” she said softly.

“You are thinking too much. I did not keep that in mind at all.” I finally understood what she was thinking. No wonder when she saw me in the morning, she was acting strangely. It turned out she was anxious.

“You did not mind? Then why did you give me attitude as soon as you entered the office?” Mo Fei suddenly looked up at me, eyes full of emotions: appreciation, curiosity, anticipation, ridicule, and even tease…

Her gaze put me in an awkward position. I scratched my head and said with an unnatural smile, “I wouldn’t dare to give you attitude…”

“Don’t be ashamed to admit it,” The approval in Mo Fei voice made me feel ashamed. “You should give me attitude, and I also know what you were thinking. Chu Nan, you are a good guy, a foolishly good guy. In the future, you shouldn’t always think of others; you should think of yourself more often. Otherwise, people will take advantage of you.”

If you knew what I was thinking, you probably wouldn’t think that I was a good guy. Frowning, I swallowed the beer, and then used the chopsticks that had not touched the dishes to pick a plate of stir-fried bitter melon and fungus to Mo Fei. “Ms. Mo…”

“This place is not the company. Don’t call me Ms. Mo.” Mo Fei said with a red face. I didn’t know if it was caused by the alcohol or the embarrassment. “If you forgive me, and don’t mind a person like me, please treat me as a friend.”

‘A friend?!’ A huge step suddenly descended before my eyes, making me wonder if it was a gift from god. I couldn’t help raising my head to look for another step that would eventually lead me to become even closer to her.

“You are twenty-three if I remember it correctly?”

“Mhm, I’ll be twenty-four in two months.”

“I’m twenty-five.” Mo Fei was, at least, seventy percent drunk. As a result, she wasn’t just chatty, but she was also very enthusiastic. She even told me her age, which many girls kept secret, or perhaps, it was really because I was safe, and I didn’t hold a grudge against her. “If you don’t mind, in the future, you can call me by my name directly, or call me elder sister Mo or elder sister Fei privately.”

In just a split second, our relationship advanced so rapidly. The huge surprise made me flattered. I couldn’t believe that the woman sitting in front of me at the moment was that beautiful, elegant, and noble general manager of the investment department of Fengchang Corporate group, who was also known for her coldness.

While I was thinking if I had heard something wrong, I didn’t expect that my shocked expression even caused Mo Fei to whimper with tears like a little girl. “You don’t like it?”

“No, no, no…” I quickly said, “elder sister Fei.” I preferred to call her by her name directly, but I was afraid that it would become very awkward later on. Calling her elder sister Mo felt like there was a gap between us. Therefore, I chose to call her by her first name. It was just two words. However, as if it contained infinite magic, it made us feel like we were much closer to each other now.

Mo Fei was so happy that she also picked a few vegetables, and put them on my plate with her drunk eyes. She didn’t even realize that her chopsticks had just been in her little mouth earlier.

‘Thank you, god, for taking care of me. Thank you, alcohol, for confusing her.’


“To our friendship, cheers!”


Bitter beer was like the sweet spring at the moment, and our stomachs were like greedy black holes, eager to devour it, and only knew to devour it, glass after glass, bottle after bottle…

However, behind the wonderful joy, what gradually overflowed was the bitterness that I couldn’t imagine.

Mo Fei was drunk. To be exact, she was drunk for the first time in her life. The feeling of drunkenness was unfamiliar to her, and alcohol could easily break down her unguarded mind. Not only did she become obsessed with drinking toast after toast, but she poured her heart out to me, who had just become her friend a few minutes ago…

Her running tears made me understand the real Mo Fei, who was not known to other people. She was very unfortunate. Although I often thought that I had a very unfortunate childhood, compared to her, my childhood was much happier than her.

Her parents ended their marriage when she was still fifteen due to endless arguments. Considering what kind of person her mother was, I could easily understand her father’s choice. And he must have been a good man. Otherwise, how could anyone withstand this kind of woman for more than fifteen years…

Eventually, Mo Fei’s father got custody of Mo Fei. The divorce of her parents was already unfortunate enough, but fate did not stop torturing Mo Fei.

On the day of her 18th birthday, a murderous hit-and-run driver rammed four cars, and then lost control of the car, and crashed into a cake shop. Under the shattered glass window, Mo Fei’s father lay in a pool of blood with crushed chest bones…


Mo Fei sobbed and told me that when she held her father’s hands, she could still feel his temperature. She didn’t believe that her father would leave her forever like this; he was still smiling so kindly, and so happily a few seconds ago. She knelt beside his father, and with tears on her face, she ate the cake that her father bought her. It was very sweet, but inside her, she felt very sad and lonely. She hoped that her father could enjoy the cake with her…

Since then, what accompanied Mo Fei on every birthday was nothing but tears and sad memories.

I was a man, but at that moment, I also cried like a little girl. I sat down beside Mo Fei, held her in my arms, and wiped tears for her. I just wanted to comfort her. The waiter, who knew Mo Fei, thought I was molesting her, but after I gave her an angry look, she was scared away…

Mo Fei’s uncle Mo Yizhi hoped that a new environment would help her to adjust her mind, so he sent her to study abroad. After completing her studies at the age of 23, she was arranged to work in Fengchang corporate group. Originally, she thought that she could start a new life again, but her mother, the woman called Wu Xueqing, appeared.

That spendthrift old woman squandered all the money that her ex-husband had left for her, and then she began to ask for money from her daughter. However, because of the sad memories of losing her father, Mo Fei cherished anyone she still had in her family.

She no longer hated her for leaving her when she was still very small; she also didn’t hate her for never once taking a mother’s responsibility, and she didn’t even hate her for not attending father’s funeral. It was as if she had forgiven her completely.

She used everything she had to support her, but she didn’t dare to tell her Uncle Mo Yizhi about it. Because she knew clearly how much her uncle hated her mother. At the same time, she also felt that she shouldn’t trouble her uncle with this kind of thing.

But Wu Xueqing thought that her daughter had a lot of money. Not only did she not feel grateful, but she began to ask for more and more. No matter how Mo Fei cried and begged her, she simply ignored her. Because of her, Mo Fei didn’t have any savings. Eventually, she had no choice but to stop giving her mother money. And then yesterday’s incident happened.

Mo Fei said that her life was very hard. She worked hard, trying to repay her uncle’s love and kindness, but in the eyes of other people, she was always a princess who came from a rich family, an expensive vase in the company. People would ignore all her efforts, and refuse to acknowledge her ability. They all treated her as a shortcut, a bridge, or even a tool to help them to get rich…

Mo Fei said that just a few minutes ago, she finally made the first friend and only friend after she came back to Bei Tian city. After hearing this, I didn’t know whether I should be feeling honored or sad.

The reason why Mo Fei invited me to dinner wasn’t only to apologize to me. Probably, she hoped that I would not tell other people about the thing that happened yesterday. After all, everyone was working in the same building, once the rumor started to spread out, sooner or later, Mo Yizhi would hear it. And with that man’s ability, he definitely had methods to deal with Wu Xueqing, and force her to leave Mo Fei. This was something that Mo Fei didn’t want to see.

I couldn’t help but feel touched by Mo Fei’s kindness, and her preserving longing for a complete family. At the same time, I also almost couldn’t suppress the urge to grind her mother into a paste and ashes.

Perhaps, the reason why she was willing to be my friend was that she simply mistook me for a good guy, who was not interested in her. But then she gave me a very hard question, a difficult test to see if I was really a good guy or not!