My Beautiful Teacher

Chapter 8 Nosy People

Noticing Su Fei, Qin Chao subconsciously turned to look at that beautiful director’s eyes, only to find that she’s holding her own arm, with a meaningful smile on her face, looking at this way.

‘Damn, this woman is too cold-blooded, her own students fighting like this, does it not concern her?’

‘You don’t care; I care!’

“Come on, follow me to the Security room to handle your wound.” Qin Chao frown, pulling that overweight kid, he just does not care about the several students in front of him.

That overweight kid’s legs already turned soft and can’t walk a single step at all. Those students also put out their hand, blocking Qin Chao’s path.

“I told you to stop, you fucking deaf!” The blue-haired student grabbed Qin Chao’s shoulder, “just a security don’t be a busybody, I’m telling you, in this school, no one dares to mess with me.”

“Take your hands off me.” Qin turned away and coldly saw that blue-haired student, the latter just felt like being stared by a beast, subconsciously to retract his hand.

“Ah, a new security recruit, right!” This youth mouth is dirty, seeing Qin Chao’s uniform, thought that he is but a security guard, proudly shouts, “If you want to be a busybody, I’ll take care of you too!”

“Oh?” Qin Chao was happy, he sneered, “I want to see, how are you going to take care of me!”

“Damn ……” that youth is also the first time to noticed that someone dares to provoke him, immediately scolded, “break his leg for me, let’s see how he’s going to work as a security!”

With that, those several students rushed up, raising their fist right toward Qin Chao’s face.

A student slyly kicks Qin Chao’s from behind; he wants to trample Qin Chao, making him suffer the same treatment as that overweight kid.

But Qin Chao was angry at that blue-haired student, this kid has not been graduated yet, already so vicious.

“Move aside.” He reached out, put the overweight kid out of the crowd. At the same time, he picked up the foot, as if wielded an ax, and immediately kicked the students that intend to kick his leg, making him awkwardly fell in the mud.

Just a handful of students, how can they be compared to how powerful Qin Chao’s magic power. With this power, he knocks the incoming students head on with his punch, making the mud splashes all over, the rest the of the students become frightened and hastily took a step back.

“You, you dare to hit people?” That blue-haired student apparently scared, but he still defiantly stared at Qin Chao, shouted.

“Dare?” Qin Chao is laughing instead of becoming angry, “you dare to hit another student, why can’t I dare?

“Do you know who I am?” That blue-haired student gathered his courage, asked.

“I don’t care who you are!” Qin Chao knit his brows, after saying this he remember something. Something Chen Yingyang had said to him, “the student in this school, all are hidden dragon crouching tiger, how do you know which student family background is bigger.”

Thinking about this, a worried look appeared on Qin Chao’s face. A 4000 a month’s job is not easy to find, he only manages to persuade his landlord to extend his rent for a month yesterday, if he lost his job today, where is he going hide his face, where is he going to get a job?

Seeing Qin Chao become timid, that blue-haired student laugh, “now you know fear, if you kneel and call me grandpa, I’ll consider letting you go!”

“I thought there’s some capability, turn out only like this.” Su Fei, who was watching this scene, suddenly sneered then turn around to walk in opposite direction. For students to get beaten, it’s not that she doesn’t care, she simply can’t manage it. Some students here, their background is even more powerful than her, how can she manage it? At most just to lose money by playing what the student wants. But then the scene change, making her slowly stopped.

Hearing this sentence from that blue-haired student make Qin Chao angry. Those concerns were left behind by him.

“Your family is very wealthy, very powerful, right.” Qin Chao asked coldly.

“Hmph, of course.” That blue-haired student curls his lip, “Our family’s wealth, mostly comes from real estate license. You’re just a little security guard, how can you understand rich man’s life. If I want to, just using the money, I can make you disappear.”

“Excellent, thanks to your father and mother, you are very rich.” Qin Chao folded his arm, sneers unceasingly, “but look at your ear, slightly sharp, similar to monkey’s ear. The ear is the organ of hearing, determining the success or failure. But with your monkey ear, you’re doomed to become destitute. Before you reach at most 40 years old, your family circumstances will decline, one by one your family will be broken up and decimated. However, I estimated that you do not live at that time. The determining factor is the nose, you look at your nose, this type of nose, collapse until almost all of it broke (TL: flat nose). You are doomed to fail, not only you can not reach middle age, even your wife, will soon die after you. You looked at your appearance that is so miserable, your life also don’t have any meaning, it’s better for you just to find a grave and bury yourself in it!”

“You, you….” how could this blue-haired student know, Qin Chao had followed the art of Feng Shui the he learned from his fortune teller’s grandpa, just saying a few words already make him hopeless, he wanted to vomit blood, “you are superstitious, want to believe you might as well believe in ghosts! ”

“A little mean……” Su Fei could not help but laugh at the side, “this guy turned out to be capable of messing things up.”

“Well, believe it or not.” Qin Chao’s arms folded, sneered, “If you can survive forty years old, my name will be written upside down.”

“Good ……” this blue-haired student glowered at Qin Chao, he also knew he was not this security guard’s opponent, then said, “let me make things clear for you, my godfather is Chen Si, you wait to look at how you’re going to die!”

Then, with a few students, he angrily left the school gate.

Looking that the excitement is over, the other students also disperse.

“Hmph, letting you be a hero, simply to court disaster.” Su Fei mouth whispered, then looked at Qin Chao with a complex look, and walked away.

“Come with me.” Qin Chao doesn’t know who or what is Chen Si; he doesn’t want to think about it too much, just pulling that badly beaten overweight kid to the security room.

“Hm hm…” entering the security room, that electric baton Wang looked at him as if looking at a dead man, only glanced at him with one eye, then turn around and left the room. The other security guards are also avoiding Qin Chao like a plague, only a few of them giving Qin Chao a sympathetic look.

“What happened to all of you?” Qin Chao is feeling bad, quickly asked.

“Ai ……” that Chen Yingyang sighed, lowered his voice and said, “I told you not to meddle, don’t be nosy. You, not only not hearing my warning but also managed to anger Chen Si’s godson! ”

“Who is this Chen Si, able to make you all scared.” Qin Chao placed the overweight kid on a chair, then pour a pot of water, to wash his wounds.

“Who was Chen Si you don’t even know?” Chen Yingyang looks at Qin Chao like he’s alien from outer space, “he is our Suzhou’s tyrant……”

Listening to this, Qin Chao felt stunned and turn around. No wonder this name is a little familiar. He was just out of college, where so many things he needed to know.

“Chen Si’s power can move underground forces. People on the street all call him master Chen Si. You annoyed his godson,…ai, just hope for the best.”

“I don’t believe it!” Qin Chao felt scared in his heart so that he finally became determined, steeled his heart, and said that “this Chen Si, whatever power he had, can not kill me!”

Chen Yingyang did not speak but whispered in his heart. ‘This triad wants to kill a little security guard like you, is really easy.’

“I’m, I’m sorry ……” the overweight kid endured the pain while Qin Chao is washing his wounds, which makes the basin of water having some redness. His head down, said to Qin Chao, “to make you in trouble.”

“Yes, tell me about your’s.” Qin Chao looks at the overweight kid, “what’s your name, why is the blue-haired student chased after you?”

“My name is Liu Chuan ……” the overweight boy was unclear, his voice still trembles, “I, me and my girlfriend Yu Qian knew each other since childhood, we officially become a couple in high school, the relationship has been superb …… but at the university she was taken away by Fang Hua. I, I naturally can not accept it, I then looked for Yu Qian to ask for an explanation. But Fang Hua came up and said I molested his girlfriend, so he brings people to
beat me.”

“Damn, what kind of thing is this!” Qin Chao gave the overweight kid a stern look, “you, what kind of explanation must you look for from that gold digger!”

“But, but I really like her …… We were together for almost three years (puppy love puppy love ah) ……” Liu Chuan said some grumble, his eyes, although no longer bleeding, but also showed large bruises, looked very pathetic.

Qin Chao become silence, he and his girlfriend for three years also had an excellent relationship….but in the end, aren’t they also broke up the same way.

“Don’t be sad, there are many good women out there.” Qin Chao patted Liu Chuan’s shoulder, comforting him.

“You, are you really a fortune teller?” That Liu Chuan suddenly grabbed Qin Chao’s arm, impatiently asked.

“Of course, it’s a family business.”

“Then, then you tell me, could my girlfriend change her mind.”

“Go!” Qin Chao pretends to hit him, “Seeing you now become like this, it’s better if you let me hit you!”

Looking at the overweight kid indigent appearance, as if he was about to cry, Qin Chao could not help but relented down. “Never mind, you quickly go back to your room. If that blue-haired….em, Fang Hua trouble you again, you immediately look for me, I’ll protect you.”

Qin Chao said in his heart, ‘in any case, I already annoyed you, worst come to worst I’ll go all out against your hoodlums. The so-called rich man, are actually timid, dare not to make their hands dirty, who’s afraid of who!’

“Thanks ……Thanks ……” Liu Chuan expresses his gratitude again and again. The nearby security guards shake their heads, in the end, it’s young and impetuous, this Chen Si’s godson, can it be that you alone can handle it.

They do not know that Qin Chao already in the threshold of acquiring a true cultivation. The future of a self-cultivator how could an ordinary people understand.


“Brother Fang, that little security guard today is very arrogant, how should we deal with him?” Fang Hua and a few students are gathered in a room in a very upscale restaurant, Fang Hua’s arm is holding a female student wearing a very luxurious clothes, playing with her.

“Hmph, already make me annoyed, how can I not make him pay?” Fang Hua sneered, thinking about today’s insult, he can not help but be heavy handed, he slapped that woman’s ass hard, making her cried.

“I’ll tell godfather so that he find several people, we’ll wait until he got night shift, then humph….”

“Haha, great idea brother Fang….”

“Hey, stop talking about that dead security, you guys go out, little master here has something to do!”

“Yes, yes….”

Then, after awhile, from that single room coming out a burst of ecstasy sound….