Medical Sovereign

Chapter 545 - Warmth

Chapter 545 Warmth

“Maybe you think he is handsome because he is your love, and maybe he did rely on the power of the treasure.”

Night Siren shook her head, not saying yes or no. She also felt that the only reasonable explanation was that he relied on the treasure. Otherwise, that guy would have been incredulously ingenious.

“That is because you haven’t seen his power of killing the 7 or 8 Warriors on the Xuan Level alone when he was in the Human Martial Arts Realm. If you had witnessed that yourself, you would never have believed that he relied on the power of the treasure.”

To make her words more convincing, Night Lone Ranger naturally claimed that Ding Ning was on the lower Human Martial Arts Realm at that time. Speaking of women, especially those pregnant women, they always hope that their husbands are the greatest heroes in the world.

“Oh, it sounds he is indeed an able man, but your claim that you are not as able as him seems a little too exaggerated.”

Night Siren firmly believed that her discipline was the best, not others. Even if the person was the one her disciple liked, he should not be as good as her. This was a very subtle way of thinking.

“No matter how good he is, what’s the use of it? He is dying, wa…”

Night Lone Ranger was trying to use memories to ignore the desperate situation facing Ding Ning now, but she suddenly felt sad and couldn’t help crying.

“Good girl, don’t cry…oh, it is the Divine Domain. Has Xiahou Weiyang made a move?”

Night Siren was comforting her disciple when she was suddenly shocked. Taking Night Lone Ranger’s hand, she went out of the room, jumped on the roof, and watched the faraway area.

“Is he Martial Marquis Xiahou, master?”

Night Lone Ranger had an emotional roller coaster and much hoped that Xiahou Weiyang had made a move and saved Ding Ning, but she was also afraid that the more she hoped, the harder she fell, so she was seriously looking at Night Siren with a trembling voice.

“It shouldn’t be Xiahou Weiyang, but it is truly the air of the Divine Domain. The most important thing is that he is a Divine Spiritual Master.”

Night Siren spoke in surprise, and her peaceful mind became tempestuous. “There is even a Divine Spiritual Master hidden in the secular world. This is so incredible.”

The truth was that the conditions for the birth of a Spiritual Master were extremely harsh. Even with the background of the Holy-goddess Tribe, the birth probability of a Spiritual Master was extremely low, let alone the birth of a Divine Spiritual Master.

“Do you mean Ding Ning can be saved?”

Night Lone Ranger did not care about the career of the opponent. What she cared about was only the life of Ding Ning, but she could not see so far with the help of her cultivation, so she could only look at her master with anticipation.

“He is fine. He just had an arm and a leg broken,” Night Siren said lightly.

“That’s good, that’s good. Amitabha and Bodhisattva bless.”

Night Lone Ranger, who never believed in Buddhism, had tears of joy and joined her palms before her as a celebration for Ding Ning, making Night Siren so speechless that she shook her head. “Girls only care about her men! She forgets her master when she has her beloved man.”

But when she remembered the possible attitude of her sect toward this matter, she had lots of worries, but she persuaded gently, “Lone Ranger, now he is fine, and you should have no worries. Now let me take you back to our tribe. For the time being, let’s keep this matter from our tribe members. If he is indeed so potential as you claim, I believe our tribe will accept him.”

Night Lone Ranger bowed her head, silent. After keeping silent for a while, she raised her head and pleaded, “Master, I don’t know when I can see him again after this departure, so I want to see him again and bid him goodbye.”

When Night Siren saw her pleading look, her heart became soft, and she sighed. “Fine, fine, you can spend the rest of the night freely, but you need to come back tomorrow morning, when we will set off on time.”

“Thank you, master. I love you so much!”

Night Lone Ranger was overjoyed. She kissed Night Siren with a crisp sound and then ran into the dark like a happy butterfly.

Night Siren looked at her back with a doting manner, and then turned around and returned to the room, but she shook her head with a wry smile silently. “What a child! She is such a grown lady, but she always behaves like a child.”

But she did not know that Night Lone Ranger’s mind was full of apologies at this moment, and she said inwardly, “Sorry, master, I lied to you. Forgive me for not being able to go back with you, for if I did so, the child in my belly would not survive. That is my child, and I can never let him suffer any harm.”

What was the thundering fury? Now Ding Ning understood its meaning deeply.

No matter how hard Longjiu, Wu Liduo, and their companions begged, the owner of the Divine Domain did not even show the slightest mercy.

The testing of the Ancient Martial World had completely infuriated the iron guard of the past. After 70 years, Xiang Tiange, who once lived proudly in the world with his brilliant martial arts, showed his ferocious power again, crushing all others apart from Ding Ning and Zombie into the mud of blood and flesh by using the formidable force of the Divine Domain.

Pitifully, the Demon Cult ended up with the death of all its senior members and the embarrassed leaving of its disciples only because of the momentary greed of Zhai Fang.

Of course, Xiang Tiange dealt with things reasonably. First, he must have the absolutely right reason. These people flagrantly violated the Peace Agreement and made waves in Yan Jing. If he did not kill them, the world would not be deterred. The merciless killing was to build authority and warn those who had bad intentions.

And the members of the Four Holy Gates, including Monk Fankong of the Pure land of Sanskrit, were punished by Qu Wuyou and then driven out of Yan Jing with the injuries that would force them to recuperate for more than half a year.

The effect of punishing them as a warning to others was made, and there was still room for maneuver. This was a show of respect to the Ancient Martial World. To be exact, this was a show of respect to the Saint Level sects, so that even the practitioners of the God of Martial Arts Realm hiding in Yan Jing did not have a reason to make a move.

More importantly, Xiang Tiange and Qu Wuyou did not show up from the beginning to the end, and they only punished these people by using the Divine Domain, making these god-level masters suspicious and panicky.

The truth was that with their strength, they could naturally perceive that it was the two god-level strong practitioners who had done this. Thus, they felt that the reality beneath the surface of the National Warrior’s Mansion was unfathomable, so they did not dare to act rashly anymore.

This was not a joke. If they died in Yan Jing because some god-level strong practitioners forcefully went to fight, that would be terrible.

The people from all sects waiting for news left overnight because they needed to report what happened in Yan Jing to their sects as reference information as soon as possible.

Although there was still no conclusion, they were clear that the strong counterattack of the National Warrior’s Mansion showed that it was no longer possible for the Sky-reaching Secret Land to exclude the CMA Practicers from its entry quota.

So, they could only try to ask the Ancient Warriors and the CMA Practicers not to kill each other in the Sky-reaching Secret Land through the negotiation with the National Warrior’s Mansion.

“Thank you for helping me, senior!”

Ding Ning endured the pain, reset the bones of the broken arms and legs, and sincerely thanked Xiang Tiange who never showed up!

Seeing Ding Ning’s method of restoring the bones, Xiang Tiange could not help but let out a shocked cry, “Are you a doctor, little friend?”


Ding Ning replied respectfully. Facing such a god-level practitioner who could kill him so easily like killing an ant, he did not dare to show a trace of disrespect.

After keeping silent for a while, Xiang Tiange asked, “Can you cure the Warriors’ injuries?”

“As long as their Dantian is not destroyed and I have enough needed medical materials, I think I can cure them all!”

Ding Ning was stricken by an idea. “This is a good opportunity to build ties with the National Warrior’s Mansion.” Immediately, he spoke extremely confidently.

“How long will it take your injury to heal? When you are healed, please come to the National Warrior’s Mansion.”

Xiang Tiange was not sure if Ding Ning was boasting, but he still decided to have a try. After all, the injury of his third brother was so serious. Even after living in seclusion to cultivate for more than 20 years, his third brother still had not fully recovered. Thus, he was full of worries about this.

Although he and Qu Wuyou were all Divine Spiritual Masters and they had deterred those who had bad intentions successfully, only they themselves knew that they were paralyzed in their lower limbs and were unable to leave the National Warrior’s Mansion to move freely.

Now the Ancient Martial World was ready to make trouble. If his third brother could still not fully recover as soon as possible, he was afraid that the National Warrior’s Mansion would truly be in danger if the deterrence was lost.

“In 3 days, 3 days at most. I will visit National Warrior’s Mansion and see you, senior!”

This was the time to prove himself, so Ding Ning answered him without hesitation.

“Oh, you can recover in 3 days?”

Xiang Tiange was a little surprised indeed. He did not think that Ding Ning was bragging. After all, he would see him again in 3 days, and the thing would be clear by then.

“Yes, I will definitely recover!”

Ding Ning said quite firmly.

With a thud, a token of authority with a pattern on the periphery fell in his palm.

“Come with this token to the National Warrior’s Mansion to meet me in 3 days.”

The voice of Xiang Tiange came from afar and disappeared in the wind.


Ding Ning knew that he had left. He carefully observed the token of authority and saw the words “Wushuang” inscribed vertically on it. Beneath the words were the small words “Xiang Tiange”. So, he could not help showing an expression of thinking about something.

He had been thinking that the person who appeared just now was Xiahou Weiyang, but he did not expect the person to be someone else. “What is Xiang Tiange? How many god-level strong practitioners are there in the National Warrior’s Mansion?”

After shaking his head, he was about to ask Yagyuu Asamayu, who had been invisible, to help him to his feet, but he suddenly turned his head and looked at the darkness. He smiled bitterly and said, “Lone Ranger, you are here, but I am now a laughing stock to you.”

Night Lone Ranger was shocked, and her figure gradually became visible. With tenderness in her beautiful eyes, she walked quickly to him, kept him steady, and blamed softly, “Why should I laugh at you? If I had been you, I don’t know if I could have persisted to the end. You are amazing indeed.”

“Haha, since I can get your praise, it’s worth breaking two more legs.”

When he felt the softness coming from his arm and her light enchanting body fragrance, Ding Ning suddenly had peace in his mind. Although he had never thought about it, he had to admit that as his first woman, Night Lone Ranger had already been deeply in his heart. This gave him a kind of warmth that a good couple showed to each other.

“Where do you stay? Let me take you back!”

Carefully supporting him, Night Lone Ranger asked him softly.

“I stay at Yan Jing Hotel.”

Ding Ning enjoyed this warm moment. In the spiritual connection, he severely ordered Yagyuu Asamayu not to show up and asked her to leave with Luo Zhicheng first, for he did not want this hard-won moment of being alone with his woman to be ruined.

After tonight’s event, Yagyuu Asamayu seemed to have become much mature. She did not even bargain at all before leaving obediently with Luo Zhicheng.

“How do you know my name?”

Taking the initiative to be the driver, Night Lone Ranger drove the Hummer lent by Huzi to Ding Ning as a car to save the trouble of walking toward Yan Jing Hotel.

“You asked me to go to the Holy-goddess Tribe and meet you in 3 years, and the only one of the Holy-goddess Tribe traveling outside was the genius Night Lone Ranger. No matter how stupid I am, I know you are not Devil.”

Ding Ning spoke somewhat self-deprecatingly.

“Devil? Heehee, why did you call me Devil?”

Night Lone Ranger had been curious about the reason why Ding Ning called her Devil. Now she took the chance to ask about it.

Ding Ning felt quite embarrassed. He had to brace himself to tell the embarrassing event that after he ate a white dragon at that time, he wrongly thought that she was Devil.

Night Lone Ranger laughed so wildly that Ding Ning stared at her.

Aware of his stare, Night Lone Ranger was ashamed but happy. Her cheeks turned red, and her heart beat quite fast as if a little deer was leaping in her chest.

She began thinking disorderly. “Is he thinking about doing the shameful thing with me again?” Although she also wanted to do it, she heard that miscarriage could easily happen within three months of pregnancy. “No, no, he moves so hard like a bull, and it will hurt the child. This should never happen.

“Besides that, if my master finds that I’m not back in the morning, she will come to Ding Ning. We should never stay here for too long.”

“Long Ranger, you are really beautiful!”

Ding Ning secretly held her soft hand, making her face turn hot and her heart beat fast. She merely gave a show of struggle and then let him hold it. Then, a kind of warm charm permeated the hearts of the two people quietly.

Fortunately, this was a car with an automatic transmission, and there was no need to change transmissions. Besides that, it was the early morning, when vehicles and pedestrians were few. Otherwise, an accident would have happened.