Killer: I can shapeshift infinitely

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Aren’t You Going to Give Me this Crow as a Gift for the Parrot?


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Seeing that the customer was not fooled, the owner did not waste any time and hesitated for a while.

Finally, he pretended to be reluctant and said, “This parrot has been with me for more than a year. My relationship with it is very deep, but I see that you like it so much. I can consider letting you buy it for 10,000 dollars.”

The owner was asking for a lot. He was coming out with a price of 10,000 US dollars right away.

Lin Neng smiled at this.

It was not that he could not afford it. He still had 200,000 US dollars in his bank account.


And in the future, he could earn hundreds of thousands of US dollars just by taking on one mission.

But the problem was that the shop owner was obviously treating him as a sucker. Was he stupid?


Lin Neng did not say anything and just turned around and left.

Leaving without saying anything at once made the owner a little anxious. He quickly blocked Lin Neng’s way out.

He could see that Lin Neng liked it. After blocking Lin Neng, he said with a smile, “Boss, you can come out with a price.”

Seeing that the owner was blocking him, Lin Neng knew that the price could be suppressed.

For this, he hesitated for a moment and then said a price, “This parrot looks rather good. I’ll buy it for 1,500 dollars.”

Lin Neng felt that this price was about right.

However, after he finished speaking, the boss immediately shook his head and said with a dissatisfied look, “Boss, your price is too harsh. 5,000 US dollars. If you don’t want it, I won’t sell it.”


Lin Neng completely ignored the owner and directly turned around to leave.

Seeing that the customer was about to leave, the owner was again afraid that he would leave and shouted, “How about 3,000 US dollars? Let’s each take a step back! Alright?”

But at this point, Lin Neng still ignored him and continued to leave.

But once he left, the owner became even more panicked.

“Okay, okay, okay. 2000 dollars. Let’s make it up!”

When the price was reduced to 2000 dollars, Lin Neng was also tempted.

He was not short of such little money now. There was no point in wasting time with the owner, and he couldn’t bargain the price anymore.

Lin Neng turned around. Just as he was about to agree to pay, the parrot opened its mouth and started shouting again.

“Big idiot!”

“Big idiot!”

“Big idiot!”

No wonder the owner wanted to sell it.

If it were anyone else and encountered such a terrible pet, they would want to sell it away immediately too.

“1,500 dollars then!”

When the pet shop owner heard the unlucky parrot’s words, he finally locked the price without saying a word. Then, he took out the receipt and started writing!

The owner quickly finished writing the receipt of 1500 USD.

After he finished writing, he looked at Lin Neng with a smile and waited for Lin Neng to pay.

Seeing this scene, Lin Neng knew that if the price was lowered by a few hundred dollars, the owner would probably agree.

However, he had no interest in wasting his time there for a few hundred dollars.

However, at this moment, the parrot suddenly spoke again.

“Big brother!”

“Big brother!”

“Big brother!”

After the parrot shouted these words few times.

Lin Neng thought that the parrot was calling him and was about to praise the parrot for being smart.

Suddenly, a black shadow flapped its wings and flew to the side of the parrot.

When it flew to the side, Lin Neng saw that it was a crow.

However, this crow was a little different. Its wings were not pure black, and there were even some gray-white feathers on its body.


The crow’s genes seemed to have mutated a little, and its appearance could not be said to be very good. However, this kind of mixed-blood bird usually could not be sold for much money.

For those owners who liked to raise crows as pets.

They preferred the pure-colored ones because the pure-colored ones meant that the bloodline was good, and this kind of crow with some mixed-hair colors belonged to a very ordinary existence.

The bad-mouthed parrot seemed to be very afraid of this crow and carefully followed by its side.

On the other hand, the crow had an imposing manner that looked down on the world.

Its two claws were firmly grasped on the lever of the cage, and it stood at the highest point. Its gaze was cold and merciless, and it constantly emitted the imposing manner of a big shot.

Upon observing this, Lin Neng could not help but have the thought of buying it.

However, he did not intend to spend money. Instead, he looked at the smiling owner and said with a smile, “Boss, shouldn’t you give me some gift after spending 1500 US dollars?”

The owner did not waste any time and immediately began to introduce the gifts. He would give him three months’ worth of bird grains and a cage to be locked up in later.

When he heard this, Lin Neng frowned and said, “How are these considered to be the gifts? Aren’t these supposed to come with it? Boss, aren’t you being too stingy?”

“Then tell me, what do you want was a gift?”

Hearing Lin Neng’s words, the owner was a little anxious. As long as the customer was willing to pay for the parrot, he would give him anything he asked. Anyway, he only spent 500 dollars to get this parrot, so he had earned a thousand dollars by selling it.

“How about this? I think this parrot has some relationship with the crow. This parrot seems to be the crow’s subordinate. I can’t tear them apart just because I bought the parrot. Boss, give me this crow then.”

“That…is impossible. I spent 5000 dollars and bought this crow. Won’t you make me lose money by giving it away for free?”

When the owner heard that the customer had taken a fancy to the crow, he subconsciously prepared to answer well. His cunning merchant’s character soon appeared, and he immediately made up a story.

In fact, the crow came to the shop on its own because it saw that he was feeding the bird and came to freeload.

The weekly food expenses were only at most one dollar in total.

He would still make a profit even if he sold this crow for a hundred dollars.