Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu

Chapter 473

Chapter 473


Defense Specialization and Daily Life (4)

The monsters immediately charged towards the eight who’d invaded the secret location. Enshrouded in black haze, and holding up shields and swords to amplify their defenses, humanoids emerged from the darkness, trying to block their progress.


Even so, those monsters were nothing but pebbles on the side of the rock. The moment Mai and Yui’s sledgehammers made contact with them, their amplified defenses became meaningless. The monsters, along with their shields, were crushed to dust.

“Okay, it still works.”

“They keep coming, but as long as all it takes is a single blow, it doesn’t matter.”

The strategy devised by [Maple Tree] was divided into several steps.

The first was to cover the main attackers—Mai and Yui—with everyone buffing them.

It was a simple, concise, and effective move. But before anything else, they tried to check if the monsters could withstand their blow.

If they didn’t, then that was all they needed to worry about.

“Let’s aim for that castle.”

“Let’s go. At this rate, we’ll be able to get there without a hitch.”

“As expected of that devastating blow!”

“After all, the number of hands increased.”

[Helping Hand] was perfect to cover the weaknesses of the two, who couldn’t handle close combat.

“If it’s just this monster…!”

“Leave it to me!”

As they spoke, the eight of them steadily approached the castle, slaying any approaching monsters.

However, not all monsters could be fended off. The rotating sledgehammers that enclosed the eight people created gaps between the top and the bottom, and between each of them.

Although the monsters weren’t as cunning as the player, sometimes some slipped through.

“[Double Slash]”

“[Burst Flame]!”

“[Blood Sword]!”

But that was just the first step.

All the monsters would die once they came into contact with any of the sledgehammers. The [Maple Tree] could only be defeated with a piercing attack.

Maple also provided a generous cover, and took care of any monster that managed to get past the spinning sledgehammers.

Ultimately, it was impossible—for the monsters, that is.

They were too much of a menace. If anything, the monsters that were ruthlessly blown away were pitiful.

They were trampled upon, before being mercilessly slaughtered. As their rampage went on, the entrance of the castle was right in front of them.

“Wow, it’s huge…”

“Depending on how the inside is, it seems to be quite a large castle. Be careful of traps.”

“Got it!”

The road to the castle was the prelude. They should be prepared to overcome anything that came their way.

“Is this where it all begins? Anyway, the basic strategy won’t change.”

“Besides, we still have a lot of items. We can apply as much buffs as we want.”

“If a strange guy appears, Kasumi, Sally, and I will deal with it. It doesn’t matter as long as the two’s attack gets through.”

“That’s right. Let’s switch to fast, long-range attacks here.”

The attacker was placed at the center of the formation. Everyone’s fighting style had strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it was important to play it to their advantage.

Complementing each gap and weakness was the key when fighting in a group of eight people.

“Then, let’s open it!”

After seeing that everyone was nodding, Maple pushed the door, and a red light ran through them, while the door began to open, accompanied by a heavy sound.

Thus, the exploration of the ancient castle, done by [Maple Tree] with the purpose of reaching the innermost part began.