I Heard that My Fiance is Super Fierce

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Eat Meat in Large Mouthfuls
Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Although Wen Jin grew up in the mountains, he was very particular about food. Besides, he didn’t mind that so many people stared at him, but beasts would have made him dislike eating in unfamiliar surroundings. Wen Jin’s eyes turned, fell on the side of the empty white plate, and became bright. Biting the meat and stretching out his paws to push back the plate should have made it easier for him, but he wasn’t sure whether the table slid or he used the wrong amount of force because the dish was now even further away from him.

Seeing that his claws could not reach, Wen Jin was a little anxious. The meat in his mouth was not bitten through and the claw he stretched out vigorously caused him not to stand firmly. The little fox fell face first towards the table. Wen Jin’s brain exploded because the moment he fell, he felt thick soup surround his ears…

For a time, Wen Jin’s dishes were neglected, “Cheee!”

What is this? It’s still dripping!

Several soldiers, who were watching him since the beginning, wanted to help, but they didn’t realize that the little white-flowered beast knew how to use plates to carry meat, so they were all stunned. Somehow they wanted to stop and see how the little beast would finally solve his meat issue. Only Mark responded and reached out to push the plate directly in front of Wen Jin.

Coincidentally, the table Wen Jin climbed on was just the one Mark was sitting on.

Wen Jin was still struggling with the soup in his ears. His dark eyes were dull. The hot, humid, and sticky feeling made Wen Jin, who always loved to be clean, a little overwhelmed. So when he saw the dish being put in front of him, he was still a little unresponsive. He subconsciously looked at the man who pushed the plate for him. This man smelled a little familiar…

Wen Jin thought, wait a minute. Isn’t this the one who sent him to make the contract?

Wen Jin’s teeth closed immediately, and his eyes dropped to the table. Mark, at the other end, was unconsciously ready to pull out his handkerchief to wipe his ears.

Mark and the ordinary soldiers felt different about this fox. Others may only think it was the Marshal’s contract beast, but in Mark’s eyes, this was the beast that he brought. He saw the weakness of the little fox. Now that he could run around so happily, his heart was very comforted.

Wen Jin was still biting the meat, and it was not convenient to grind his teeth, but his eyes narrowed and burst out with dangerous light. He saw the hand coming closer and closer to him. When Wen Jin was wondering how to bite it, the hand was cut off halfway.

“I’ll do it.” Dewitt’s low voice appeared behind Wen Jin’s head, and the soldiers who had been whispering all around him suddenly shuddered, straightening up their bodies and calling out to the Marshal one after another.

With anger in his chest, Wen Jin, who was schemed against, loosened the meat in his mouth, opened his paws and was about to jump on Mark’s hand, but Dewitt blocked Mark just in time.

He took the little fox into his arms and hugged it tightly. Dewitt took out his handkerchief and wiped the soup sticking to the ears of the little fellow. He was confronted with superior resistance and did not speak. He continued by grabbing one set chopsticks off of the table to remove the large piece of meat that the little fox had bitten off of the plate. After doing this series of steps, Dewitt reached out and touched the fox’s head. “Good.”

After Dewitt touched the fox, his dark eyes lit up. When he saw Archie liked to rub his bird’s head, he didn’t quite understand how easy it was to touch a small head. Now that he had a fox himself, his skills began to become self-taught.

It was not comfortable to touch, but at the same time, it felt pleasant to touch.

“Cheee!” Hey you! Unlike Dewitt’s satisfaction, Wen Jin was almost bursting with anger. When he saw the other man looking at Dewitt, Wen Jin felt like a fox sacrificed to the man.

However, it was clear that Dewitt did not understand what Wen Jin was thinking. He only thought that the little fellow was suddenly making noise for no reason. So he picked up the little beast and left the restaurant with his plate under the watchful eyes of everyone in the room.

When he returned to his room, Dewitt put the plate and the fox on the table, and he sat back on the big bed.

Wen Jin was so angry that he felt that he and the man he had just met only held hostility towards each other. The problem was that this fellow, who had contracted with him, did not stand on a united front with him and even stopped him from avenging himself. It was entirely unreasonable that he had come and then not given any form of greeting. He was not only rude but also disrespectful. He was still in a contract, and he was not happy at all! Huh…? This meat is delicious!

The little fox, who was still angry and circled the table, looked at the meat in front of him. He bit it angrily. Then he was snatched away by the taste of delicious food in an instant. The big tail behind him swayed from side to side as he ate the meat on the big plate.

While eating, he ran to the teacup beside him from time to time to drink some water. He put out his tongue and licked the tip of his nose. In the fragrant and tender gravy, he felt that the meat was soft, delicate and tender, but not loose, very resilient. Not only was it delicious, but also the sauce was something he had never eaten before. After his taste buds burst, it was so memorable that Wen Jin bit left and right and quickly ate up a whole piece of meat more substantial than his body.

After eating, he licked his mouth clean, licked his paws warmly and belched. He thought that if he could eat such delicious food every day in the future, it might not be too bad to stay here.

After all…it was an irreversible contract.

Thinking of the contract, Wen Jin swept one eye in Dewitt’s direction. There was some embarrassment in his heart. From the time he came back to the room with the meat to now, the man had not said a word and did not touch him. This was quite unusual.

So when Wen Jin’s eyes swept over to him, he saw that Dewitt seemed to be asleep. No, the man’s face was a little white, his eyebrows were tight, his forehead was covered with fine beads of sweat, and his lips were clenched into a straight line on his well-defined face.

His body seemed to be in a bad state. At such a distance, Wen Jin could feel what appeared to be energy fluctuating across the shape of the fellow. When he was eating, Wen Jin was attracted by the delicacies he had never had before, and he didn’t notice this. After a moment of hesitation, Wen Jin jumped from the table to the bed, then stood lightly on Dewitt’s body, stopping in the position of his lower abdomen.

Here it is.

Beneath his stomach, Wen Jin twisted his head in some doubts. This person’s energy was emitted from this place. Initially, it should go to every part of his body in an orderly way and then form a cycle, but now it was jumbled and bumping around at his dantian like a headless fly. Wen Jin narrowed his eyes, reached out, and touched Dewitt’s wrist. He found that the other side’s body was hot too. It seemed that he was trying to restrain the energy from the collisions.

But how difficult was it to restrain energy that had been out of control? Especially energy that seemed to have been out of control for a long time. A storm had accumulated in the area of Dewitt’s lower abdomen. Even as the master of the energy, Dewitt could not defuse the storm, but this energy was uncontrolled. It was the same as the difference between Wen Jin’s fragmented demon dan and his normal demon dan.

Dewitt seemed to be in the final stages. Although he was lying in bed like this, he was still tense and did not dare to relax at all. Wen Jin thought for a while and decided to take off Dewitt’s clothes.

Yes, he had to take off his clothes. This person was hot all over. He had to start from his skin directly. Even if he wanted to use his spiritual ability to dissolve the energy, he couldn’t wear clothes.

But… Why were the clothes so tight?! Why was it so hard to get rid of?

It took ten minutes to unfasten a button on his collar. Wen Jin looked puzzled. He turned his head and stared at Dewitt, who was pale. He clapped his paw on his chin. He was so severely hurt, and yet he was wearing such thick and tight clothes. Did he want to kill himself? He hated human beings the most. Why on earth did they need to wear such things? Didn’t they know what honesty was? How uncomfortable was it to fasten your body with tight clothes? They had to change them day after day, and it was too much trouble.

The patient little fox whined twice, but the man who had fallen into a semi-coma was not awakened by him at all. So the little fox took a gamble and bit at the second button with his mouth and yanked it twice.

Wen Jin’s eyes lit up as if he had found a new continent. He bit off the third one while biting; he did not forget to use his paws to cut off Dewitt’s clothes. He also ruined the ironed clothes. A minute later, with the bed full of chaotic buttons, the skin of Dewitt’s chest and abdomen were exposed entirely. The entire bed was covered with the wrinkled clothes that Wen Jin had trampled on; it was particularly messy.

Wen Jin narrowed his eyes and enjoyed it for a while. He thought it was true that the man’s skin was still perfect, especially the abdominal muscles, which were hard, soft, and unusually resilient.

The white-haired paw pressed on it, then pressed again. He felt the warmth full of desirable heat circulate through the abdominal muscle. He swiped his paw back and forth, leaving a lot of suspicious white hair and then pushed a little of his energy into that spot.

The author has something to say:

Wen Jin: A little essence, two essences, three essences… I came to the world, trying hard to save energy and you spent it all! You can not say you can’t compensate me!

Dewitt: I’ll give you a hundred times the compensation.

Wen Jin’s ears shook, and he hid quietly.