I Have Countless Clones

I Have Countless Clones

Crossing over to an independent urban world where martial arts and immortal law coexisted, the only thing Lin Shen could rely on was his clone’s golden finger.

“Clone cultivation, the host becomes stronger.”

“Clone [Pure Flame Body]: Flame attribute techniques cultivation speed +300%, Blazing Flame Palm, Melting Hand, Pure Flame Sword Skill… Any flame attribute techniques at your service. You can become a master in a day!”

“Clone [Natural Daoist Body]: cultivation speed +500%. All martial arts techniques can be understood at first glance, and will be integrated, crushing all geniuses!”

“Clone [Non-self Sword God]: Sword art technique power +200%, sword art technique cultivation speed +200%. No matter how strong you are, I will cut you down with one strike!”

“You never know how many clones are trying to cultivate behind the person you are talking to in front of you!”

“What does it have to do with me if my clone did it?”

“Don’t try to outnumber me cuz you can’t!”

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