I Have a Manor in the Post-apocalyptic Era

Chapter 217 - Myriad Poison Insect City

Chapter 217 – Myriad Poison Insect City

“Family Head, is it okay to just send him away like that?”

His subordinate asked with concern.

“For someone like that, do you think I will be worried about him?”

Wu Family Head had a deep disdain for Di Yunqiu; he did not even want to listen to the latter, that was why he drove him away.

As Wu Family Head was about to leave, he chanced upon Yang Tian.

“Remove the weeds by its roots.”

Yang Tian had seen everything that had happened earlier.

Yang Tian’s style was to never allow an enemy to live, even if the enemy is weaker than him, he will make sure to end it cleanly. Yang Tian did not think that it was a wise decision when he saw the Wu Family Head had let Di Yunqiu go.

“He is just a small fry…”

“Small fry? If he appears in front of you when you are at your weakest, you will regret your decision today.”

Yang Tian had ordered Brain-Eating Terror Hog to follow Di Yunqiu just now. With the Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s current abilities, it could easily deal with a severely injured Di Yunqiu.

The Wu Family Head looked at the entrance of his estate after Yang Tian’s words, but Di Yunqiu had already disappeared.

Di Yunqiu dragged his injured body to a small alley and blew a sharp whistle. Over a dozen metahumans soon appeared; amongst them was the Second Head of the Warblade Monster Hunting Group, the rest were all metahumans of Early Rank 3.

“Big bro, what happened to you?”

Seeing the injured Di Yunqiu, the Second Head immediately went over to support him.

“Dammit, Wu Tian that old thing ambushed me.”

“What happened?” the Second Head was still confused, Di Yunqiu only went to the Wu Family to talk, how could he be this severely injured because of that.

“Let us talk after we return.”


Just as they were about to leave, a horse-size Brain-Eating Terror Hog blocked their path.

“What is that? You guys go and kill it.”

The Second Head only took Brain-Eating Terror Hog for an ordinary mutated beast when he ordered his subordinates to kill it.

But he soon discovered he was much mistaken.

The five Early Rank 3s that surrounded Brain-Eating Terror Hog could not even resist a single attack from it. Brain-Eating Terror Hog did a small leap, casually waved its claws and the heads of the five metahumans were shattered.


The Second Head was alarmed that a mutated beast could be so powerful. How terrifying must this mutated beast be to casually kill five Early Rank 3 metahumans?

The remaining seven Early Rank 3s no longer dare to charge, it makes no difference if they were to attack when the opponent could instantly kill five of them. The Second Head also knew this was not possible and immediately shouted:


He was still supporting Di Yunqin, and Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s target was Di Yunqin. When the Second Head saw that the gaze of Brain-Eating Terror Hog was fixated on Di Yunqiu, he instantly understood.

“You should go!”

The Second Head pushed Di Yunqiu to Brain-Eating Terror Hog without a thought, but Di Yunqiu seemed to have anticipated this and grasped tightly on the Second Head’s right arm.

The Second Head was unable to shrug Di Yunqiu off when Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s attack had arrived.


The Second Head suddenly took out a blade and hacked off his right arm. Di Yunqiu looked with shock in his eyes as he was pierced by the tusks of Brain-Eating Terror Hog after the Second Head sacrificed his arm. Di Yunqiu’s skull was crushed with a bite of the Brain-Eating Terror Hog, turning into hog feed.

However, Yang Tian’s order to Brain-Eating Terror Hog was to kill Di Yunqiu and any of his companions if they were present.

Thus the metahumans that came to meet Di Yunqiu have been treated as his companions by Brain-Eating Terror Hog.

With Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s current abilities, it only took a few minutes to kill all of them, leaving behind a pile of headless corpses.

Brain-Eating Terror Hog seems to be pouting when it left, as though it was not satisfied with the taste this time.

After Brain-Eating Terror Hog took its leave, a figure covered in black energy appeared.

“The Warblade Monster Hunters died just like that?” he was slightly surprised.

From the energy emitted by him, this person’s ability was similar to Di Yuqiu, just that his stealth capability was extraordinarily high and could avoid being detected by Brain-Eating Terror Hog.

The black figure inspected each corpse before leaving the scene.

The blood from the headless bodies soon attracted insects roaming nearby, especially Di Yunqiu’s corpse, the body of a High Rank 3 was very nutritious, the insects did not even miss a single piece of bone and devoured everything.

At the same time, Yang Tian obtained some interesting news.

The zombies of the Fog Country have been destroyed by the insects. Even the Commander Zombie ruling the Fog Country has become food for the insects as well.

That Captain-Tier Commander Zombie possessed Peak Rank 3 fighting power, in fact, the Fog Country was undoubtedly not weaker than the Four Great Families of A City. In fact, the fearless spirit of the zombies should make them even stronger than the Wang Family.

The destruction of the Fog Country pointed to many issues, it also serves as a warning to all the organizations within A City. They knew how powerful Fog Country was and if Fog Country could fall due to the Insect Waves, they would not fare any better as well.

Also, as the Insect Wave became more and more powerful, they were beginning to feel the pressure. Especially after the raid done by twenty Peak Rank 3 insects, it made them feel burdened.

Would they be able to block them the next time?

This was the question running through every human within A City.

Yang Tian remembered that Insects occupied the most cities of the Twenty-Three Main Cities located within the Celestial Empire, a total of nine cities. This shows how terrifying the Insect Race was.

Yang Tian’s Sky Halberd King Manor was one of the Twenty-Three Main Cities and he had developed it to an enormous territory called the Sky Halberd Domain. The Sky Halberd King Manor was occupied by plant-type monsters in his previous life and was named the Magic Domain, but it had fallen into Yang Tian’s control this time.

Yang Tian closed his eyes and used his mental power to sketch the map of the Celestial Empire within his mind. A City was located at the southwestern position of Celestial Empire, of the Twenty-Three Main Cities that spread throughout the Celestial Empire, the closest one to them was northeast of A City, two hundred kilometers away.

“That is… Myriad Poison Insect City.”

As its name explained, all the insects in that place were poisonous. Due to the weak physiques of Beast Tamers, it was also the city that Yang Tian had not wanted to visit the most in his previous life as you might be severely poisoned and would faint on the spot the moment one got careless. Without a strong physique, it was not advisable to venture too deeply into Myriad Poison Insect City.