I Am Loaded With Passive Skills

Chapter 1616 - 1616 Go, From White Cave to Abyss Island! (4)

Chapter 1616 - 1616 Go, From White Cave to Abyss Island! (4)

1616 Go, From White Cave to Abyss Island! (4)
Wait a minute!

Ghost Beast? Elder Han?

Elder Han came from the Inner Island!

No, this was definitely related to Bazhun’an’s plan.

If he met Elder Han again, he would risk losing his second true body to confirm his position.


Only when he knew the purpose of Elder Han’s actions would he not become a muddleheaded chess piece and become wiser after all that happened.

Yes, there were more!

Dao Qiongcang was known to be unpredictable. If he saw through Bazhun’an’s plan… No, he must have already seen through it, so he would definitely stop it.

If I were Dao Qiongcang, how would I stop him?

Rao Yaoyao, Saint?


Xu Xiaoshou’s heart surged wildly. So was there a connection?

Not only that! If I were Dao Qiongcang, given Rao Yaoyao’s stupidity, I definitely wouldn’t have been the only chess piece on the Abyss Island used to stop Bazhun’an’s plan.

Therefore, I would send more people over.

He was a Demi-Saint!

If the Holy Emperor didn’t consider it, then it would take more Demi-Saints to go to the Abyss Island to successfully stop Bazhun’an.

One fought with Bazhun’an and the other fought with Water Ghost.

After Rao Yaoyao became a Saint, she could be used as a general and chess piece to fight against the remaining Demi-Saints among the Saint Servant.

Jiang Buyi was also here.

At this critical moment, he could also be used as a temporary measure.

Although I don’t know how to use him, if I were Dao Qiongcang, I would definitely be able to use him as a chess piece!

In that case, I should at least send two more Demi-Saints over…

This was only the bottom line!

Xu Xiaoshou was drenched in cold sweat. He suddenly realized another benefit to his crazy identity change.

At least, if these people really existed and came, they wouldn’t have recognized him immediately and casually destroyed Xu Xiaoshou, a chess piece that always stirred up trouble.

“Brother Chen?”

“Brother Chen?”

“Chen Shu!”
Gu Qinger’s sudden roar roused Xu Xiaoshou from his reverie

“What’s wrong with you?”

Gu Qinger looked at his savior’s pale face with a puzzled expression.

We only talked about Yu Lingdi being strung up, why were you so scared?

You’re not Yu Lingdi!

“It’s fine. I just thought of a small matter.”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand and tried to suppress the shock in his heart.

He hoped luck was on his side. Perhaps all of this was just his own imagination, and he had been blindly implicated?


Heh, if his plan was so awesome, how was he sent to the Inner Island of the Abyss Island back then?

“Let’s go inside.”

Xu Xiaoshou was not in the mood to stay here, nor did he care about Yu Lingdi. All he wanted to do now was to quickly get rid of the death countdown in his mind.

He had a premonition…

A storm was imminent, and the dark night was coming!

At that time, if he still had a death countdown in his mind, even if he hid, it would be pointless, so he had to get rid of this troublesome thing as soon as possible.

Gu Qingyi saw that Brother Chen had suddenly lost the desire to talk, so he didn’t say anything and followed him into the great hall.

The main hall of Zhen Huang Palace was huge.

As soon as Xu Xiaoshou walked in, he saw the giant statue that Gu Qingyi had mentioned before.

It was very similar to the form of the Void General in his impression. This statue was about ten feet tall and filled with aura. It was one of the few things in the great hall that was covered with dust and spider webs that bore the traces of time.

It was clad in black tattered armor and held a black trident in its hand. It did not look like Fei, Yoo or Hong… Hmm, it’s similar to the hidden tenth-in-command Saint Servant that I know!

“Void General, Sin?”

Xu Xiaoshou stared at the statue and spoke. Up until now, he had not sensed any signs of life from the statue.

As soon as he spoke, the giant statue’s eyelids lifted. Light appeared in its eyes, and the aura of Holy Power spread out faintly.

“Sinner… Why…visit… Zhen Huang Palace…”

As expected, it spoke very slowly!

Xu Xiaoshou waited for a long time before the statue finished its sentence.

However, he was already used to it. After all, there was a similar existence in his soul space.

He pondered for a moment and said the only thing he could rely on so he could travel to the center of the unknown storm vortex.

“Hello, I want to redeem a Death Exemption Token. How much is it?”