Hero? I've Long Stopped Being One

Chapter 3

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Volume 1 – Chapter 3: Again and Again…

"It seems like I've done something completely unnecessary?" Lin Jie watched the constantly retreating DeciNobles members and said, "Come to think of it, just a moment ago they were acting so cool, handling these guys shouldn't be all that difficult."

"Deciobles!! Decinobles!! Decinobles!!" At this moment, the people who had made a circle around the scene began to cheer on Decinobles' members.

"Stop stop!! This is a misunderstanding! We don't know who that b*stard youngster is at all!" Highborn Denary shouted out while retreating two steps. Honestly, he was just a person with some experience being a middleman in business deals and managed to get ahold of some gene enhancement drugs. He also learned quite a bit of karate. But his strength had only reached the standard of Level D.

"Decinobles!! Decinobles!!…" Such a pity that the cheers completely covered up anything Decinobles tried to say.

"What'd you say? B*stard? You're ridiculing me?" But as a result of the loud and confusing cheers, the Decinobles' words only served to enrage the Black Hand leader even further.

"Wait wait! I…" Before he could finish speaking, a huge fist fell onto his stomach. Highborn Denary's whole body flew out into the air. The other four Decinobles members no longer kept their picture perfect poses, and all rushed towards Black Hand's leader.

In the following 15 minutes, with one punch for each of the Decinobles, each member had been sent flying out into the air.

"Eh? After transforming his body, his strength and reaction speed is much better than the DeciNobles' members." Lin Jie looked at the fight in front of him and said.

Sure enough, just like what Lin Jie predicted, the Decinobles' members got up shaking and dazed. The crowd standing in a circle around them once again erupted in thunderous cheers.

"Do your best! Decinobles!!!"

Right then, while everyone was still cheering, Highborn Denary stood up once again and suddenly vomited out some foam from his mouth. And just like that, the straight and upright Highborn Denary once again fell to the ground with his body occasionally twitching a few times

"……" The crowd suddenly lapsed into silence, and then once again erupted with frightened screams and shouts.

"………" Looking at the crowd running in all directions and at Decinobles' members on the ground, unable to get up, Lin Jie couldn't help but say: "Alright then, that's pretty creative, only when they hit the ground, they should've instead taken a more casual and laid-back pose."

The Black Hand's leader did not give a sh*t about the crowd running away, and moved directly towards the Decinobles' clan members. The surrounding armed police officers were simply sent flying by the with exploding, now-airborne cars.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! I didn't think that after becoming a superhero only one a day ago, I would meet such a formidable opponent to let me become famous all over" A young man walked out from the midst of the crowd, he wore metal equipment and was moving towards them: "I am the newly registered E-level hero known as Zhan Chen, it's really good that I can use you to prove my strength."

Hearing the words of the young man, the Black Hand's leader subconsciously said: "A one-sided slaughter costs 500,000, an evenly matched battle is 300,000, preparing a roasting script beforehand adds an extra 50,000, when acting in places that are especially dangerous, an escape route needs to be prepared beforehand and all corresponding medical expenses are to be paid for as well."


"Oh, that's right, we also have the 《Beat us up, we grovel, and you pretend to be B-level》the complete package only costs 998'000." The Black Hand's leader habitually replied.

"Oh, then I want the package that costs 998,000." Saying that, the young man subconsciously took out a check. But he immediately came to his sense, "I almost got pulled in by you, but I am a just and righteous hero! There's no way I would ever pay money to improve my reputation!"

Zhan Chen pointed at him while righteously speaking.

"Oh, so it was like this. I thought this all felt weird! So they were paying to carry!" To the side, Lin Jie watched the bustling scene in front of him and then suddenly understood, "What I just did made them both come to a misunderstanding."

"Not here for business? Then scram! What happens here has got nothing to do with you; today I will annihilate these bastards that dared to deceive me!" The Black Hand's leader said.

Disregarding everything he said, the challenger stood in front of the fallen Decinobles.

"There's nothing left for me to say, I am just here to fight you. There's no way I could let you hurt other people." Zhan Chen said as he put on a pair of metal gauntlets, and pointed to the giant in front of him, "Let me show you the great power of my force amplifier gauntlets. It's a weapon that can even blow away elephants!"

After saying all that, Zhan Chen activated the reactor in the palm of his hand…

And then crazily flew up into the air like a balloon in of which the air inside suddenly found a point of escape.

"…That's just a damned rocket," Lin Jie said in exasperation.

"……" The Black Hand's leader just blankly stared at Zhan Chen flying about chaotically in the air, "I've been a terrorist for ten years, but this is the first time I've ever met such a stupid superhero."

"I didn't think that… blargh! Even under my attack… for you to remain silent… blargh!" While Zhan Chen was vomiting, he still managed to face the Black Hand's leader and with difficulty say, "I acknowledge that you are qualified to… blargh… be my rival."

Facing this idiot's provocation, the Black Hand's leader decided to completely disregard him even as the puke sprinkled over from above. He continued moving towards the Decinobles, and when his hand was just about to grab onto Highborn Denary's neck; god only knows where but Zhan Chen pulled out a rod.

"Feel the electrifying power of my 100'000 volt rod!" Said Zhan Chen as he moved towards the Black Hand's leader and struck out.

The Black Hand's leader turned his head, and grabbed the rod in Zhan Chen's hands with one hand. Subsequently, he faced a random direction and swung with great power before the rod was ripped out of Zhan Chen's hands. Not only that, his whole body also went flying towards where Lin Jie was standing.

"Oi, you alright?" Lin Jie asked.

"Don't worry, as a hero, I won't have any issues." Zhan Chen replied.

"Oh, well then, get up and fight!"

"Of course." Saying this, Zhan Chen once again stood up and then took out a pair of forks, "Today I will let you experience the power of my Evil Electrocuting Elutriating Electrified Pitchforks!!"

"Evil Elutriating Electrocuting Pitchforks?" (T/N after a long discussion with everyone working on this novel, I overruled them all and put this name :D)

Zhan Chen rushed forward before Lin Jie could finish asking. Before being thrown back a few seconds later.

"You alright?"

"All fine."

"Then go fight again!"

"Oh" Saying this, Zhan Chen once again jumped up, "Come and experience the horror of my Super Homing Throwing Knives!"

A few seconds later.

"Returned again?" Lin Jie asked.

"Ngh" Zhan Chen grunted.

"You alright?"

"All fine."

"Well, then go and fight!"

"Ugh… feel the wrath of my High Tech Electron Blaster!…"

Just like this, he tested out his inventions around ten more times.

"You alright?" Lin Jie asked as before.

"I can't go on anymore…" Zhan Chen said as he laid on the floor. "I am a hero that depends on smarts, from the beginning there was no way for me to break through this tank's defense…"

"It's quite obvious, your combat ability is only a five."

"Tch. You understand shit." Zhan Chen said then looked towards the Black Hand's leader who was again heading towards Highborn Denary, "There's nothing I can do, I really don't even have the strength to move; fortunately I still have one more weapon left. Three month old socks from Old Wang next door."

Saying that, Zhan Chen fished out a box from his backpack and carefully and cautiously opened the box, before taking the objects inside the box and flinging it with all his strength at the Black Hand's leader.

The socks that carried such a disgustingly strong stink directly landed on top of the Black Hand leader's forehead.

"You wretched mosquito! I've decided! I will demolish you first!" The Black Hand's leader shouted as he tossed Highborn Denary to the side.

"You see that? I've succeeded in saving them." Zhan Chen looked at Lin Jie and said.

"But, you're toast."

"……" Zhan Chen paused for a moment as he looked at the aggressive Black Hand's leader walk over in an imposing manner, "I was focused on trying to save others, but I forgot about myself! F*** I never thought that the handsome me, would have to die in such a place. Brother, quickly run away! It's dangerous by my side."

"You two scoundrels will not get away today!!" As Black Hand's leader said as he rushed towards the two of them.

"You run first! I'll block him!" Zhan Chen said.

"You obviously can't defeat him, why don't you run?" Lin Jie curiously asked him.

"It's because I am a superhero, I must protect civilians, how could I be the first to run away?" Zhan Chen stated.

However, while they were talking, the Black Hand's leader had rushed right in front of them. It was at this moment, however, that Lin Jie moved in front of Zhan Chen.

"You, a hero? I haven't cared about that thing since a long time ago." Lin Jie muttered to himself in a low voice. While saying that, he took out a morning star, it was taller than a normal human from his bosom.

"Well F*ck, where did you manage to hide such a savage looking weapon?" Zhan Chen was amazed as he said, "Are you a magician? If you put that stick back into your bosom won't you stab yourself?"

However, Zhan Chen witnessed an even more amazing sight as Lin Jie held the morning star in one hand and swung it towards the Black Hand leader's head with it.

The Black Hand leader fell to the ground and immediately lost consciousness. From the time he had brandished the staff until the time the Black Hand's leader dropped to the ground was, if you added it all together, only about three seconds long!

"Unexpectedly just one strike was enough to take out that tanky defense!" Amazed, Zhan Chen looked towards the young man in front of him. His eyes sparkled and he said, "Let's form a team! It will absolutely become history's strongest team!"

"Not interested." Lin Jie answered back.

"It's enough If I'm interested." Zhan Chen pulled on Lin Jie who wanted to head back home, "Brother, you can get rid of this freak's incredible strength, I have powerful equipment and a brain that surpasses the ordinary person. We just need to form a team together and we will definitely become an awesome superhero team."

"You? Your equipment is powerful and your brain exceeds that of an ordinary person?" Lin Jie was astonished as he looked at Zhan Chen, "

"You don't understand my true strength, if I had brought my gear today, then he would've long since been run over."


After a not too long period of time, the Hero Association's backup arrived at the scene. Leading them was a white-haired beautiful but temperamental looking woman.

"Can you explain the situation here to me?"

"Oh?" Zhan Chen looked amazed at the sight of the beautiful temperamental woman, "Wow, it's actually the B-Level hero, the Wintry Witch! Can you give me your signature? You're an idol I absolutely worship!"

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