Global Cultivation: First-time Top-up for the Ultimate Destiny Treasure

Global Cultivation: First-time Top-up for the Ultimate Destiny Treasure

The Heavenly Voice was bestowed upon the world, and so the calendar of the Great Dao began. The world entered a new age of digitized cultivation. Humanity activated the immortal destiny seal to become cultivators.

They toiled for their lives and powers — cultivation and breathing cycles, resources collection, divine powers and methods, spells, pill crafting, and weapon forging, they didn’t miss out on anything.

However, when Su Yi activated his seal, he activated a Recharging System. Recharging by spending any amount of money and he would receive the First Recharge Gift Pack:

Treasure of destiny — Starry Sea Bottle [Able to purify pills of any quality to become ultimate celestial-tier]

[Cash in 111 yuan, receive Mental Cultivation Technique Rewards Pack: ‘Art of Longevity’]

[Spend 500 yuan, receive Pill Crafting Gift Pack: ‘Time Pill Technique’]

[Spend 1000 yuan, receive Spell Gift Pack: ‘Tiangang Swords Finger’]

[Accumulate enough cash to become VIP1, activated function: Dao Treasures Fishing]

After many years in the calendar of the Great Dao, Su Yi stood atop the clouds as the ancestor of the Great Dao. With one casual strike of his fist, the sky collapsed, the earth shattered and the origin of powers was crushed. Across all of the worlds, no god dared to provoke him!

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Chapter 354 - Meeting Nie Ling Again, We Will Meet Again in the End

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