Feng Mang

Chapter 25

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Li Shang accepted the limb lengthening surgery, the doctor would cut off the bones at his limbs, connect the two by penetrating both ends with two steel needles, then use a 10 pounds external fixator device to attach them to the outside. In this way, it would stimulate the bones, muscles, and nerves, increasing the value of blood vessels within the cell division in order to achieve rapid growth purposes.

The surgery had ended two days ago, the pain had not alleviated but only got more and more intense, several times Li Shang wanted to call the doctor to help him return to normal, but at the thought of the price, he could only clench his teeth.

However, this was just the beginning of a nightmare.

On the third day, the doctor began to rotate the screws on top of the external fixator device, forcing it to stretch 1 millimeter. During the implementation process Li Shang almost fainted from the pain, the ward was like a slaughter scene filled with howls and yells making one’s hair stand on end.

The most difficult times were in the evenings, the hospital bed was like a punishment rack where Li Shang was being tortured on top, he didn't dare to make a phone call because he was afraid that once he opened his mouth, he would call for help. This kind of loneliness, helplessness, and suffering, later on, he would always feel his blood run cold when he remembered all of this.

Apart from the two days of preparation and the two days of recovery, Li Shang endured a total of ten days of inhuman torture!

In these ten days, he had lost thirteen pounds!

The legs couldn't reach the set standard so the liposuction was exempt, but his buttocks needed a fat filling, this would successfully create an artificial 'number 1 standard male'.

In a split second when the steel needles were taken out, Li Shang's greatest feeling was:

People's money didn't automatically flow within reach. No matter how it was obtained, one still had to pay an equal amount.

The next day, Liang Jing drove a car over to pick him up.

According to the normal medical procedures, the recovery period would take at least three months, at this time Li Shang basically couldn't step a foot on the ground. However, there was nothing that could be done, this time Wang Zhong Ding had opened his mouth and wanted to meet him, even if there was a nail on the floor, Li Shang also had to shed blood and step on it.

Li Shang thought that the pain had already passed, but in an instant when his legs touched the floor, he knew what hell was. The unbearable pain eating into his bones nearly made him suffocate, let alone move, even shaking a bit would cause him to become dizzy.

“Why don't we help him get in the car?” The bodyguard next to Li Shang asked for instructions.

Liang Jing flatly refused, “No, he has to walk over by himself. If he's unable to walk now, when we get to Mr. Wang's place, he won't be able to walk then."

Li Shang already had no way out, he had endured the cruel torture and now if he gave up, it wouldn't just be a pity but something even more terrible. Moreover, he just needed to walk a few steps and when he returned he could also continue to be nursed back to health.

Thinking like that, Li Shang shut down his own sensory system and tragically finished walking the road.

“Mr. Wang, I have brought someone.” Liang Jing said.

Li Shang had some difficulty with manipulating his facial muscles, “Hello Mr. Wang, my name is Li Shang.”

Wang Zhong Ding nodded with a smile and then took a look at Li Shang, without any instrument he could see that his figure had met the requirements.

“You are really good.” Wang Zhong Ding said to Liang Jing.

Liang Jing smiled and said, “It has nothing to do with me, it is all him."

Unexpectedly, Wang Zhong Ding then changed the direction of the topic, “The data is correct, but it doesn't feel right.”

Liang Jing’s face instantly stiffened and he became cold, “What do you mean?”

“Some changes and adjustments have been made to the script, the male lead has to be undercover before the preferences were simply about the 'appearance', now it has completely changed into 'character.’ I need a person who can dress in woman clothes and not only be shockingly stunning, but that person also has to be able to handle a butcher’s cleaver with ease, they need to have a good figure that can be changed back and forth between male-female flawlessly.

(T/N: handling a butcher’s cleaver with ease = to do sth skillfully and easily)

Liang Jing's desire to 'lift the table and leave' had already rushed to the top of his head, with the connections and resources in his hands, he could jump to any company and be able to thrive, he completely didn't need to be humiliated like this. However, as Li Shang had suffered the torment, like a person who had to pay a very high price, he lost the courage to gamble.

“But……” Wang Zhong Ding stared at the bead of sweat the size of a bean on Li Shang's forehead that had unwillingly started to slowly condense and roll down, then he opened his golden mouth: "This person can be nurtured."