Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Her Original Lowly Destiny

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Gu Qiqi rode her electric scooter and rushed all the way back to the Gu family’s residence.

She didn’t hear how Zhu Fen phoned Gu Xuexue in anger behind her. “Xue Xue! That moronic older sister of yours went crazy today. She actually dared to drive her car into me and even kept repeating that she was going to become a doctor. I’m so furious!”

“Shouldn’t she be in the emergency room? Helping your father out?” Gu Xuexue’s sweet voice calmly replied.

Moronic older sister? Hehehe. She was very satisfied with this name.

Although Gu Qiqi’s school results had always been better than hers—she had always been a so-called “top student” from a young age—she had always been a fool in Gu Xuexue’s eyes!

Gu Qiqi knew nothing besides studying; she didn’t even know how to read people’s moods!

Could this kind of person inherit the Gu family? Give me a break.

“That moronic older sister of yours slipped away!

“What?” Gu Xuexue’s tone turned slightly anxious, “Haven’t we already decided on giving her an unforgettable lesson tonight? You were to let your father bring her to the operating table, make a small mistake and push the blame to her so that she would be punished?”

“I… I told my dad already and he agreed. Xue Xue, don’t worry. Even if we don’t succeed this time, there’s s-still next time…” Zhu Fen was at a loss for words.

She had been so preoccupied in quarreling with Gu Qiqi just now that she actually forgot about this matter. Otherwise, no matter what, she would definitely hold onto Gu Qiqi so that she couldn’t leave.”

“Next time?” Gu Xuexue’s sweet tone turned frosty. “Don’t you know that it’s almost time to hand in our college entrance exam professional ambitions? How can I wait for the next time? Forget it, I won’t talk to you anymore.”

Gu Xuexue hung up the call in annoyance and swore at Zhu Fen—this pighead—countless times.

Initially, she had thought of getting her beauty sleep since things would naturally go according to her mother’s plan. And once she awoke, she would be able to hear the news that Gu Qiqi had been punished. But something had gone wrong in the middle of the night instead.

What should I do?

Gu Xuexue lost her desire to sleep completely.

She bounced off the bed and went to knock on her mother’s—Gu Meifeng—door.

“Mom, it’s terrible. That moron actually dared to slack off and she didn’t help with Department Head Zhu’s surgery. Our plan can’t progress to the next stage anymore.”

Gu Meifeng might already be in her mid-forties, but she was still an attractive woman. Her snow-pink pajamas were actually in the same style as the one on Gu Xuexue’s body, so they looked like sisters.

But she was much calmer than Gu Xuexue and smiled confidently. “Baby, don’t worry. As long as the college entrance exam booklet is in our hands, she won’t be able to create an upheaval. With any random reason, I can just persuade her father so that she won’t be able to enter a medical school.”

Gu Xuexue breathed a sigh of relief and spoke coquettishly, “Mommy, then you must definitely tell Elder Uncle. Elder Uncle will surely listen to your every word.”

An unnoticeable touch of pride flashed across Gu Meifeng’s eyes, but the smile on her face remained faint. “That’s because he knows that only we can help out with the Gu family’s business, while that moron and her younger brother only know how to idle about and use up his fortune. They’ve squandered away all of his assets!”

“But that moron is a very scheming b*tch. She always seems very sensible and doesn’t spend money recklessly—she didn’t even want a compact car. She rides an electric scooter to and fro class…”

“Heh heh, what use is it to be frugal on this kind of thing? Do you know how much money we have to spend to fund the terminal illness of that sickly invalid brother of hers?” Gu Meifeng extended a thickly manicured fingernail and flipped it around. “The minimum medical fees for a month starts from 500,000 while a single visit to the intensive care unit starts from 100,000 a day! That’s about a million dollars gone in a flash in just under a month!”

Gu Xuexue was speechless. She then became enraged. “How hateful! Spending our Gu family’s money!”

It felt like Gu Qiqi was gouging out her flesh.

“A man always weighs everything by his interests. If you want an obedient man, you have to grasp onto his most important ‘weakness’ well, so that he won’t be able to leave you. What is ‘love is in the air’? Heh heh,” Gu Meifeng laughed coldly. “That’s for coaxing little children.”

“But Mommy, I think that Elder Uncle treats you wholeheartedly…” Gu Xuexue didn’t manage to finish her sentence.

Gu Meifeng’s expression changed abruptly, “Hold your tongue! The walls have ears!”

How could these reckless words be spoken publicly?

Gu Qiushan and her were nominal siblings.

Gu Xuexue realized that she had just revealed that unspeakable secret, so she spoke with a frantic look on her face. “Mom, I think that I heard the sound of an electric scooter downstairs. Is that moron back?”

“She came back at the right time,” Gu Meifeng wore a calm expression on her face. “It’s time to let her be aware of what her own lowly destiny should be like.”