Dark Blood Age

Chapter 735 - Oops, he was hit again

Chapter 735: Chapter 735 Oops, he was hit again

“Originally, I didn’t want to kill you, but since you want to kill this boy, then there is no need for me to spare you either.”

After Jacob was knocked out, Chu Yunsheng finally gained control of his body. Holding a thick cloud of smoke and while his golden hair was fluttering in the air, he walked step by step towards the woman in blue who was moving back in terror on the ground.

“Boy, you are, you are… you are the undead that exists in their legend! ?”

The cool-looking man completely forgot that he was still in a dangerous situation. He pointed at Chu Yunsheng’s back in astonishment and shouted loudly.

Chu Yunsheng did not turn his head. He simply waved his hand and threw a wisp of dense smoke he was holding towards the cool-looking man on the ground. The gas that was suddenly released, lost its restraint and blew away the cool-looking man.

“I will deal with you later. Manipulating my host? You have a death wish!” While walking toward the woman, Chu Yunsheng said coldly. He still wasn’t looking at the cool-looking man that had fallen to the ground again heavily and tumbled toward the roadside.

“What did I do? Hey, do you need any help?” The man stopped tumbling after hitting a big tree on the side of the road. He was taken aback for a moment when he heard what Chu Yunsheng said and then asked shamelessly.

“Shut up!”

Chu Yunsheng reached out his hand, pointed his finger backward, and said coldly, “say one more word, I will kill you first.”

The cool-looking man touched his beard and pulled out a broken bloody tooth from his bloody mouth. After spitting the blood in his mouth onto the ground, he simply wiped his hand on his body. He then took out a cigarette from his pocket, leaned against a big tree, and took a deep drag. After blowing out the smoke comfortably, he scratched the messy hair that hadn’t been washed for many days and muttered,

“So ungrateful.”

Chu Yunsheng ignored him. He arrived before the blue-clothed woman and reached out his hand. The bayonet that had fallen on the ground flew up and flew toward his palm.

“What’s your name? Who is your leader? Where is he? If you say it, I will let you live, if you don’t say it, you will die. I always keep my words.” He looked over the tip of the knife and looked down at the woman’s delicate face.

Disrupted by the cool-looking man, Jacob collapsed on the spot, so Chu Yunsheng’s plan to follow them back to their base had been completely ruined. Now he could only get information from them.

The Sixth Era Leader would not easily leave his information behind, so he must find the ruler of vampires in the Seventh Era to find clues.

“My name is Ashe Murphy. You can kill me, but I won’t say anything else.” The blue-clothed woman was seriously injured. Facing the powerful force that Chu Yunsheng showed since the moment he appeared, she knew she had no hope of escape. She simply closed her eyes, calmly waiting for death to come.

The cool-looking man beside the big tree interrupted and said: “She won’t tell you. She comes from a family that is notoriously strict.”

Chu Yunsheng shot out a fragment, accurately cutting the cigarette in the mouth of the cool-looking. Then he squatted down, pinched the smooth chin of the woman in blue clothes, and said, “Open your eyes and look at me.”

The cool-looking man wiped his nose, looked at the cigarette that had suddenly broken silently between his fingers, and said gloomily, “I’m trying to help you. What did you do this for? It is my special cigarette. Ah, what a shame… Speaking of which, how did you do it just now? That’s a pretty cool move!”

Ashe frowned and opened her azure blue eyes. Her eyes were very beautiful, clear, and clean, like two pretty crystals.

Even if without looking at her beautiful curvy body and delicate and impeccable face, a normal man would not be able to stop his heart from beating fast when looking at those enchanting eyes. Chu Yunsheng frowned. The third mysterious force in his zero-dimensional space suddenly moved restlessly.

Recently, as he stored more and more black gas and controlled more and more pieces of Wuzhi Fragment, the power of the third mysterious force also began to increase and become more and more restless. It was like a volcano that could erupt at any time.

But after all, he was someone who had been through many things; so soon, he suppressed the third mysterious force and said sternly,

“Ashe? You have to understand one thing, I am not asking you anything, I am giving you a chance, giving all vampires a chance. You may not believe it, but I still want to tell you that I know everything about your origin. You are just the pawns that someone used to deal with me. But he underestimated me. If I want, I can wipe you out from this planet!”

Ashe was looking at Chu Yunsheng. From the eyes of Chu Yunsheng, she keenly caught a flash of strong desire. No matter how fast Chu Yunsheng suppressed the desire, she had seen many gazes like this before.

For example, her sire often looked at her with such an unbridled gaze, which made her feel very uncomfortable. At this moment, she suddenly remembered the words her sire had said in the past. It instantly made her unable to control herself but curled up her body. She was not afraid of being violated, but she didn’t like to be touched by men. Just the thought of it made her feel sick.

“I can also tell you that even if I don’t kill you all, the people who created you will wipe you out to remove all the traces that can potentially lead back to him in the future. Therefore, in the whole world, only I can protect you.” Chu Yunsheng raised his head and glanced at the cool-looking man who was trying to get up. His hand that was holding Ashe’s face began to press harder, and his tone became heavier, “I don’t have much patience, now tell me.”

“Just kill me.” Ashe’s eyes suddenly became very calm when she looked at Chu Yunsheng again. Thinking that maybe this was also a way to escape from her sire’s control, she sighed slightly in her heart.

The cool-looking man under the root of the big tree waved his hand and shouted, “Hey, hello, Mr. Undead, be careful, the other one is not dead yet. He got up!”

Chu Yunsheng didn’t need him to remind him. Glancing at the handsome man’s movements, he suddenly had an idea. He let go of the woman and coldly said, “If you don’t tell me, I will kill him first!”

He jumped up from the ground, dashed out like a gust of wind, arriving before the handsome man in the blink of an eye, and threw a kick. The man was sent flying high up in the air, and then landed heavily on the ground.

“Deere, go! Just leave me here!” Ashe rolled over and crawled on the ground. “Your speed is the fastest among us, he will not be able to catch up with you!” She shouted.

The handsome man’s body was indeed strong. He got up from the ground again and stared coldly at Chu Yunsheng. Then he suddenly turned into a series of afterimages, disappearing from the place where he got up. From this, it could be clearly seen how fast his speed was.

“The speed of vampires is really fucking fast!” the cool-looking lit a cigarette again and praised sincerely in foul language.

“So what if he is fast?” Chu Yunsheng moved back to Ashe quickly, picked her up, and then appeared before the tree where the cool-looking man was in the next moment. He threw Ashe next to the cool-looking man, grabbed the cigarette he had just lit but hadn’t had time to smoke, and said, “your name?”

“Fuck, do you have any manners? Don’t you dare think that you are the Undead King, you can talk to me in this tone. The vampire is afraid of you, but I am not. At worst, I will just die.” The cool-looking man was very angry. However, unlike what he said, what he was really angry at was that Chu Yunsheng had taken away his cigarette. For a smoker, there was nothing more infuriating than having their cigarette taken away from them.

“Your name?” Chu Yunsheng found all the cigarettes from the man’s body and asked again. If he still refused to answer, then those cigarettes would definitely be gone in the next second.

“Shit! Alright, alright, you won. My name is Ba Yi. Now, give back my cigarette!” the cool-looking man immediately admitted defeat without any shame. But when he just reached out his hand, he suddenly said, “Be careful, that guy didn’t leave, he is coming!”

“Keep eyes on her. If she dies, your cigarettes will be gone as well!” Chu Yunsheng shoved all the cigarettes into his pocket and said. Before disappearing, he added, “don’t try to run, because you will never be able to outrun me!”

What Chu Yunsheng used was still the nine diagrams of body movements. Although it was a very basic and low-level technique, it was the technique he was familiar with the most. Plus years of modifying and improving the technique, the nine diagrams of body movements he was using now was not something that the old diagrams could compare with.

Deere’s shadow could barely be seen under the moonlight, however, no one could tell where Chu Yunsheng was and where he might appear.

Whenever Deere showed his figure, a black shadow would appear in front of him, and struck him in the head. When Deere disappeared again, the black shadow also disappeared.

In the woods, on the highway, by the big stone… Every time he appeared, he would be hit by Chu Yunsheng. Originally, it looked like Deere wanted to sneak attack Chu Yunsheng; but soon, it looked like Deere was trying to get rid of Chu Yunsheng, but unable to outrun him at all.

“Run! Don’t come back!” Ashe had already realized that there was no way Deere would be able to save her. Seeing Deere was hit repeatedly, she shouted anxiously.

Ba Yi repeatedly shook his head and said: “stop shouting, he won’t run away alone. Oops, he was hit again, so sad.”

Although he said it like this, there were no tears in his eyes, he was simply trying to mock them.

Just like what Ba Yi said, although Deere was beaten down on the ground repeatedly, he still tenaciously got up again and again. His body was covered with blood, and his speed became slower and slower, but he never gave up moving toward the tree and trying to save Ashe, who was caught by them.

After kicking him to the ground again and seeing that he was unable to get up after several attempts, Chu Yunsheng returned to the tree with Ba Yi’s shotgun in his hand.

“Bullet!” He simply said.

“You are really cruel.” Ba Yi said, seemingly feeling sympathetic to Deere who was lying in a puddle of blood.

His tone was full of sympathy. When Ashe heard it, even if she knew that it was impossible, she couldn’t help but look at Ba Yi pleadingly, hoping that he would not take the bullets out and give them to Chu Yunsheng.

However, Ba Yi completely ignored the look in her eyes. While sympathizing, he took out the bag tied around his waist. He had obviously taken out a lot, but he still pretended as if he didn’t want to and said reluctantly, “This stuff is very expensive. Don’t waste it.”

“You!” Ashe was angry.

Ba Yi suddenly turned his face and looked at her coldly, his murderous eyes filled with incomparable coldness, “In 1987, in a town called Sophie in the west, there was a family of six with a three-year-old girl. It was you who slaughtered them all! And you want me to spare your life!”

“It was not us!” Ashe’s body suddenly shook and she argued.

Ba Yi snorted coldly and stopped talking.

Chu Yunsheng glanced at the two of them, then looked at Deere who was in a puddle of blood, and said while filling the bullets slowly, “Ashe, you have one last chance, do you want to tell me or not?”