Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Forbidden Magic


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“Try it on.”

Joelson smiled and said to Leas.

Leas nodded

She took the clothes Joelson bought for her and obediently walked into the room.

Joelson drank the black tea provided in the hotel while he waited.

After returning from the academy, he bought some clothes for Leas when he passed by the clothing store.

Leas slowly walked out of the room. She was a little shy, and her face was slightly red.

She was somewhat not used to human clothes.

However, Joelson was stunned by Leas’ new image.

She had light golden, long hair, snow-white skin, and exquisite facial features. Her sky-blue eyes were like a clear lake, and there were faint ripples of shyness in them.


Paired with the most popular waist-tied long dress in the capital, her upper body accentuated her graceful curves, and on her lower body was a skirt with a fluffy belt and ruffled lace.

She was just like a real noble girl, filled with a tender temperament that made people feel pity for her.

“Put this on again.”

Her pointy long ears were covered by a pink satin headband, so that no one could see the identity of the elf Leas was anymore.


“Not bad.”

Joelson walked in front of her, his eyes full of admiration and praise for her.

“Very beautiful.”

A hint of red appeared on her face. She did not dare to look directly into Joelson’s clear eyes.

She also liked it very much. A human’s dress was indeed much more beautiful than the traditional elf clothing.


“From now on, you can be my personal maid.”

Joelson thought for a moment and said.

The rules of the Tulip Magic Academy allowed the bringing of servants.

After all, most of the students were nobles, and the academy did not allow people to come and go as they pleased. It was impossible for them to do all the daily chores by themselves, and they still needed servants to do it.

Joelson looked at Leas’ shy and beautiful face, and he could smell the fresh and pleasant fragrance of a young girl’s body that was like leaves coming from her body.


He could not help but look forward to the upcoming life in the Magic Academy.

He had already written a letter to his family and asked Little Martin to send it out as soon as possible.

He believed that his father, Morgan, would be very happy to know that he had successfully entered the Magic Academy.

The next day, Joelson, who had changed into a dark blue student robe, walked out of the hotel.

Little Martin had already prepared a carriage and was waiting at the door.

“Young Master, you look so handsome now!”

Little Martin could not help but exclaim, his face full of admiration.

Joelson smiled slightly.

After changing into the mage robe, his handsome face had an elegant and noble temperament. He was an extremely charming noble youth.


Beside him, Leas’ little heart was also beating rapidly.


She now knew that Joelson was a mage and a noble existing among humans.

Along the way, the rickety carriage arrived at the gate of the Magic Academy.

Joelson got off the carriage with Leas.

The Academy’s guards stopped him as usual, but after Joelson showed the silver student badge.

The guards let him pass without hesitation. There was even a hint of respect in their eyes.

There were already people waiting for Joelson’s arrival.

“You are Joelson Edward, right?”

It was an extremely young man. He was wearing a long robe of the same style as Joelson, but the color was red.

“You can call me Raymond. I am your senior in the fourth grade, Tulip. The colors of the robes of different grades in the Magic Academy are different. The first and second grades are dark blue, the third and fourth grades are red, and the fifth and sixth grades are purple. When you are qualified to wear a black robe, it means that you can graduate.”

Raymond explained with a smile.

Joelson nodded and greeted Raymond.

Raymond looked at Joelson from head to toe, his eyes filled with surprise and disbelief.

“I’ve finally met the person with dual superior talents. Junior Joelson, almost the entire academy is talking about your name now.”

Joelson was slightly surprised. “The news spread so fast?”

“Of course, it only requires a simple communication spell.”

Raymond said helplessly, “My talent is only above average. I thought I was proud enough, but compared to you, Junior Joelson, I was completely defeated.”


Joelson smiled and did not say anything.

Leas widened her eyes and looked at the two of them curiously, especially Joelson.

Although she was not sure what the two of them were discussing, she could tell from Raymond’s expression and words.

Joelson was very impressive.

“Let’s go to the residence first, then I’ll take Junior Joelson for a simple tour of the academy.”

Joelson naturally did not have any objections.

“The house is indeed a little shabby. This is mainly requested by the Dean. A mage can not relax his hard-working requirements for pleasure.”

Raymond brought Joelson to his residence.

Everything was prepared, and there was also an underground laboratory for him to conduct magic experiments.

Joelson was very satisfied.

The “Shabby” that Raymond said was already several times better than his family’s baron castle.


Joelson instructed Leas to settle down first, and then followed Raymond out.

“Tulip Academy advocates freedom. Although there are many rules in the academy, there are only a few that need to be paid attention to.”

Raymond introduced them to Joelson as he walked.

“Students are not allowed to fight at will, but they can have a formal duel. They are not allowed to study forbidden magic. Once they are discovered, they will be immediately expelled.”

Joelson’s expression changed, and he asked, “What is forbidden magic?”

“It is an evil magic. It is similar to a forbidden spell that drives the spirits of the dead or even uses the flesh and blood of living creatures to exchange for powerful magic power. Mages who study forbidden magic are the enemies of all mages. Of course, ordinary mages would not be able to come into contact with forbidden magic, so there is no need to worry, Junior Joelson.”


Joelson nodded.

Raymond enthusiastically took Joelson for a walk around the academy.

The academy was very large, with all kinds of buildings of different styles.

“There are many student associations in the academy, such as the Magic Potion Association, the Magic Pet Association, the Magic Circle Association, and so on. The largest association in the academy is the Truth Association, which is in charge of some of the associations. All the associations are managed by the students, and the instructors in the academy are only in name at most.”

Hearing this, Joelson’s eyes lit up slightly. The Tulip Academy was much more interesting than he had imagined.


Raymond suddenly stopped and looked at Joelson with a smile, pointing forward.

“The second grade is in front of you. Your instructor should be waiting for you, Junior Joelson. If you have any problems in the future, you can come to the fourth grade to look for me. I really want to have more exchanges with you, a genius with two super talents.”

Raymond winked at Joelson and teased him.


Joelson smiled and nodded. Raymond was not a bad person. He could be considered a friend.


“Nice to meet you, Senior Raymond.”


Raymond laughed loudly.