After Being Framed by Her Family, She was Pampered by a CEO from a Rich Family

After Being Framed by Her Family, She was Pampered by a CEO from a Rich Family

Jing Yao slept with the CEO from a rich family who was rumored to stay away from women. She even got pregnant. Jing Yao grew up not receiving any love from her parents. Although she and her sister were twins, she looked nothing like her older sister. Her parents favored her older sister.

Jing Yao was forced to start working at a young age, while her sister could stay at home and do nothing. Jing Yao had to pay her own tuition fees. A single purse her sister owned cost several tens of thousand. Not only that, but her older sister even got together with her fiance, whom she had been engaged to since they were children.

Formally speaking, Jing Yao was the second sister in the family. However, in reality, she was so poor that she couldn’t even pay her own rent. Her family had never shown her any care or affection.

For the sake of her older sister’s marriage, Jing Yao’s biological mother set her up by making her drink with an investor. She was even drugged. Fortunately, she was alert enough to run away. However, she ran in the wrong direction. As a result, she ended up sleeping with Liang Xun.

After returning home, Jing Yao’s mother yelled at her. Her jerk of a fiance humiliated her. Jing Yao called off the wedding on the spot. Ever since then, she left the Jing family.

Later, Liang Xun found out Jing Yao was pregnant. He approached her and asked her to marry him. However, Jing Yao rejected him. Liang Xun directly offered 100 million as her wedding gift, and she eventually agreed.

Rumors began to spread on the internet. Jing Yao, a female celebrity who recently gained popularity, was rumored to have gotten involved in her older sister’s relationship. Some even said she was Liang Xun’s sugar baby. Despite being criticized, Jing Yao published a positive post in response. “I don’t have an older sister, and I am Liang Xun’s sugar mommy.”

Liang Xun immediately commented on her post. “My wife is right.”

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