100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One

Chapter 876

Chapter 876: Untitled

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There was no entertainment on the island, but Ye Wei was a person who loved to have fun. After dinner, she sailed out to a neighboring island. Paradise Island was deserted, but there were many residential islands in the nearby archipelago. There were also many entertainment programs on the island. She had not enjoyed the dance and joy of the ocean for many years. After checking that there were three programs on the island, she immediately sailed out to have fun.

Eleven, Rong Yan, and Anya went along with the few kids. Xu Nuo wanted to stay at home, but Ye Ningyuan brought her onto the boat.

The two of them were stuck together and Ning Ning was mostly the one talking. Xu Nuo would occasionally reply to him, and Cheng Anya shook her head as she looked on. Her son had been completely taken captive. He looked like a typical henpecked husband.

Ye Ningyuan, on the other hand, did not care. Ye Wei smiled and teased him. “Dear Ning Ning, have your roles been reversed? You wash, cook, and take care of all the chores. No matter how I look at it, you are the wife in the relationship.”

Xu Nuo blushed. Ye Ningyuan hugged her openly and smiled. “So what? My daddy does it too.”

Cheng Anya coughed a few times and Ye Wei laughed.

Mo Yeyan said, “Ningyuan, I need to learn from you.”

Ye Wei looked at Mo Xiaobai from the corner of her eyes. “Mo Xiaobai, do you really need to learn from mistakes? You will definitely blow up the kitchen once you enter the kitchen.”

“Mommy, isn’t this good? Your son will then be served by others. How comfortable is that?” Mo Xiaobai rebutted.

Like a brother, Mo Chen hugged Mo Xiaobai affectionately. “Don’t be afraid. I will serve you.”

“I love you the most.” Mo Xiaobai was touched and called Mo Chen affectionately as he pushed him down.

Mo Chen smiled and retorted, “I love Mo Xiaobai the most too.”

Eleven broke into a smile. What a great ambition! To think that even you are short of servants. This was another stupid one. Why did she want to laugh whenever she saw the two brothers together?

Mo Yao coldly stared at Mo Xiaobai and Mo Chen. Mo Xiaobai and Mo Chen were shocked and shrunk their necks back. Mo Xiaobai hid beside Mo Chen. Mo Chen coughed and turned his body to block Mo Xiaobai. He looked at his brother with a sad face.

Ye Feimo was expressionless as Kaka propped his head up and dropped it onto Ye Feimo’s shoulder. The scene was extremely harmonious, and all the adults were speechless. Ye Wei clapped her hands and said, “I say, what are you all up to?”

Ye Feimo’s expression was extremely cold as he said forcefully, “One does not allow benefits to go out the family.”

Eleven broke into laughter, and Rong Yan could not stop laughing. Anya laughed too. “Kaka, are you going to settle for second best—Feimo—when Hailan is gone?”

Xu Nuo was not quite used to this family’s style. What were they doing? Encouraging her children to be gay? Although she had no opinion on this, she found them too open-minded.

Ye Ningyuan whispered, “It’s okay.”

Kaka asked seriously, “Feimo, do you want me?”

Ye Feimo scanned him from head to toe and said, “Wash, cook, lay the bed sheets, carry out bath services, mop the floor, earn money… If you are willing to let me dissect you and fulfill the above conditions, I want you.”

The Mo brothers shivered. Little cousin, are you sure you want to find a partner? Are you sure?

Kaka asked Rong Yan, “Mommy, do I fit the bill?”

“Not at all.”

“Alright, Little Feimo, you’ve hurt my heart too much. Mo Xiaobai, my confession has been rejected. Come and comfort me.”

Mo Xiaobai shook his head decisively.

Mo Wushuang chuckled. “Feimo can spend the rest of his life reading books. Which woman would challenge this limit?”

Cheng Anya agreed.

Mo Xiaobai asked weakly, “Do we have to keep the good stuff in the family?”

Ye Wei wanted to throw Mo Xiaobai into the sea. “Don’t ask such a question. It will make me regret enduring a whole day’s pain when giving birth to you.”

“Oh…” Mo Xiaobai could bear any brunt well. He raised his hand weakly. “Mommy, you said that you only endured three hours of pain before giving birth to me. How did it become a whole day?”

Mo Xiaobai expressed his puzzlement. Ye Wei smiled like a witch and grabbed him as if she was about to throw him away. Mo Xiaobai cried and wrapped his legs around Ye Wei’s waist. “Little brother…”

“Calling your daddy is useless.”

As the mother and son engaged in the banter, the boat reached the shore.

Ye Wei directly threw him onto the shore. Mo Xiaobai flipped in mid-air and landed steadily on the beach. “Mommy, you are too violent. My poor Daddy… No, Daddy is violent too. He is not pitiful at all.”

Everyone laughed.

Xu Nuo and Ye Ningyuan said, “Your family is really fun.”

“It’s our family,” Ye Ningyuan corrected her little mistake. Xu Nuo turned her face away. Who was part of their family? She felt a sweetness in her heart. Our family…

Ye Ningyuan held her hand tightly.

There was a large bonfire party on the island, and they would have free time separately once they reached the island. Ye Wei brought Mo Wushuang and decisively left the team. Eleven brought the Mo family’s three children, Rong Yan and Anya brought Kaka and Ye Feimo along.

Ye Ningyuan and Xu Nuo went to have fun alone.

It was very lively on the island. The islanders gathered in a circle and danced while singing. The ladies wore beautiful dresses of all colors and it exuded an oceanic vibe. They had beautiful flowers on their heads and danced beautifully.

Most of the young men showed their muscular arms. They were dressed in beach clothes and some were in tight-fitting clothes. The bonfire party was extremely lively. Ye Ningyuan recalled how he and Xu Nuo danced passionately in the dance hall and his heart skipped a beat.

Xu Nuo naturally thought of it too. When she saw him looking at her, she gently smiled.

“Shall we dance?”

“No!” Xu Nuo shook her head and whispered. “That was my first time dancing with someone else.”

“That was my honor. I must be your only dance partner for all your dances in the future.” He smiled as Xu Nuo chuckled. Ye Ningyuan hugged her tightly and secretly gave her a kiss on her face.

As the two of them cheered along with the crowd, they suddenly saw an enchanting figure appear in the dance crew. She twisted her waist and shook her head in a flirtatious manner. It was Ye Wei. She loved such occasions and had not danced such a suggestive dance for a long time. It was rare for her to get the chance, so she didn’t let it slip. She was the woman who pursued freedom of character the most.

Mo Xiaobai whistled and cheered. “Sister, break a leg! Sister, break a leg!”

Xu Nuo broke into laughter.


Ye Ningyuan, who was leaning on Xu Nuo’s shoulder, could not stop laughing. Cheering her on by calling her Mommy at such an occasion was a killjoy and calling her sister was just right.

“Your cousin is too cute.”