Zhu Xian

Chapter 12: Reunion

Chapter 12 Reunion A

A half a month had passed since the journey to the ancient valley. Shaw Danon had entered Jadeon for three years; it was also the end of his daily bamboo. The result at the end of three years of training, however, made Shaw Danon feel embarrassed.

Since that mysterious journey to the valley, for the following month, Shaw Danon often felt dizzy, weak and grew easily tired. He was guessing that it is all because of the large loss of blood that day; however, he examined himself and couldn't locate any wounds. Although he was worried, he did not dare to ask his master, so he buried it inside of his heart.

He was not saying anything, however, his body spoke for him. In the past, he could chop down about two Black Bamboo; now, however, he was breathing heavily after only a few swings and he could not chop down one Black Bamboo for the entire day. That day in the valley, Sinister Orb sucked out half of his blood. If not because of his tough body, he would already be laying in his bed unable to get up. If Shaw Danon wanted to chop the bamboo like he used to, it was physically impossible.

This lasted until half a month later, when Shaw Danon began to feel better; however, by then the bamboo homework almost reached its end. On the last day, under the watch of Xavion and others, Shaw Danon used all his strength to chop off one Black Bamboo in a half hour.

Xavion and others looked at each other, not a word had been spoken. Only Hidi came up and hit Shaw Danon's shoulder, smiling: "Xiao Fan, don't worry, it's good enough that you have one tenth of your shijie's strength."

Shaw Danon gave a bitter smile.

At dinner, everyone in Bamboo Peak gathered in the dining room. When Tian Bolis sat down, Xavion reported to him about Shaw Danon. Tian Bolis coldly laughed, not looking at Shaw Danon, but Surin smiling said: "Ah, Xiao Fan, you have already been in Bamboo Peak for three years."

Shaw Danon immediately answered: "Yes."

Surin sighed softly, said: "Ai, time passes so fast, so quickly it has been three years." Suddenly, she stopped and raised her voice, speaking to the other six disciples: "Do any of you have that feeling?"

Bamboo Peak disciples were shocked, straightened up their backs and answered: "Yes!"

Surin snorted, said: "Your xiao shidi has already grown up, but in three years none of you have any advancement; are you trying to kill me and your master?"

No one said a word, they all looked at Xavion. Under all the pressure of other shidi, Xavion said: "Shi niang, please don't worry; we will work hard this time."

The word "disbelief" was clearly showing in her face. Just when she was about to speak, Tian Bolis cut in: "Sixth."

Amandla was surprised, raised his head and asked: "Master, are you calling me?"

Tian Bolis blandly said: "I saw you keep on waving your arms at the dishes in the kitchen these days, what's going on?"

Amandla's face turned red, his tongue tied, murmering: "Master, you, you saw that?"
Surin said: "Eh, Bishu, what is it?"

Amandla hesitated for a moment, whispered: "Disciple wanted to see if I can guide the object to move......."

Everyone was surprised, "Navigate Object" is the basic of Jadeon's esper cultivation; an individual must at least reach Pure Essence fourth level in order to do it.

Tian Bolis nodded, asked: "And?"

Amandla whispered: "Seemed like, seemed like it moved a little."

"Wow." Everyone was surprised. Ludaxin, who was sitting next to him, slapped his hand on Amandla's shoulder, smiling. Surin was also smiling, sitting across from him, and said: "Nice, it is difficult to imagine you would work so hard; when did you find that out?"

Amandla was finally relieved and said: "Not long ago, I was practicing in my room. Suddenly, the cup of water moved. I was wondering if I broke through level three." Then he shyly smiled, continued: "but disciple wasn't sure, so often I tried to test it again, but was discovered by master."

Tian Bolis smiled, said: "That's what it is when you reach between levels three and four. Although there is a great difference between the levels of power, there won't be any clear sign at the beginning. You are clever; even though you started late, you finally caught up."

Everyone was smiling and congratulated him. In the middle, Hidi cut in, asked: "Sixth shixiong, have you decided which type of esper you want to craft?"

Amandla thought for a moment, responded: "No, I just confirmed to master that I reached level four; I haven't had time to think about it."

Surin smiled, said: "No need to worry. Think about it for a few days. You know how your master is, he will never force you to craft a sword. When you think of anything you like, just find the material and craft it."

Shaw Danon stood in admiration, seeing sixth shixiong smiling and his mouth open wide. Then he hear Tian Bolis say: "Sixth."

Amandla quickly answered: "Master."

Tian Bolis said: "Following our Jadeon's tradition, disciples that reach Pure Essense level four need to travel around the world, and seek material for esper at the same time. It will depend on your luck to see if you can find the spiritual material. You prepare and pack up stuff and leave in a few days."

Amandla was startled for a moment. He was happy and also didn't want to leave, quietly responded: "Yes." But then remembered something, said: "Master, all the meals in here were prepared by disciple; but when disciple leaves..."

Ludaxin laughed: "What do you need to fear? Wasn't I here before you arrived? Don't worry, they won't starve."

Amandla and the others laughed. Hidi said: "Now you've said it fifth shixiong; because of the food you cooked, I was having nightmares when I was young!"

Ludaxin's face turned red. Everyone laughed. When the laughter began to quiet down, Tian Bolis said: "From now on, let seventh do the kitchen work."

Everyone was startled. Ludaxin was surprised: "Master, shidi is still young..."

Tian Bolis looked at Shaw Danon. Shaw Danon immediately said: "Master, don't worry. I often help sixth shixiong in the kitchen; I know what to do."

Tian Bolis nodded, not saying anything more, waved his hand and said: "Eat."


Three days later, Amandla finished packing up. He told Shaw Danon everything he needed to know about the kitchen, then left the mountain. Amandla was the youngest of all shixiong. Shaw Danon was the closest to him. Now that he had left, Shaw Danon began to feel lonely on Bamboo Peak.

Now, Shaw Danon started his second "homework"--cooking.

Chapter 12 Reunion B

This was his first time actually cooking. He was busy in the kitchen for the entire morning. At noon, Tian Bolis and the others entered the dining hall. The table was filled with dishes as it used to be. Shaw Danon, sitting at the end of the table, clasped his hands together. Everyone could feel his nervousness.

Everybody sat down. Tian Bolis didn't say a word. Surin smiled and said: "Xiao Fan, how does it feel to cook for the first time?"

Shaw Danon opened his mouth, but couldn't think of anything to say. Tian Bolis snorted, said: "Eat." The disciples answered and began to eat.

It was silent in dinning hall.

Shaw Danon became extremely nervous; his forehead was sweating, he murmured: "Master, shixiongs, I-I didn't do very well; you-you guys..."

"Wow, that was delicious!" Hidi suddenly cheered, putting another piece of bamboo shoot into her mouth. Shaw Danon was startled. All of the shixiongs smiled and nodded.

"Never knew xiao shidi could cook so well. Nice, nice!"

"Uh (speaking unclearly), better than old fifth, no, better than old fifth and sixth add together, ho ho!"

Even Tian Bolis nodded and smiled. Shaw Danon felt satisfaction as he saw it.

After that, Shaw Danon continued to work in the kitchen. Although he didn't show any talent in cultivation, he was gifted in cooking. He needed no teacher and still can cook a delicious meal; far better than anyone else. In his heart, a little recognition from Tian Bolis is already his greatest pleasure.

Time passed, half a year had gone by again. Jadeon's "Seven Peak Tournament" held every sixty years was drawing near. Not only Surin, but Tian Bolis as well, began to remind the disciples to practice. Everyone focused on practicing, no one bothered Shaw Dannon; no one put any hope in Shaw Danon anyway.

Shaw Dannon didn't care much, either. He seemed to find a few meanings of happiness from his dishes. When he had time, he practiced Taoist cultivation; then, he practiced "Fawin Wisdom" at mid-night. The days were peaceful.

The grey monkey from the ancient valley lived with Shaw Danon for half a year. Shaw Danon gave him a name-- Ashh. Just like his master's name, normal and nothing special.

From the time Shaw Danon began to work in the kitchen, Ashh often followed Shaw Danon to the kitched and stole food. After half a year, he was twice as fat as before. In Bamboo Peak, however, Ashh had an opponent, it's Tian Bolis' dog-- Big Yella.

For some reason, Big Yella always disliked Ashh. At the beginning, Big Yella always barked at Ashh every time they saw each other. Ashh always got scared and hid in high places. As time passed by, Big Yella seemed to agree that Ashh is a member of Bamboo Peak; however, when they would meet, Big Yella will always bare his teeth and Ashh got scared and screamed. Then Big Yella barked back and walked away.

Winter came. The weather in Bamboo Peak was getting harsh. Beside Tian Bolis and Surin, who are highly cultivated, the other disciples were adding an extra layer of clothing.

That day, there was unusual sunshine. After Shaw Danon finished his kitchen business, he came out and stretched. He sat down next to a pine tree and enjoyed the sunshine.

After a moment, just when he was about to fall asleep, he heard some barking. He opened his eyes and found that Big Yella was also laying lazily, basking in the sun while Ashh walked slowly from behind and was getting closer to Big Yella.

Shaw Danon was surprised. Big Yella often came to the kitchen looking for food; he knew the relationship between the monkey and the dog rather well. Today, however, seemed like the sun had risen from the west, Ashh intentionally approached Big Yella! Shaw Danon immediately woke up and kept his eyes on them.

Ashh almost got close to Big Yella. Although Big Yella couldn't see anything behind him, his nose smelled something unusual. He turned back and bared his fangs, barked a few times.

Ashh's body curlsed slightly, still seemed to be scared; but, then, he rolled his eyes, waved his right hand in front of Big Yella.

Big Yella didn't care about it at first. But his nose sniffed the air a few times, seeming like he smelled something. His eyes stared at Ashh's hand. His eyes didn't blink. His body didn't move. He didn't bark anymore; he showed his long tongue, wagged his tail and acted friendly.

Shaw Danon was very surprised. After he took a look at what is in Ashh's hand, he couldn't help but laugh. Ashh was holding a bone. Shaw Danon used it to cook soup. Because he knew this was Big Yella's favourite food, he specially hid it in a high place; however, Ashh stole it and came here to bribe Big Yella.

Ashh threw the bone in front of Big Yella. Big Yella was already drooling, immediately opened his mouth and chewed on it.

As Ashh watched Big Yella eating it, he carefully approached Big Yella, hesitated a moment, then patted Big Yella.

Big Yella groaned, Ashh quickly took his hand back. After a moment, he patted Big Yella again. This time, Big Yella didn't react and was busily dealing with his bone. Ashh put his hand on Big Yella, gently patting Big Yella's soft, bright, yellow fur. Big Yella seemed to enjoy it. He curled back a little, groaned again, but this time there was no hostility.

Ashh's gut strengthened. He happily cried and began to look for fleas in Big Yella's fur. Sometimes Big Yella will turn his head and lick Ashh. The relationship between the dog and monkey changed faster than anything.

Shaw Danon was stunned. Thinking of the intelligence of the monkey; but, then, he must hide the bone more secretively.

Just as he was thinking, he suddenly heard the sound of piercing wind from the sky. Two white lights coming from the west. Big Yella was surprised and began to bark at the white light. Ashh patted his head to comfort him. Big Yella grew quiet.

Shaw Danon saw the two white lights land in front of the Hall of Quietude. After the bright light disappeared, two men appeared. One was tall and handsome with white clothes.

The other one was a juvenile, slightly shorter, about fifteen or sixteen.

Shaw Danon held his breath, the sadness that was once forgotten rose back into his heart, because of the lonely figure of the past!

"Jing Yu?" He stood up. His voice became hoarse.

The juvenile was shocked. He immediately turned around, his eyes opened wide. His mouth opened to speak, but in the end out of thousands of words, two finally came out.

"Xiao Fan!"