Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1630 - You Are My Little Love Song (197)

Chapter 1630: You Are My Little Love Song (197)

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Qin Siting did not reply. He picked up his phone to answer a call that came in. The signal in the elevator was not very good. After listening for a while, he heard the other party’s words more coherently and said indifferently, “Got it. I’ll go over in five minutes.”

With that, he hung up the phone but did not look at her again.

At this moment, Shi Niange was standing in the elevator. After so many years, this was the closest distance between them if she didn’t count the time when he held her wrist earlier.

The words he had said to her in front of the emergency room were still ringing in her ears.

Every word was like a knife stabbing into her heart.

She had no conscience.

Her life was tough.

She deserved it.

Yes, she deserved it.

Since they were already in the elevator, there was no way she could do anything. She decided not to speak.

When the elevator stopped on the sixteenth floor, Qin Siting took the lead to walk out. She still stood unmoving in the elevator. Qin Siting did not even turn his head as he said, “The female CEO of Shida Group is in a sorry state. Her body is covered in blood, and even her legs and feet are inconvenient to walk. If you plan on returning to the company and letting others see you, I won’t stop you.”

Shi Niange paused for a moment. She recalled the covetous gazes of the directors in the company. If they saw her return to the company with such an image, no matter what happened to her today, they would label her as someone who did not care about the company’s image.

Qin Siting had already walked far away. She hesitated for a moment before walking out. When she saw him walk to the clinic door, she pushed the door open with one hand. However, she stood in front of the door and did not enter. He did not turn back to look at her, but he was indeed waiting for her.

The nurse at the reception desk discovered Shi Niange and was looking in her direction curiously. She thought that it was a patient from somewhere, but this person seemed to have come up with Qin Siting. Qin Siting stood there and seemed to be waiting for her. The nurse did not dare ask anything and just stood at the reception desk, staring at Shi Niange curiously.

At first, Shi Niange hesitated. Then, because of the nurse’s gaze, she felt slightly uncomfortable. She did not wish to be stared at by a stranger. She walked over quickly and stood behind Qin Siting. He pushed the door completely open. “Come in.”

Shi Niange looked at the consulting room inside.

Previously, she had taken a few glances inside. It was clean and tidy.

The two of them were placed side by side on the desk. On the desk were two computers with their backs facing each other. There were several medical books set on the desk and many documents placed together by the window sill. There was also a small, light brown cloth sofa and a black leather bed while tall bookcases surrounded the corner of the wall. The cabinets should also contain the hospital’s information or other medical-related books.

Qin Siting did not do anything special in the hospital because of his family background. His consulting room was no different from the consultation rooms of other provincial specialists.

Since she was already here, there was no need to hesitate in front of the door. She walked in silently.

Qin Siting did not close the door after entering. He threw his phone on the table and turned to leave. In less than a minute, he brought some disinfectant cotton and a clean towel from somewhere. After entering, he placed it on the table beside her.

“I’m going to the ward to see the patient’s family. There’s a separate bathroom in the consulting room. Go in and tidy up.”

After speaking, he picked up his phone and the medical records on the table. After flipping through them, he picked up one of them and left. When he left, he closed the door.

Shi Niange stood alone in Qin Siting’s consulting room. She looked at the disinfectant cotton pad and clean new towel he had placed by the side, then at the closed door. She picked up her things and entered the bathroom.

The restroom in the hospital’s consulting room was very simple. There was only a sink, a square mirror, and a toilet. However, the restroom in the consulting room was not open to patients. The patient had a public restroom outside. Although it was very simple, it was clean.

She turned on the tap and washed her face. She wiped the blood on her arms and legs. She was wearing a suit inside today and a thin sunblock coat on the outside. The blood was all on the coat. After she took it off and washed the rest of the blood off her body, she didn’t look so disheveled.

When Qin Siting did not return, she rolled up her pants and checked her legs. There were some bruises on her calves. In addition, her knee was also injured. The bruise was large. No wonder it was so painful that even walking was difficult.

She quickly took the disinfectant cotton towel and wiped her legs. After cleaning them, she walked out of the consulting room and searched for Qin Siting’s office. Afterward, she pulled open the drawer and found medicine for bruises. She treated it herself. After the medicine seeped into her skin, she put down her pants and returned to the bathroom. She faced the mirror and tidied her slightly messy hair behind her shoulders. She no longer looked so disheveled.

The sky was already dark. After Shi Niange tidied herself up, she slowly moved her legs to return to the sofa in the consulting room and sat down. As she looked at where Qin Siting worked, she recalled why he had studied medicine back then. Her heart was filled with mixed feelings, but her emotions gradually calmed down when she recalled his attitude towards her and the words he said today.

She sat and rested for a while, then picked up her phone to keep in touch with the people in the company. At the same time, she called someone to take care of Wen Ke and the others.

After more than half an hour, the door of the consulting room was suddenly pushed open. Shi Niange raised her eyes and saw a male doctor with half his hair bald. When the male doctor came in, he was humming. “Old Qin!”

However, he suddenly stopped speaking. When he saw Shi Niange in the consulting room, he was surprised. Then he looked outside the consulting room and then at her. After repeating this for a long time, he asked, surprised, “Beauty, are you a patient?”

Shi Niange answered honestly, “No.”

“Not a patient? Old Qin actually allowed you to stay in his consulting room?” The male doctor was astonished.

At this moment, Qin Siting happened to return. When he saw that it was Old Zhou from the emergency room, he asked, “Why are you blocking the door?”

Old Zhou quickly moved aside and saw that that beautiful lady was still sitting on the sofa without moving after Qin Siting entered. Qin Siting glanced at her, and before he could speak, he suddenly heard Old Zhou say in surprise from behind, “Old Qin, are you dating? Have you learned to hide a woman in a golden house? Not bad. Your eyesight isn’t bad. This lady is very upright! I see that after being a monk for so many years, you actually have a woman!”

Qin Siting’s back paused. He turned back and glanced at him coldly. “Are you sick?”