Warlock of The Magus World (FanFiction)

Warlock of The Magus World (FanFiction)

Warlock of the Magus World, the world full of deceit, bloodshed, betrayal, backstabbing, logical thinking, profit oriented mindset and myriad of phenomenal mysterious entities. In this world a soul is reincarnated and we embark on a journey of a lifetime, as his ups and downs would be written in the annals of history of the whole Magus World.

A man and a myth would make use of his knowledge of the future, leaving behind the mindset of the past embracing his new identify in a new World.

What would we see? Where will this journey lead? For all the fans of WMW out there, this is your salvation and a chance to once again swim in the deep intoxicating waters of the strange yet intoxicating Magus World.


I would like to request my dear viewer to give a chance and at least solider through 50-60 chapters, This was a totally new experience for me and please pardon my insolence.

Glory To The Warlocks.

Your Guide through the bizzare world, Keetrap

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Chapter 488 Cultivation Arc Rewrite

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