Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil

Chapter 1768 Bodyforge Zenith Tantra

Chapter 1768 Bodyforge Zenith Tantra

?At a secluded corner of the Arcane Archives, a man with emerald-green eyes sat in contemplation.

Before him sprawled an array of opened books and partially rolled scrolls, creating a mosaic of knowledge on the table. Eren found himself at a crossroads, caught amid the chaos he had created by delving into too many texts.

"*Sigh. Sometimes, more choices don't necessarily mean a clearer picture."

Eren, facing the challenge of selecting the perfect Tantra to fortify his mortal frame, felt the weight of indecision. Two potential manuals had captured his interest, yet uncertainty lingered in his mind, clouding the path ahead.

Engrossed in the introductory summaries of the Tantras, Eren understood that the true essence of these practices would only be revealed once he committed. He sought to empower his mortal body, striving to discern which Tantra resonated most with his goals.

As he reclined in his chair, deep in contemplation, Eren's gaze drifted somewhere afar.

With a subtle movement of his hand, a scroll gracefully soared into his grasp. Channeling his mana into the scroll, a Spectral Screen materialized before his eyes, offering a renewed insight into the introductory summary.


[ Bodyforge Zenith Tantra.

Bodyforge Zenith is an arcane Body-Strengthening Tantra bestowed upon the Rankers who seek to elevate their physical prowess to extraordinary heights. Rooted in the amalgamation of ancient elemental energies and mystical practices, this Tantra transcends the mundane limits of the mortal form, forging a synergy between body, spirit, and elemental forces.


Elemental Resonance: Practitioners attune their bodies to a chosen elemental affinity, be it the fiery vigor of Pyraflux, the stalwart resilience of Terranegis, the swift currents of Aquaflair, or the ethereal agility of Aerozephyr. This resonance enhances the corresponding aspects of their physique. The compatible elemental Resistances gain an additional 10 percent fortification upon basic mastery of the Tantra.

Yantra of Embodiment: The practitioners inscribe intricate Yantras on their bodies in the form of talismans, channeling the elemental energies through sacred geometric patterns. These Yantras act as conduits, facilitating a harmonious blend between the practitioner's bodily essence and the chosen elemental force. The agility-based weapon attacks gain 5% additional slash damage upon basic mastery of the Tantra.

Mantra of Unison: The Mantra is a series of rhythmic chants synchronized with the practitioner's movements during physical training. These incantations invoke the elemental spirits, aligning their influence with the practitioner's body, fostering a holistic unity between the physical and metaphysical realms.

Stages of Ascendance: As the practitioners progress through the stages of Bodyforge Zenith, they unlock enhanced physical attributes corresponding to their chosen element. This includes augmented strength, speed, endurance, and specialized abilities unique to each elemental path.

Elemental Fusion Techniques: At the pinnacle of mastery, practitioners can fuse their elemental affinity with their Skills to empower them. Pyrokinetic strikes, Terramorphic defenses, Aquaflow evasion, and Aerostride agility are examples of the devastating fusion techniques born from the union of Bodyforge Zenith and combat skills.

Embarking on the path of Bodyforge Zenith demands dedication, discipline, and a profound connection with elemental forces. The practitioners harness the primal energies coursing through their veins, transcending the limitations of their mortal forms and ascending to the zenith of physical prowess. ]

The deeper Eren delved into the intricacies of the Bodyforge Zenith, the more captivated he became. He couldn't help but notice the striking resemblance between this Tantra and the Rootless Ranking Technique he had tirelessly developed over the years.

However, he harbored reservations regarding the Tantra's compatibility with his diverse Elemental Attainments. While the Tantra purportedly allowed Rankers to pursue multiple Elemental Attainments, Eren understood that "multi" didn't necessarily encompass "all."

Eren harbored concerns that incorporating additional Elemental Attainments into his practice would significantly heighten the challenges on his Ranking Path. Leveraging his unique privilege as a demigod, he expended a substantial amount of Menaka's Runes to promptly access any archived information within Menaka's Compendium.

Menaka's Compendium was just like Arcane Archives but in a virtual form and available to a select few users at the right cost. Of course, it couldn't sell Eren a premium-grade item like the Bodyforge Zenith Tantra. However, he could still gain some information related to it that wasn't mentioned in the scroll.

Eren paid the right price. Swiftly, the desired information materialized before him in the form of a smaller Spectral window.

[ Key Points to remember about the Bodyforge Zenith Tantra:

The Bodyforge Zenith Tantra sets itself apart from normal Ranking Tantra or common Body-strengthening Arts for Rankers. It allows Rankers to cultivate their mortal flesh without compromising their Elemental Attainments. As such, mastering this Tantra is significantly more challenging.

Practitioners will endure significant physical and mental strain during the practice of the Tantra. If the Tantra is adopted in the later stages of one's Ranking Journey, the practices may lead to prolonged injuries for the Practitioners. In such instances, a third person is essential during Tantra practice to provide consistent care and vigilance for the Practitioners.

This Body-strengthening Tantra not only enhances mortal flesh but also allows Rankers to augment their Elemental Attainments. However, users may encounter substantial bottlenecks during intra as well as inter Rank Upgrades, encompassing spiritual, elemental, and body essence-related challenges. As a result, those practicing this Tantra may face a more arduous path to advancement compared to their peers.

To sustain the practice of the Bodyforge Zenith Tantra, users must consistently procure compatible potions, poisons, and elixirs. Obtaining these supplies can be challenging, and they are often sold at steep prices.

Practitioners are advised against concurrently cultivating Elemental Attainments in more than three elements while practicing this Tantra. Such an approach may result in harm to their bodies, mana cores, and Soul Space, or disrupt the established foundation of previously acquired Elemental Attainments.

As the Rankers are not solely dedicated to cultivating their bodies, the Resistance-type abilities they gain related to elemental damage and physical damage would be lackluster compared to those who practice their Path in the body cultivation more steadfastly. The Rankers practicing the Bodyforge Tantras are expected to mold their battle styles accordingly.

By focusing on both the physical and elemental aspects of a Ranker's Individuality, the S-Rank breakthrough Calamity that users attract becomes exceptionally difficult to overcome. Without proper support and assistance, users may struggle to survive the Calamity, hindering their progression towards becoming a Sage. ]


AN: S-Rank Calamity was explained in chapter 1487.